Top 24 Movies Like Princess Protection Program Update 06/2024

Movies Like Princess Protection Program

This is a must-have if you’re a fan of Princess Protection Program. Movies like Princess Protection Program are provided below.

1. You Again 2010

When Marni learns that Joanna, the bully from her high school days, is going to be her sister-in-law, history — or rather, high school — could repeat itself. Before the wedding can take place, Marni needs to prove to her brother that a tiger’s stripes never fade. Marni has the support of her mother on her side, whereas her wealthy aunt is on the side of Joanna.

2. Confessions Of A Shopaholic 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

Rebecca Bloomwood lives in the glitzy world of New York City and is an excellent shopper—perhaps too good. Despite her aspirations, she hasn’t been successful in landing a job at her dream fashion magazine, so she takes a job as an advice columnist for one published by the same company instead.

3. Hannah Montana: The Movie 2009

As Hannah Montana’s fame grows, Miley Stewart returns to Crowley Corners, Tennessee, where she grew up, at her father’s urging, to gain some perspective on what’s really important in life.

4. Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure 2011

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure 2011

Sharpay Evans heads to the Big Apple after being discovered by a talent scout while performing with her dog Boi at a charity gala. She believes she will become instantly famous and wealthy in the Big Apple. However, the world of theater is one of cat-and-mouse games. As luck would have it, Sharpay runs into handsome student filmmaker Peyton and they become fast friends.

5. Twitches Too 2007

Witch twins have been reunited. In this follow-up to the magical Disney Channel original film Twitches, Camryn and Alex learn to cope with their newfound powers while trying to maintain a normal life. The dark forces that threaten to destroy the world soon find themselves in conflict with them, however. Fortunately, their adoptive mother, the formidable Miranda, is on hand to lend a hand.

6. Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie 2009

Alex’s powerful spells spell trouble for the Russo family. To save their family and themselves, the children must embark on an epic journey.

7. Camp Rock 2008

A chance to attend Camp Rock changes Mitchie’s life forever, and she learns the value of being true to oneself.

8. Teen Beach Movie 2013

Teen Beach Movie 2013

Cowabunga! Get caught up in a perfect wave of fun in the sun, splashed with anticipation, surprises, and burgeoning chemistry. While surfing with his friend, Ros, they meet McKenzie, played by Ross Lynch, who takes them to “Wet Side Story,” an old beach movie from the ’60s, where a rivalry between surfers and bikers is about to erupt.

Brady and Mack accidentally change the plot of the film’s dreamy hero and heroine while surfing, singing, and dancing in the sea of people! How long will our heroes be stranded there before the plot straightens itself out? “Teen Beach Movie” turns any day into an endless summer with its hilarious comedy and high-energy musical numbers.

9. Another Cinderella Story 2008

After dancing with a mysterious girl at a masquerade ball, a man has only one clue as to who she is: the Zune she left behind on her way home to meet her curfew. Because this is an opportunity that will come around only once in your life, you must go out and find your masked beauty.

10. Radio Rebel 2012

She’s terrified of speaking to strangers in the halls or getting called on in class because Tara, a high school senior, is painfully shy. But when she’s alone in her room, listening to music on her iPod, she jams — doing spoof broadcasts for her stepfather’s hot Miami FM radio station. Suddenly, Tara finds herself in a position of power behind the microphone at The SLAM, and to everyone’s surprise, she’s a smashing success!

11. 16 Wishes 2010

16 Wishes 2010

The story of Abby Jensen, a 16-year-old girl with a secret wish list who has been looking forward to her birthday ever since she was a little girl.

As it turns out, the Big Day is marred by calamity, and Abby is devastated. Abby’s 16 Wishes start coming true when a mysterious box of magical birthday candles arrives to turn things around. Her day is going well…until she grants herself a wish and everything changes.

12. Frenemies 2012

Suppose three groups of BFFs suddenly find themselves at odds with one another.

13. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam 2010

A return to Camp Rock with her friends and superstar Shane Gray is on Mitchie’s summer bucket list. but there’s stiff competition from Camp Star, the swanky new camp across the lake, with newcomers Luke (Matthew “Mdot” Finley) and Dana joining the fray (Chloe Bridges).

The future of Camp Rock is at stake in a sensational battle of the bands. Will Camp Star’s flashy production and over-the-top antics prevail, or will Camp Rockers show that music, teamwork, and spirit are what truly matter?

14. Starstruck 2010

Starstruck 2010

Christopher Wilde, a pop star in the making, will star in a big-budget Hollywood film. Nevertheless, after meeting Midwesterner Jessica Olson, he must decide whether to follow his heart or his career.

15. Lemonade Mouth 2011

Olivia, Mo, Charlie, Stella, and Wen are five different high school students who meet in detention. As a result, they decide to start a band and become a voice for the underprivileged students in their school.

16. The Clique 2008

After moving into the guest house of one of their homes, a young girl tries to fit in with a popular clique of middle school girls in the movie.

17. Avalon High 2010

Avalon High 2010

The screenplay by Julie Sherman Wolfe, based on Meg Cabot’s best-selling novel Avalon High, will air on Disney Channel. After moving from Minnesota to Annapolis, Maryland, Elaine “Ellie” Harrison is taking a year off from school so that her parents can continue their medieval studies in nearby Washington, DC.

There are four stereotypical students at Avalon High School: Lance the jock, cheerleader Jennifer, bad boy Marco and senior class president and quarterback Will. It seems like a typical high school with stereotypical students. At Avalon High, however, nobody can be trusted.

After a while, it becomes clear that Avalon High is a re-enactment of the Arthurian legend. Each of these characters represents a different part of King Arthur’s court, such as Will, Queen Guinevere, Knight Lancelot, Mordred, and Merlin in Arthurian mythology.

18. Geek Charming 2011

Dylan Schoenfield is the fuchsia princess of Woodlands Academy, a posh private school in Los Angeles. Dylan Schoenfield She has it all: a hot boyfriend, a slew of A-list buddies, and a designer handbag everyone wants.

As a result of dropping her Serge Sanchez bag in a fountain, this princess meets Josh Rosen, a self-proclaimed film geek. Dylan agrees to let Josh film her for his documentary on high school fame in exchange for Josh rescuing her bag. Despite her reluctance, Dylan lets F-list Josh into her A-list world, where she discovers that nerds can be surprisingly cool on occasion.

It’s a total disaster for Dylan when her “prince charming” of a boyfriend decides to move out of their apartment. Will Dylan be crowned Blossom Queen at Woodlands Academy’s Fall Formal? In the 10th annual Woodlands Academy Film Festival, can Josh come out on top? In the end, will Josh be able to help Dylan put everything in place so that she can be happy?

19. A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song 2011

Aspiring singer Katie Gibbs is drawn to the new boy at her performing arts high school in this retelling of the classic tale. There are evil stepmother and stepsister plotting to stop Katie from singing her way into his heart, but it’s too late.

20. Mean Girls 2 2011

Mean Girls 2 2011

As a new high school student, Jo (Meaghan Martin) agrees to befriend Abby (Jennifer Stone), an outcast, because Abby’s wealthy father will pay for all of Jo’s college expenses if she will befriends him in exchange. The Plastics, the school’s mean girls, are up against Jo and Abby when they form a team.

21. Monte Carlo 2011

After one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress while on vacation in Paris, three other young women are whisked away to Monte Carlo and forced to flee their homes.

22. The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 2008

Following on from “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” four young women continue their journey into adulthood. Three years have passed since these lifelong friends parted ways for their first year of college and the summer following, but they have remained close by exchanging stories about their adventures.

23. Wild Child 2008

Rebellious Poppy, a 16-year-old from Mailibu, has been sent to an English boarding school because of her ethnicity. As she comes to terms with the fact that her father will not be returning to save her, she makes an attempt to be expelled.

24. Picture This 2008

Unpopular because he is a scholar but also bookish When Mandy accepts Drew’s invitation to the year’s biggest party, her luck finally changes. Mandy may be doomed to remain a geek as a result of being grounded and having Drew’s ex-girlfriend bent on sabotaging her plans. Can her wits and the assistance of her companions save the day?