Top 7 Shows Like Blind Spot That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

shows like blind spot

Humans have an uncanny ability to be drawn to things that should arouse a strong dislike in them. In reality, ghosts, crimes, and violence are all things we would prefer to avoid, but we are drawn to them for the suspense they provide. The natural thrill that comes with danger can be a great source of entertainment when experienced in the safe confines of our homes or the cinema.

This is probably the main reason for the prevalence of crime in works of literature, film, and television. The history of television shows shows that since their inception, there has been an abundance of crime-related programming.

BLINDSPOT on NBC has been hailed as one of the best crime shows in recent memory. Intriguing storyline and outstanding performances by the cast make it stand out from the crowd

The plot revolves around a woman who has a slew of tattoos all over her body, which the FBI believes to be a coded message. The problem is that she claims to have lost all recollection of who she is. The series revolves around a woman’s quest to discover who she really is.

Many people think the storyline of “Blindspot” is unrealistic, because the FBI should have no trouble figuring out someone’s identity if she is an American citizen in the first place. Despite this flaw, the show is a blast to watch. The following series are worth checking out if you enjoyed watching this one. Here is our picks for the best shows that are similar to ‘Blindspot.’ These shows, such as “Blindspot,” are available on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

1. Quantico (2015-2018)

Quantico (2015-2018)


This was the first time a Bollywood actress had played a leading role in an American show when ‘Quantico,’ an ABC original thriller series, first aired. Alex Parrish is the name of the character played by Priyanka Chopra. Young FBI agent Alex is the main suspect in a terrorist attack after joining the organization as an agent. She does well during her training.

As a result, Alex must now rely solely on herself to establish her innocence. ‘Quantico’ makes brilliant use of the non-linear narrative format by showing us Alex’s life as both a trainee and as a fugitive.

Chopra’s work on the show was lauded by critics and audiences alike. Because of declining viewership ratings, ABC was forced to cancel the show after Season three despite favorable reviews and an impressive start.

2. Shades Of Blue (2016-2018)

Shades Of Blue (2016-2018)


People are capable of horrific deeds when they are desperate, even against those who have cared for them their entire lives.

To illustrate, Detective Harlee Santos (played by Jennifer Lopez) frames her ex-husband in a murder case right after he is released from prison. This is exactly her condition. Santos, who is already in hot water due to allegations of corruption, also serves as an FBI informant against her own boss, whom she looks up to as a father figure.

There are broken people all over the place in “Shades of Blue.” The burdens they bear in their own lives are too great for them to spare a thought for others. If you enjoy reading about sickos like this, you’ll enjoy ‘Shades Of Blue.’

The series has a melancholic feel to it. The plot elements, on the other hand, have appeared in countless other films and television shows over the years. But don’t miss Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta’s standout performances.

3. The Following (2013-2015)

The Following (2013-2015)


Obviously, a show with a star like Kevin Bacon on it will get a lot of attention because of the star power it brings. As it turned out, the Fox crime drama ‘The Following’ would suffer a similar fate when it was first announced. James Purefoy, who plays the serial killer, has eluded capture and has amassed a cult of like-minded assassins. Bacon plays an FBI agent on the hunt for him.

The focus of the show shifts with each new season, but many of the characters remain the same throughout. Look no further than this series if you’re looking for stories about serial killers and bizarre religious groups. The show does a good job of capturing the tension and terror of its setting.

Even when dealing with similar subject matters, other mainstream shows avoid such extremes, as seen in “The Following,” which uses violence.

4. Taken (2017-2018)

Taken (2017-2018)


Liam Neeson famously told the kidnapper of his daughter, “If you let my daughter go now, that will be the end of it – I will not look for you, I won’t pursue you.” I’ll look for you, I’ll find you, and I’ll kill you if you refuse to comply.” The ‘Taken’ (2009) film has a devoted following, so turning the story into a television series required a great deal of guts.

Bryan Mills, the character played by Liam Neeson in the original film, is played by Clive Standen in the 2017 NBC series of the same name. As a former soldier who joins the CIA as a spy, we get a glimpse into Mills’ early years in this episode. A personal loss drives the character, much like in the movie, into potentially hazardous situations.

Undoubtedly, the show does its best to deliver the thrills we’ve come to expect from action thrillers. The issue here is that it’s content with what it has. Instead of extending the story beyond the film’s confines, the writers and directors fail miserably.

5. White Collar (2009-2014)

White Collar (2009-2014)


Police and criminals on the lam make for some very exciting thrillers. It’s amazing how well these movies and TV shows build anticipation. White Collar is a great choice if you’re looking for a show that makes use of this cliche. A standout in its field, Jeff Eastin’s series is truly a work of art (he is also the man behind ‘Graceland’). The series revolves around con man Neal Caffrey.

Caffrey realizes that the only way to get his sentence reduced is to assist the police in solving specific cases after being apprehended by them after a long and intensive search. By agreeing to this proposition with FBI agent Peter Burke, Caffrey helps the police. The show excels at creating suspenseful plots that keep you hooked from beginning to end.

6. The Blacklist (2013)

The Blacklist (2013)


“The Blacklist” stars James Spader as Raymond”Red” Reddington, a rogue FBI agent who turned himself in after running from the law for two decades.

With the help of one of his former colleagues, Red promises to provide the FBI with information on some of the world’s most notorious criminals who are so good at hiding their identities that no government agency is aware of them. The show then follows Red and his team of agents as they go from crime scene to crime scene, capturing a different criminal each time.

Those of us who are familiar with Spader’s earlier work know that he tends to choose roles that are a little out of the ordinary. The films “Sex, Lies and Videotape” (1989) or “Crash” serve as excellent examples (1996). His acceptance of the role on ‘The Blacklist’ piqued interest among viewers. The good news is that ‘The Blacklist’ does not let the audience down in any way.

Standing out in procedural crime shows where the plot moves in a straight line is difficult to do. However, Spader’s outstanding performance, along with the show’s excellent action sequences and gripping storyline, keep us coming back for more.

7. Mindhunter (2017)

Mindhunter (2017)


A good serial killer story is one that everyone enjoys. Even though they may appear calm on the outside, serial killers’ minds work in the most bizarre ways you’ve ever seen. There had never been any public awareness of serial killers before. You should watch ‘Mindhunter’ if you want to learn how the term “serial killer” came to be used and how this particular type of crime was identified.

The show is based on John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker’s book ‘Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit.’

The plot revolves around FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they interview a slew of serial killers in order to gain a better understanding of their motivations.

Camedon Britton, who plays the real-life serial killer Ed Kemper in ‘Mindhunter,’ gives an outstanding performance. Throughout the series, there’s a sense of foreboding and threat that permeates every episode. This is a remarkable feat accomplished by all of the series’ brilliant directors, including David Fincher.