10 Best Movies About Blind People That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Blind People

the ten best films featuring blind protagonists, In movies, people with ranked blindness are often portrayed inaccurately, but in these examples, the protagonists come pretty close. Movies with main characters who are blind are highlighted in this list.

Looking back, the media has frequently presented blindness in a negative way. There was a lot of comedy that didn’t show any consideration for the blind characters, and it painted a picture of a society that has no concept of blindness at all.

Because of this, writers are increasingly attempting to portray the blind in a more positive light, one that avoids stereotypes and emphasizes their contributions to the stories they tell. Throughout the years, films have exposed us to a variety of blind characters that have been just as important to the plot as anyone else. Listed here are ten of the best movies with blind characters.

10. Blind (2017)

Blind (2017)

However, when he does show up in a romantic comedy, Alec Baldwin is just fine. Baldwin portrays a blind man who was once a successful author inBlind. When his wife is killed in a car accident and he loses his vision, his life is permanently altered.

After his accident, he became a teacher and spent his days listening to students read essays to him. As a result, he gained a reputation for being a bitter person. However, he begins to fall in love with her when Demi Moore reads for him to fulfill her community service, and he begins to transform. As a result of Demi’s character, he is better able to cope with the reality of his sudden impairment.

9. Proof (1991)

Can you really blame many blind people for lacking self-assurance and trust? In Proof, Hugo Weaver portrays Martin, the protagonist, who explains this beautifully. Martin, a blind man full of insecurities, has a deep distrust of the people around him. By hiring Andy, a young waiter, he gives people a second chance.

Martin’s housekeeper falls in love with the waiter while he explains and describes photos for him. As for Celia, the housekeeper, she flirts constantly with both Martin and Andy. As a result of Celia’s manipulative tactics, the film is made even more suspenseful and exciting.

8. Daredevil (2003)

Daredevil (2003)

This film features a slew of cheesy moments, yet we couldn’t resist include it. Ben Affleck may be in one of the worst films of the last decade, but the passion and tenacity with which he portrays his role is admirable.

Matthew Murdock was not born blind, but he lost his vision after a bizarre accident in which radioactive material was splashed over his eyes. When it comes to comic book heroes that struggle with disabilities, this character, created by Stan Lee, is legendary.

7. Blind Dating (2006)

Even if you weren’t expecting it, this lighthearted romantic comedy is sure to lift your spirits. The protagonist is attractive, but she is single and looking for a companion. Since he is keen to meet a female companion, he sets out on numerous dates that only end in failure.

The entire movie he convinces his possible love interests that his blindness isn’t a problem at all, yet he still manages to get himself into a number of strange situations. As soon as he gets involved with someone, things get even more messed up. When her family gets involved, things get out of hand fast.

6. Blindsight (2006)

Blindsight (2006)

Blindsight, a documentary by Lucy Walker, follows six Tibetan youths who are prominent figures in their community. Seeing a documentary on this list might be a bit of a surprise, but the compelling story it tells is definitely worth mentioning. They are viewed as sinners and possessed by demons by their culture. They come to terms with one other and their teacher, Erik Weihenmayer, and resolve to climb Mount Everest together.

During a particularly tense scenario, the technique sends them into a temporary state of disbelief. Despite the fact that the participants of this documentary are all blind, the personal and heartfelt methods in which the subject is addressed are worth considering.

5. Love And Honor (2007)

Kimura, a low-ranking Japanese samurai, is the subject of this tale. The shellfish poisoned him while he was working as a food tester. Because of his blindness as a result of the poisoning, he is unable to continue in his profession.

Questions begin to arise once his wife begins to connect with a dubious authority. Her husband accuses her of infidelity. Or is she genuinely concerned about his well-being? It is said that the situations that blind individuals experience in this film are the most realistic ones.

4. At First Sight (1999)

At First Sight (1999)

Even when one’s sight isn’t at risk, surgery can be emotionally taxing. In this film, the real story of the protagonist begins the moment he emerges from surgery.

Daily occurrences that we take for granted illustrate the challenges he endures. Love helps him realize that many things in his life are still taken for granted despite the trials he’s been through..

3. The Eye (2002)

Hong Kong’s famed horror film gained a lot of critical acclaim since it depicted a fictional plot in a real-world setting. The story revolves around Mun, a young and gifted violinist who is born blind but later develops a disturbing premonition that haunts her every day.

She somehow sees more than the average person does, and things go awry from that point on. The film was such a hit in its native place that the United States produced its own version, which stars Jessica Alba as the main.

2. Book Of Eli (2002)

Book Of Eli (2002)

Blind and wandering, Eli, the film’s hero, is given the monumental responsibility of rewriting the sacred scriptures. A post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by lawless scavengers is the focus of the film’s narrative.

The antagonist, played superbly by Gary Oldman, leaves us in awe of the almost limitless skills of the blind protagonist, Eli. What’s the standout? His uncanny ability to recall the entire Bible word-for-word from memory.

1. Julia’s Eye’s (2010)

One of the year’s best-received horror films hails from Spain, and it weaves a spine-chilling and surprising tale. In a nutshell, it’s the story of Julia, a lady whose life is turned upside down when her identical twin Sara dies.

She suspects foul play in the death of her sister and embarks on an investigation of her own, only to learn more than she bargained for.