10 Best Shows Like His Dark Materials That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like His Dark Materials

After the first season of His Dark Materials, many viewers were left wanting more. Check out these similar shows to HDM that you might enjoy.

In its first season, the television adaptation of the novel was a huge success. His Dark Materials, starring Dafne Keen and James McAvoy, takes place in a world where everyone is born with a Daemon, a literal spirit animal. Lyra, played by Keen, learns her true heritage and abilities, and realizes she is destined for greatness.

Those of you eagerly anticipating the second season can breathe easy. We compiled a list of the top ten fantasy shows most similar to His Dark Materials by looking at the best of the best.

1. The Witcher

The Witcher

One young woman is destined for greatness, but she lives a secret life after her parents were allegedly murdered, forcing her to hide her true identity. Is there anything familiar about this? Lyra and Ciri have similar destinies in plots that are nearly identical, but Ciri is accompanied by a mutated monster hunter instead of a weasel, unlike Lyra.

With all of the monsters and magical creatures you can imagine, The Witcher draws inspiration from novels and video games of the same name. It’s only the first season, but The Witcher is already a popular show, and fans can expect at least a second season to enjoy soon.

2. Watership Down

It’s a little different from the other shows on this list, but it’s still a must-see for fans of the HDM films. The plot revolves around a group of rabbits who must defend their home from human intruders.

To make things even more interesting, James McAvoy (Lord Asriel), Ben Kingsley, and Jon Boyega will all be lending their voices to the project. Even if the miniseries only has four episodes, there will be plenty to talk about!

3. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

The CW show revolves around two vampire brothers who fall in love with a high school student. Unlike Twilight, where vampires are portrayed as cute and cunning, this show depicts werewolves, witches, and ghosts as frightening and cunning as well.

The show, like His Dark Materials, features a young female protagonist who is destined for greatness and must do everything in her power to save the world. Another similarity is that they’re both based on well-known works of fiction.

4. The Refugees

Short lived one-season wonder about a group of “Refugees” who go back in time to avoid their bleak future was The Refugees. Unfortunately, it comes with a price: in order to avoid detection from the future, they must forget about their loved ones and live a solitary existence.

An obvious parallel between the two shows is that Dafne Keen is the star on both and the plots revolve around her.

His Dark Materials fans who don’t mind a change of pace can enjoy The Refugees while they await the release of season two.

5. Locke & Key

Locke & Key

Season one of this upcoming show will air in the early part of 2020. A family returns to their childhood home after their father is assassinated in front of them. The show is based on mystical objects like a compass, and only Bode, the family’s youngest son, has the ability to understand the keys.

Both the protagonist and the young heroes in the show whine way past their years. No one else can use the keys because only Bode understands them, despite his lack of a predetermined fate.

6. The Magicians

Even though it’s been on for five seasons, this Syfy Channel show has developed a cult following. Five college students must band together to save the world from impending doom in a world where magic and fantasy are very real.

There’s fantasy in The Magicians, with ethereal beings and a Narnia-style kingdom, as well as suspense from dealing with the demons of the underworld and a child molester. It’s got romance and passion, too, with the characters frequently exchanging passionate kisses and swoons.

7. A Discovery Of Witches

A Discovery Of Witches

The plot of this AMC series revolves around a young historian who discovers a way to summon mystical creatures and experience forbidden love. In the same way that Lyra gains control of something that completely transforms her life, the young witch Diana finds herself the target of unwanted attention.

Even though the show, like many others on this list, was short-lived, it left a lasting impression on fantasy fans everywhere. It was very similar to the first season of HDM in that every episode was full of twists and turns.

8. Game Of Thrones

To be sure, Game of Thrones is still a huge hit with fans despite its contentious eighth season, and it has developed a sizable cult following thanks to its massive global appeal. The show is based on the novels in a similar way to His Dark Materials, and it follows the adventures of an orphan boy.

A beautiful Dire Wolf serves as Jon Snow’s animal companion. His destiny may be different, but he shares the same desire for exploration and adventure as the rest of the characters in the series. Lyra, like Jon, is a good person with high morals who has the ability to win friends and influence people.

9. The Librarians

The Librarians

Although The Librarians is based on the movie series, it is set after the events of the original. The librarians in the show, like those in His Dark Materials, represent all of humankind’s collective knowledge and will go to great lengths to keep it safe.

There are numerous demons and other monsters posing a threat to the librarians, resulting in lots of excitement and tension. There’s plenty of action, adventure, and fantasy to keep you occupied throughout the year.

10. Carnival Row

There’s all the fantasy from His Dark Materials in this star-studded show, plus the mystery and excitement that comes with a big-budget production.

It’s impossible to watch this show without falling in love with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. This show will go down in history for its use of mystical creatures, as well as the overall effects and feel of the scenes.

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