20 Best TV Shows Like Army Wives That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

TV Shows Like Army Wives

1. The Unit (2006)

The Unit (2006)

They risk their lives on missions around the world to keep their husbands’ secrets safe as they maintain a secluded life at home.

2. Desperate Housewives (2004)

It is an American television comedy-drama-mystery series developed by Marc Cherry, and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. Desperate Housewives From October 3, 2004, through May 13, 2012, ABC aired it on Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central. Producer Cherry helmed the project as showrunner. Bob Daily, George W. Perkins, John Pardee, Joey Murphy, David Grossman, and Larry Shaw were among the other executive producers since the fourth season. Wisteria Lane, a fictional street in the American town of ‘Fairview’ in the mythical ‘Eagle State’, was the show’s primary setting.

The show tracked the lives of a group of ladies through the eyes of a deceased neighbor, who took his own life in the first episode of the series.. Over the course of eight seasons, the storyline covers thirteen years of the women’s life, spanning the years 2004–2008, and then 2013–2017. They dealt with domestic issues and family life while confronting the hidden secrets, crimes, and mysteries that lurked behind the doors of their — on the surface — lovely and seemingly idyllic suburban community. Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Marcia Cross as Bree Van de Kamp, and Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis were among the show’s supporting cast members. The show’s narrator, Brenda Strong, played Mary Alice Young, who appeared in flashbacks and dream sequences.

3. 68 Whiskey (2020)

68 Whiskey (2020)

Dark comedy about Army medics at “The Orphanage” in Afghanistan, a forward operating station nicknamed for its multiracial mix of men and women. A perilous and Kafkaesque reality leads to self-destructive desires, outrageous conduct, passionate companionship and occasionally profound sense of purpose for the two characters together.

4. Switched at Birth (2011)

This is the story of two adolescent girls who find out that they were unintentionally swapped as neonates in the hospital. Both Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez were born into wealthy families, but Daphne, who lost her hearing due to meningitis as a child, was raised by a single mother in a poor neighborhood. After meeting for the first time as a family, things take a drastic turn for the better.

5. The Pacific (2010)

The Pacific (2010)

Take a virtual journey through WWII’s huge Pacific theater with Robert Leckie, John Basilone, and Eugene Sledge’s interconnected real-life stories. Band of Brothers is a sequel to the 2001 miniseries.

6. The Fosters (2013)

An officer in the police department, Stef Foster has formed a loving family with the help of her long-term girlfriend, school vice principal Lena Adams; Stef has a biological son from a previous marriage and two adoptive children. When Lena meets Callie, a hardened youngster with an abusive past who has spent her life in and out of foster homes, their lives are upended in unforeseen ways. Initially, Lena and Stef figure they’ll just have to house Callie and Jude for a few weeks until a more permanent arrangement can be made. The Fosters, on the other hand, are in for a surprise.

7. The Long Road Home (2017)

The Long Road Home (2017)

Remember “Black Sunday,” when Fort Hood’s 1st Cavalry Division was viciously ambushed in Sadr City, Baghdad on April 4, 2004—a day that became known in military history as “Black Sunday.”

8. The Last Post (2017)

Royal Military Police personnel and their families live and work in British-controlled Aden in the mid-sixties, coping with the obstacles of politics, love and war in the British-controlled territory.

9. Big Little Lies (2017)

Big Little Lies is a subversive, darkly humorous movie about three mothers of first graders whose seemingly perfect lives disintegrate to the point of murder.

10. Firefly Lane (2021)

Firefly Lane (2021)

Kate and Tully have been best friends since childhood, but a betrayal threatens to tear them apart forever.

11. The Brave (2017)

It’s a fascinating look into the lives of our bravest military men and women, who risk their lives to carry out some of the most dangerous and hard tasks in the world.

12. North and South (1985)

North and South (1985)

Both a northern and a southern buddy are struggling to keep their friendship as the American Civil War nears.

13. SEAL Team (2017)

Life on the most dangerous, high stakes operations our country can ask of our elite Navy Seals as they train, plan, and execute.

14. Downton Abbey (2010)

Downton Abbey (2010)

The tale of the Crawley family and their servants in the post-Edwardian era, with major events in history having an impact on their lives and the British social structure.

15. Mom (2013)

On the other hand, a wacky take on real-life family love and turmoil. Christy, a newly sober single mother, is struggling to raise her two children in a world full of temptations and traps.. When Christy’s formerly estranged mother reappears in her life, she puts her sobriety to the test by offering passive-aggressive insights into all of Christy’s blunderings.

16. The Liberator (2020)

The Liberator (2020)

The Allied invasion of Italy during World War II is spearheaded by a diverse, motivated, rough-and-tumble group of men.

17. Generation Kill (2008)

In the first 40 days of the Iraq war, a small but dedicated detachment of United States Marines, along with a Rolling Stone correspondent embedded with them, witnessed the invasion from the front lines. Insightful depiction of soldiers and the forces that aided them in an often-improvised effort.

18. Married (2014)

Married is a half-hour comedy about being in a relationship that isn’t working out for you. Every once in a while, Lina and Russ Bowman are reminded of what attracted them together in the first place: they’re best friends. They can scarcely remember life before children, debt, and suburbia rained down on their romance. Friends AJ, newly divorced, pretending to be over his ex-wife, and Jess, who is married to an older man who can’t keep up with her, are also featured in the episode.

19. Road to Avonlea (1990)

Road to Avonlea (1990)

Between 1990 and 1996, the United States and Canada aired Road to Avonlea on television. In addition to Telefilm Canada, Telefilm Canada provided extra financing for the production of this project. Avonlea Chronicles, The Golden Road, Chronicles of Avonlea, and Further Chronicles of Avonlea were all adapted for the film. There were standalone books based on several of the show’s episodes. There have been about 30 games released so far this year. A number of episodes were renamed and reordered in the United States, and the show’s name was shortened to Avonlea.

The series’ title was changed from Road to Avonlea to Tales from Avonlea when it was published on VHS and DVD in the United States. Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, in the early 20th century is the setting for the series. Because she wants to be near her late mother’s relatives, 10-year-old Montreal heiress Sara Stanley is brought there to live with her two maiden aunts Hetty and Olivia King. Over time, the show’s focus changed away from Sara’s encounters with her newly discovered cousins and toward stories about the King family as a collective. Avonlea inhabitants who were related to the King family became the subject of the show’s later episodes in later seasons. There were two guest appearances for Sarah Polley in the sixth and seventh seasons.

20. Big Love (2006)

Big Love (2006)

This is the story of Bill Henrickson, a suburban Salt Lake City father of seven children, three marriages, and three new residences, as well as the opening of his newest hardware business in the neighborhood. Bill is compelled to reconnect with his polygamist parents, who live on a fundamentalist compound in rural Utah, after receiving troubling news about his father.