12 Similar Movies Like Coyote Ugly That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies Like Coyote Ugly

1. Coyote Ugly (2000)

Coyote Ugly (2000)

Feminist comedic drama about Violet Sanford, an up-and-coming songwriter from the mid-Atlantic who decides to move to New York City to pursue her career aspirations. Violet gets a job as a bartender at a place called Coyote Ugly as part of her “day” job. The newest hot spot in town, Coyote Ugly, employs a team of sultry, resourceful women who delight in stirring up trouble for their patrons and the media.

2. Crossroads (2002)

To celebrate their high school graduation, three friends bury a box and make a pact to open it at the stroke of midnight on the night of the celebration. Things soon change in the small Georgia town where they now reside.

A perfect little miss, a prom queen engaged to be married, and a pregnant outcast round out the trio. They take out the box on the night of their graduation and start talking to each other. The subject of her going to Los Angeles to audition for a record contract suddenly comes up.

They all agree to go together and set out immediately after making their decision. They bought some gas and hit the road with a fellow named Ben. They are all terrified of him when one of them spreads rumors that he is a homicidal maniac. It’s a long journey to Los Angeles for Lucy (Britney Spears), but she falls head over heels in love with Ben and stays despite her father’s objections.

3. Knocked Up (2007)

Knocked Up (2007)

When Alison Scott gets a promotion at E! Television, she celebrates with her married older sister Debbie at a nightclub. Debbie’s husband Pete calls Alison while she’s talking to the pothead reckless Ben Stone to inform her that their daughter has chicken pox.

But Allison stays with Ben, drinking and dancing all night with him; they get so wasted that they have a one-night stand. Debbie leaves. Allison becomes pregnant after eight weeks of Ben not using a condom. As a result of her phone call, Ben and she make the decision to stay together and try for a baby together. Ben, on the other hand, must mature before starting a family of his own.

4. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

William Harford embarks on a night of sexual exploration after his wife, Alice, confides in him about her sexual fantasies. Then, after a string of failed dates, he runs into an old friend, Nick Nightingale, who is now a musician and tells him about strange sex parties where he has to play the piano blindfolded in order to attend.

In contrast to the older men, the younger women at the party are dressed to the nines and wearing ski masks. Harford makes it to the party in time for the costume contest and has a good time. In spite of his mask and disguised identity, he is recognized by an acquaintance and warned of impending danger once he arrives. In the end, he succeeds in freeing himself, but the threats remain.

5. Mallrats (1995)

Mallrats (1995)

Both Brodie Bruce and TS Quint, a comic book and Sega fanatic college student, are dumped by their girlfriends on the same day, so they head to the mall to deal with their grief.

Their journey takes them past Willam, the guy who obsesses over Magic Eye pictures in order to see the hidden image, as well as ex-girlfriend Gwen, TS’s ex-girlfriend, and comedy duo Jay & Silent Bob from the film Clerks. A few months go by before they finally make a move to win back their ex-lovers and take care of their respective nemeses (a store clerk who despises them for not having an agenda when they shop)

6. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Andrea Sachs, a fresh journalism graduate from New York, is hired to work as Miranda Priestly’s second assistant, a powerful and sophisticated Runway magazine executive who is ruthless and merciless.

For Andrea, the opportunity is a stepping stone toward her long-term career goal of becoming a journalist. When it comes to their cruel boss’s behavior and preferences, Emily, Andrea’s first assistant, offers advice on how to dress appropriately for the environment. Stylist Nigel also offers assistance to Andrea in this regard.

Andrea alters her outlook and behavior, which has an impact on her personal life, including her relationship with Nate, her family, and her circle of friends. Andrea is not alone. After all is said and done, Andrea has come to understand that life is all about making choices.

7. Cashback (2006)

Cashback (2006)

When Ben Willis, an art student, is dumped by Suzy, he suffers from chronic insomnia as a result of her hasty move on. He begins working the late night shift at the neighborhood supermarket in order to pass the time. They encounter an eclectic group of people, each with their own unique approach to beating the monotony of an eight-hour workday.

Ben’s art is based on the idea that he can stop time. To appreciate the frozen world and its inhabitants, he must do this. This includes Sharon, the pretty and quiet checkout girl who he believes may hold the key to solving Ben’s insomnia problem.

8. Just Friends (2005)

Even though Chris Brander and Jamie Palamino have been friends for a long time, the two of them have now decided it’s time to go out on a date. The issue here is Jamie’s desire to remain ‘Just Friends.’ Jamie will not change her mind. When he flees to Los Angeles, he transforms into an enticing music manager in everyone’s eyes.

While flying to Paris with his newest singing sensation, Samantha James, his jet catches fire and they are forced to land. He returns home. When he unexpectedly runs into Jamie again, he decides they can be more than ‘Just Friends.’

9. Paranoia (2013)

Paranoia (2013)

Thriller Paranoia takes us deep behind the scenes of global success to a deadly world of greed and deception. Harrison Ford (I) and Gary Oldman (I), the world’s two most powerful tech billionaires, are bitter rivals with a complicated past who will stop at nothing to destroy each other. (Harrison Ford (I)

When a young superstar (‘Liam Hemsworth’ (qv)) is swayed by the promise of unlimited wealth and power, he gets caught in the crossfire of their high-stakes corporate espionage game. His life is in danger before he realizes it and knows far too much for them to let him walk away without any retaliation.

10. Sex And The City 2 (2010)

Carrie Bradshaw has now been dating John “Mr. Big” Preston for two years, the man she was always meant to be with. Two years have passed. Carrie’s relationship with Big has deteriorated due to his preference for watching old black-and-and-white movies on TV and eating take-out, which has left Carrie lacking the confidence she once had as a wild party girl.

Samantha works on a public relations angle to get the fashionable foursome an all-expense-paid trip to Abu Dhabi while Miranda deals with her new boss, who is unable to handle a smart, powerful woman.

11. La Vie En Rose (2007)

La Vie En Rose (2007)

Looks at Edith Piaf’s Life in Non-Chronological Order (1915-1963). In addition to her mother, her father is a circus performer, and her paternal grandmother is a madam, all of whom have struggled with alcoholism.

Every one of them is her home during her formative years. Her career takes off when a club owner discovers her as a street singer and murders her shortly thereafter. A musician then coaches her and takes her to concert halls, where she becomes famous. Alcohol and heartache are constant companions.

One of her most famous songs, “Non, je ne regrette rien,” belies the tragic events of her love affair with Marcel Cerdan and the death of her only child. The narrative’s back-and-forth nature suggests that there are recurring themes and associations.

12. The To Do List (2013)

‘Aubrey Plaza (I )’s’ Brandy Klark (qv) has just graduated from high school, where she excelled in all subjects except for real-life sexual education. In response to her older sister’s advice about the importance of having first-hand experience, Brandy makes a sex bucket list for the summer. In the meantime, she’s got her eye on Rusty Waters, a popular and sexy guy who might make a good test subject. It’s much more difficult for Brandy to complete the remaining tasks on her sex bucket list once emotions get in the way.