10 Best Movies About Afterlife That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Afterlife

Does life exist after death? Many films have attempted to address this topic over the years, and here are the best films that deal with the afterlife.

What happens to us after we die remains one of the greatest mysteries of our time. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, the concept of the afterlife is one that nearly everyone agrees upon and has an opinion on. A variety of artistic forms have been used to explore the subject beyond the tangible and into the abstract and ethereal.

Films, on the other hand, are the only medium that genuinely depicts the hereafter. In addition to capturing the place’s appearance, the bizarre and engrossing images also convey its atmosphere. Films about the afterlife have long been popular, and here are 10 of our favorites.

1. This is the End (6.6)

This is the End

While some people were able to go to heaven in this End of Days, most of the rest of us remained smoldering on this scorched and hot Earth to await the Rapture.

James Franco, Jonah Hill, and other well-known actors star as themselves in the film, but their lives aren’t good enough to get them into heaven. Once they’ve proven themselves, they’ll be able to enter Heaven’s gates. Those fortunate enough to get in are greeted by a gloomy wonderland that surpasses their expectations.

2. The Lovely Bones (6.7)

As a film adaptation of the novel, The Lovely Bones stars Saoirse Ronan as slain Susie Salmon, who finds herself in purgatory after her death. To keep an eye on her family’s grief and the investigation into her death, she resides in the same house as them.

The film utilizes cutting-edge visual effects that bring the odd environment Susie finds herself in to life. Despite this, the picture received a variety of reactions from critics upon its initial release.

3. Ghost Town (6.7)


Ricky Gervais stars in Ghost Town as Bertram Pincus, a dentist who falls unconscious for seven minutes during surgery and is then brought back to life. Everything has changed save for the fact that he can no longer avoid seeing ghosts everywhere he goes.

In this place, the ghosts are unable to move on because they have unfinished business here. In spite of his early reluctance, Pincus evolves and resolves to become less selfish in his actions and serve others.

4. All Dogs Go to Heaven (6.8)

An different vision of the overcast metropolis was provided by 1989’s All Dogs Go to Heaven, which featured a dog’s point of view. Upon Charlie’s death, the video shows him gaining entrance to paradise before returning to Earth to seek vengeance on those who murdered him.

Now he’ll either have to re-earn his position in heaven or be relegated to damnation. Younger viewers may find the film’s unique tone unsuitable, but older children and teens will find the film to be a lot of fun and an intriguing exploration of some important concepts.

5. Ghost (7.0)


Ghost features Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat, a slain man who returns to life as a ghost after his body is cremated. He keeps an eye on his fiancée and does everything he can to keep her safe from the people who are plotting to assassinate him.

Since its initial release, the romantic comedy-drama has maintained its enduring popularity among moviegoers everywhere. Sam finally enters paradise at the end of the film, while others are taken to a less pleasant location.

6. What Dreams May Come (7.1)

Robin Williams is the star. Chris Neilsen, a doctor murdered in a vehicle accident, is played by Williams in What Dreams May Come. While in paradise, he decides to rescue his wife from hell so that they can be together again.

Instead of the clouds and harps that have come to represent heaven, the video shows a vivid, unconstructible utopia in their place. There is no better place in the world than the one depicted in the film to spend the rest of your life.

7. Beetlejuice (7.5)


In Beetlejuice, a pair of ghosts try to evict a family of live people from a haunted house by bringing movies into the house.

One of Tim Burton’s greatest and funniest movies comes from his gothic sense of comedy, which he channeled in this film. Featuring Micheal Keaton as the film’s eponymous spook, the film’s superb and imaginative make-up went on to win an Oscar.

8. The Sixth Sense (8.1)

Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense solidified his reputation as a visionary filmmaker and provided one of the greatest cinematic surprises ever.

This became his signature as a director, and he continued to add twists to his subsequent work with varying degrees of success. Using the disguise of a child psychotherapist, Bruce Willis heals a little kid who has been haunted by the ghosts of his deceased relatives. For the second time in 1999, it topped the box office.

9. Coco (8.4)


A Mexican-themed afterlife was depicted in Coco, and the film immersed the audience in Mexican culture. For the Mexican interpretation of the afterlife, there were laws and rituals that had never been shown in mainstream films.

In the Land of the Dead, a young kid is searching for his great-grandfather, a talented singer. In addition to winning two Academy Awards, the picture has been hailed as one of Pixar’s greatest successes.

10. Spirited Away (8.6)

In Spirited Away, a young girl is whisked away to a parallel universe, but one that is vastly different. She is obliged to adapt and boldly prove herself in order to return to her own home after being unable to do so.

Spirited Away, a film from Studio Ghibli, has been a critical and commercial success. An Oscar for Best Animated Feat for its revolutionary animation grabbed people around the world and gained critical acclaim.