8 Best Shows Like Eli Stone That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Eli Stone

Most likely, if you enjoyed this film, you’ll enjoy these as well. Films with comparable themes to ‘Being Erica’ are included in this selection, which you should definitely watch.

1. The Defenders (2010)

The Defenders (2010)

1 hour Comedy-Dramatized Short Film

The Defenders tells the story of two flamboyant Las Vegas defense attorneys who are willing to risk everything for the sake of the people they protect. The local go-to guys, Nick and Pete have a diverse clientele and are still searching for their own big break.

2. Scrubs (2001)

Scrubs (2001)

Comedy-drama in 24 minutes

John “J.D.” Dorian learns about medicine, friendship, and life in the fantastical setting of Sacred Heart Hospital.

3. Boston Legal (2004)

Boston Legal (2004)

The Comedy Drama 42 Minutes

In a series about the professional and personal lives of intelligent but often emotionally disturbed lawyers, Alan Shore and Denny Crane lead a brigade of high-priced civil litigators in an upmarket Boston law firm. The Practice is getting a spin-off.

4. Rake (2014)

Rake (2014)

Short Comedy Drama

Astonishingly, Keegan Deane’s remarkable inability to self-censor and lack of discretion land him the law matters that no one else will take on.’ A man who is continually striving to do the right thing, while at the same time battling his own self-destructive tendencies, such as women and gambling.

5. Rake (2010)

Rake (2010)

Comedy-drama film

Essential Media and Entertainment’s Rake is an Australian television series that debuted in 2010 on ABC1 in Australia. Sydney barrister Cleaver Greene is played by Roxburgh, a smart but self-destructive character played by Roxburgh. DirecTV’s Audience Network airs the show in the United States. ‘Season 2’ began on September 6th, 2012 with new episodes. Also renewed for a third season by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Throughout the series, Greene defends a new client. An American adaptation of Rake, featuring Greg Kinnear as Keegan Deane, has been commissioned by Fox in the United States.

6. Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)

Madea's Big Happy Family (2011)

2h 32m of laughs

When a wealthy Cape Cod family gathers for the holidays, disagreements and secrets erupt. Fortunately, the likes of Aunt Bam and Madea are here to save the day.

7. Parenthood (2010)

Parenthood (2010)

A 43-minute Drama

The sufferings of the Bravermans, a vast, colorful, and humanly flawed clan.

8. Royal Pains (2009)

Royal Pains (2009)

The Comedy Drama 42 Minutes

a young E.R. doctor who moves to the Hamptons after being unfairly blamed for a patient’s death becomes the reluctant “doctor for hire” to the wealthy and famous. It’s a fine line between self-interest and altruism for him to treat the town’s least fortunate patients when the gorgeous hospital administrator urges him to do so.