21 Best Shows Like Highway To Heaven That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Highway To Heaven

To help you decide what to watch next, we’ve compiled a list of 21 TV shows that are similar to Highway to Heaven: The list is the product of a variety of factors, including its native country, language, genre, and plot line. Those who enjoy Highway to Heaven also enjoy series focused on concepts like angels and good deeds.

A probationary angel is sent back to Earth to work with an ex-cop to help those in need.

TV Shows Like Highway To Heaven (1984)

The following is a list of the most popular television shows that are similar to Highway to Heaven. There are shows like Highway to Heaven that are categorized as family drama and sci-fi/fantasy by the search engine. As part of the selection process, we look at series that are angelic or good deed-oriented. Among the most similar television shows to Highway To Heaven are The Following, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Farscape and Touched by an Angel. Also of interest are Hunter and Hart to Hart, The Dukes of Hazzard, Battlestar Galactica, Mork & Mindy, Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, Starsky & Hutch, Little House on the Prairie and Columbo. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty now.

1. The Following (2013)

The Following (2013)

Following his conviction for the murders of 14 female students at the Virginia college where he taught literature, serial killer Joe Carroll escaped from death row. The FBI enlists the help of former agent Ryan Hardy, who was the one who apprehended Carroll in 2003. FBI agents Mike Weston and Debra Parker work closely with Ryan to unravel the ever-expanding web of murders perpetrated by Carroll.

2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)

Sex-based crimes are deemed particularly severe in the criminal justice system. Detectives in New York City are part of an elite unit called as the Special Victims Unit that investigates these heinous crimes. This is what they have to say.

3. Farscape (1999)

Astronaut John Crichton is catapulted to an extraterrestrial battleground after a catastrophic mishap on an experimental space expedition.

4. Touched by an Angel (1994)

Touched by an Angel (1994)

In her role as an angel, Monica is responsible with delivering God’s words and wisdom to individuals in transition.

5. SeaQuest DSV (1993)

This century, humans have taken over the waters. Capt. Nathan Bridger and the seaQuest DSV are enlisted by the United Earth Oceans Organization to uphold peace and explore the last frontier on Earth.

6. Married… with Children (1987)

Middle-aged salesperson Al Bundy has a bad existence and an equally broken family, making him a sad person. Despite the fact that he dislikes his job, his wife is a couch potato, his son is an alcoholic, and his daughter is naive and promiscuous, his family is in disarray.

7. Hunter (1984)

Hunter (1984)

From 1984 until 1991, NBC broadcast the police drama Hunter, with Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer as the show’s leads, Sgt. Rick Hunter and Sgt. Dee Dee McCall. Kramer, on the other hand, decided to leave the show after the sixth season to pursue other acting and musical endeavors.” In the seventh season, Hunter worked with two distinct female cops. For more than two decades, Sgt. Rick Hunter of the Los Angeles Police Department served as the film’s protagonist. In many situations, Hunter and McCall, the show’s two protagonists, end up killing the culprits. Stephen J. Cannell was the show’s executive producer for the first season, which was produced by his firm.

8. Hart to Hart (1979)

When Jonathan and Jennifer Hart have time on their hands, they moonlight as amateur investigators.

9. The Dukes of Hazzard (1979)

Hazzard County authorities (Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane) and a line of ne’erdowells typically backed by the scheming Hogg are the constant adversaries for the Duke cousins Bo and Luke Duke and their automobile “General Lee,” along with cousin Daisy and Uncle Jesse.

10. Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Commander Adama and the crew of the battleship Galactica lead a ragtag fleet of human survivors in quest of a “mythical planet” called Earth after the Cylons wipe out the 12 Colonies of Man.

11. Mork & Mindy (1978)

From 1978 through 1982, ABC aired Mork & Mindy, an American science fiction sitcom. Mork, an alien from the planet Ork, arrives on Earth in a small, one-man egg-shaped spaceship. As Mindy McConnell, his human friend and roommate, Pam Dawber co-starred in the film. TV Guide’s list of the 100 greatest episodes of all time included “Mork’s Mixed Emotions” in 1997.

12. Fantasy Island (1977)

Mr. Roarke and Tattoo host a wonderful island where guests acquire crucial life lessons in their pursuit of their aspirations each week. Not all of your hopes and dreams come true the way you expect them to.

13. Charlie’s Angels (1976)

Charlie's Angels (1976)

These women are the most desirable women in the world, but they’re also some of the most overpowering women in the world as well. The Angels use their unparalleled investigative and combat skills, as well as their lethal feminine appeal, to break even the most seemingly impossible cases. They receive their orders through speaker phone from their never-seen boss, Charlie.

14. Starsky & Hutch (1975)

Detectives David Starsky and Kenneth ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson work together to defend the inhabitants of Bay City and patrol the city’s streets.

15. Little House on the Prairie (1974)

Small Town, Big Hearts is a Western-themed television series that follows the lives of an upper-middle class family in Walnut Grove, MN during the late 1870s and early 1860s. Apple’s iTunes store.

16. Columbo (1971)

Columbo (1971)

As a friendly, talkative, and disheveled-looking police detective, Columbo has a reputation for being overestimated by his victims. It’s amazing how well he handles all of his cases, despite his unassuming demeanor and the impression he gives off that he’s a bit of a slacker. The killer is typically only made aware of his remarkable attention to detail and thorough dedication to the case at the end of the narrative.

17. Star Trek (1966)

The final frontier is in space. On a five-year mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise sets out to explore the galaxy. Captain James T. Kirk and First Officer Mr. Spock, from Vulcan, are in command of the Enterprise. Khan Noonian Singh, the Khan of the Klingon Empire, leads a group of genetically-engineered “supermen” on the Enterprise. As part of their duty, they are tasked with exploring other worlds in search of new life and new civilizations.

18. Get Smart (1965)

Get Smart (1965)

Get Smart is a popular American television show that parodies the secret agent genre in a lighthearted way. Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, and Edward Platt feature in the show, which was created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. “The two largest things in the entertainment industry today”—James Bond and Inspector Clouseau—were the inspiration for the show’s production business, Talent Associates, according to Henry, a co-founder of the company. Asked if he thought the film was “crazy,” Brooks replied, “It is.” The only Mel Brooks film with a laugh track is this one. The success of the show led to a number of follow-up films, including The Nude Bomb and Get Smart, Again!, as well as a 1995 revival series and a 2008 cinematic re-imagining. On TV Guide’s selection of the Top 10 Credit Sequences of 2010, Get Smart’s opening title sequence was chosen No. 2 by readers.

19. Hogan’s Heroes (1965)

From September 17, 1965, through July 4, 1971, the CBS network aired 168 episodes of Hogan’s Heroes. During World War II, the show was set in a German POW camp. Actor Bob Crane played Colonel Robert E. Hogan in the film, which depicted an Allied prisoner-of-war camp that housed a Special Operations unit. It was Werner Klemperer who played Colonel Wilhelm Klink and John Banner who played Sergeant Schultz, the camp’s bumbling sergeant of the guard. During its six-season run, the sitcom was well-liked. Through arbitration in 2013, creators Bernard Fein through his estate and Albert S. Ruddy acquired the sequel and other separate rights to Hogan’s Heroes from Mark Cuban, and a film based on the show is in the works.

20. The Munsters (1964)

Mysterious escapades involving a family of benign monsters that no one can fathom.

21. The Addams Family (1964)

The Addams Family (1964)

Unlike the typical American nuclear family, they are an eccentric wealthy family who enjoy anything hideous and morbid, and are unaware that people find them strange or eerie. They are, in fact, often scared of “normal” people themselves.

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Conclusion TV Shows Similar To Highway To Heaven

For TV shows like Highway To Heaven, we’re always updating our recommended list. As a result, return to this page to see the most recent list. In terms of current television shows that are similar to Highway to Heaven, there are currently two: The following, Law and Order: SVU:: Farscape, Touched by an Angel, seaQuest DSV and Married… with Children are some of the shows that fall into this category.