10 Best Characters In Roblox’s Anime Mania Update 06/2024

roblox anime characters

Roblox’s Anime Mania collects dozens of known characters, but which ones are the finest in the game?

The Roblox game Anime Mania has slowly but surely garnered quite a significant following. This is owing to the fact that fans can play as popular anime characters from a range of series. One can fend off swarms of opponents as their favorite anime characters and engage in a huge assortment of stories.

Some of these stories are complicated and feature challenging boss battles at the end that can drive one mad. Luckily, many of the characters have really powerful skills and the design of the game allows for advancement. Anime Mania can grab one’s attention for days on end, meaning that it will make one desire to rewatch it again and over.

1. Pisuke


This formidable character is based on Kisuke Urahara from the popularBleachmanga/anime series. Pisuke is in the legendary tier of characters, which indicates that he is highly strong and not that usually encountered. His Sing attack does 51 points of damage and may easily drop an opponent with one blow.

The most powerful move in Pisuke’s arsenal is Pierce, with a devastating 75 points of damage. If correctly handled, Pisuke can easily be amongst the most powerful characters in the game.

2. Prime White Bear

Whitebeard from One Piece was one of the most strong characters in the series. His fierce attacks and the level of loyalty he generated were remarkable. In Anime Mania, Prime White Bear is of mythical stature due to the tremendous amount of power he has.

The character’s Relentless attack not only does honor to his Devil Fruit powers but can obliterate any opponent. The strike fires around eight punches with 34 points of damage each, adding up to a total of 288 points. One would need quite a formidable defense to withstand this attack.

3.  Majority For Individual

Majority For Individual

The first legendary character featured in Anime Mania, Majority for Individual is no joke. Based on All for One from My Hero Academia, he is surprisingly easy to discover and has multiple devastating attacks. His Void attack works in a similar manner to Prime White Bear’s Relentless attack, except it isslightly weaker.

The Purge strike produces 250 points of damage and can potentially decimate an opponent in a short manner. The most noteworthy of his attacks is Quirk Steal, which allows him to steal a move from a legendary MHA character.

4. Pink Son Monkey

Pink Son Monkey is one of the coolest and most intriguing characters in Anime Mania. He has a wide range of deadly attacks that are great for taking down groups of adversaries. Due to being modeled onGoku Black from Dragon Ball Super, this character packs a punch.

Pink Son Monkey’s God Slicer and Heavenly Pierce attacks are dangerous and may quickly wipe out a couple of opponents all at the same time. Also, he is easy to find and no other characters are required to receive him. While not the most powerful character in the game, Pink Son Monkey is certainly one of the best out there.

5.  Ashura


This character may be acquired by developing Concentrated Maruto, and Ashura is one of the hardest to obtain in Anime Mania. Based on Naruto in his Six Paths state, the power of this character is immense.

While its offensive abilities are fantastic, its defensive abilities are outstanding as well. One of his coolest attacks is the Tailed Beast Bomb that can cause 600 points of damage by focusing his chakra into one deadly assault. If someone can find this character, they can take on any boss battle.

6.  Hanks

Shanks from One Piece is the basis of this fantastic and amusing character. While not the most physically powerful, some of Hanks’ assaults are pretty good. His defensive abilities are superb and are where his greatest advantage rests.

The Ken technique allows Hanks to dodge all oncoming strikes for 12 seconds, leaving him than enough time to plot a counterattack. With a few upgrades and more potent offensive moves, Hanks could one day be a highly popular character.

7. Trolly


Broly the legendary Super-Saiyan is widely known to all Dragon Ball fans. In Anime Mania, he serves as the basis of the character Trolly, and he is just as outrageously powerful.

While his attacks do not have very high damage numbers they can nonetheless carry a punch. A couple of them do tremendous quantities of damage that not many opponents can survive. His defensive and startup talents could require some development but this is quite in accordance with the spirit of Broly.

8.  All Mighty

Under the correct hands, All Mighty can be one of the best characters in the game. His attacks generate a reasonably large level of damage and are suited to single or groups of opponents. Taking a page from the premise of the character All Might, he boasts a devastating finishing move called U.S. Smash.

This technique is great for finishing out a boss or clearing a large number of foes. All Mighty is one heck of a character and has a pretty significant popularity due to his tremendous skills.

9. TS Fluffly

TS Fluffly

While not the most powerful or hardest to find character in the game, TS Fluffly has a ton of potential. This is the kind of character that a player trains and trains until they are unstoppable. Even at level 1, his Grizzly Magnum does 120 points of damage.

As with his inspiration,One Piece’spost-timeskip Luffy, TS Fluffly will only grow stronger with large amounts of hard work and effort. Even though he is not a legendary or mythical character, TS Fluffly can still be used to defeat boss after boss.

10. Lace

This fire-based character has the potential to be extremely powerful. At the moment, Lace is a work in progress and could easily become a much sought-after character with a few tweaks.

Similar to Ace from One Piece, Lace has a few very powerful attacks, including the Flame Pillar attack that does 100 points of damage and looks very cool. While not great on HP, Lace with large amounts of training can be very useful. Lace has too much potential to ignore.