23 Best Movie Like Lie With Me That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movie Like Lie With Me

Like Lie With Me 2005? These movies are worth your time.
If you enjoyed Lie With Me, you’ll enjoy these even more. Movies like Lie With Me are provided below.

1. Secretary 2002

Secretary 2002

Once out of the mental hospital, the newly released woman takes a job as secretary for an aggressive lawyer, and their working relationship quickly turns sexually sadomasochistic.

2. 9 Songs 2004

Young glaciologist Matt soars over the vast, silent, ice-bound immensities of the South Pole as he remembers his love affair with Lisa, a young explorer. They first meet at the Brixton Academy in London, a massive music hall where a rock concert is being thronged by fans. They’ve gone to sleep for the night. With each other, they follow a sexual passion that develops over several months to the accompaniment of nine songs performed live.

3. Buffalo ’66 1998

Buffalo '66 1998

After serving five years in prison, Billy has been released. He then kidnaps Layla, a teenage student, and takes her to his parents’ house, where he pretends she is his girlfriend and the two of them are engaged to be married soon.

4. Malena 2000

Renato, 12, gets his first bike and sees Malèna for the first time on the day Italy enters the war in 1940. When she first arrived in this Sicilian town, everyone thought she was an exotic outsider who’d just flown in from somewhere else. Then he goes off to war, leaving her vulnerable to the lustful gazes of men and the sarcastic remarks of women while he’s away. Renato sees Malèna grow stronger and braver over the next few years as he matures into a man. When he looks at her, he sees her loneliness, her grief over Nico’s death, the toll slander has taken on their family’s relationship, her desperation to find work, and her final humiliation. Will Malèna’s example of bravery inspire Renato to stand up for the underdog?

5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008

Two women on a summer vacation in Spain fall in love with the same artist, not realizing that the artist’s tumultuous relationship with his ex-wife is about to resurface.

6. Frida 2002

Frida Kahlo’s biography explores how the artist coped with the pain of a crippling injury and a turbulent marriage through her work as a way to express herself.

7. Closer 2004

When two people start having destructive extramarital affairs with one another, their marriages fall apart.

8. Before Sunset 2004

Before Sunset 2004

Nine years ago, two random strangers in Vienna came together and spent the night before dawn, becoming fast friends. They’re about to reunite after a long separation. This afternoon will be their last chance to determine their fate as a couple.

9. Before Sunrise 1995

On the train from Paris to Vienna, American Jesse meets French student Céline, who is returning home after a semester abroad. Jesse persuades Celine to leave the train with him in Vienna after they develop a surprising connection over time. Due to his early morning flight and lack of funds, they wander the city together, soaking up the atmosphere and each other’s company.

10. The Dreamers 2003

The Dreamers 2003

In the year 1968, a young American student in Paris makes friends with a French brother and a girl from their neighborhood. Assembled against a backdrop of the Paris student riots of 1968.

11. Candy 2006

A poet is smitten by an art student, who is drawn to his free-spirited way of life — as well as his addiction to heroin. Both addicted to the drug and to one another, their relationship veers between states of oblivion, self-destruction, and despair.

12. Caligula 1979

The epic tale of Rome’s deranged Emporer tells of the perversion that characterized imperial Rome. This book reveals all the bizarre and cruel details of his reign, including his unholy sexual passion for his sister, his marriage to Rome’s most infamous prostitute, and his fiendishly inventive methods of disposing of those who stood in his way.

13. Bitter Moon 1992

Bitter Moon 1992

Angry and in a wheelchair, a disgruntled husband starts telling a complete stranger about his marriage. The intruder tries to flee but is unable to do so. Among other things, he becomes increasingly engrossed in the tale. When he’s with the man’s wife, however, he’s entranced by her ability to stare him down until he looks away and concedes sexual dominance.

14. Sleeping Beauty 2011

Erotic fairytale about university student Lucy, who is drawn into an unexplained hidden world of beauty and desire.

15. Last Tango In Paris 1972

There’s a young Parisian woman having an affair with an American businessman in his 50s, and the two have agreed to keep their relationship strictly sexual.

16. Stealing Beauty 1996

American adolescent Lucy Harmon arrives in Tuscany to be sculpted by her family friend who lives in an opulent villa to be sculpted by her. Lucy went there four years ago and kissed an Italian boy she’d met before. She’s hoping to run into him again.

17. Lolita 1997

Lolita 1997

To be near his nymphet daughter, professor Humbert Humbert marries an elderly New England widow.

18. Henry & June 1990

After meeting Anais Nin on a trip to Paris with Henry Miller’s wife June, a sexual relationship develops between the two. If forced to leave the United States, June gives Nin permission to have sex with her husband while she is still married to him. When June finally returns to France, an unlikely trio forms, one that can be contentious at times.

19. About Cherry 2012

Unstable young woman moves to San Francisco, where she gets involved in pornography and joins forces with a cocaine-dependent lawyer. Drama

20. Young & Beautiful 2013

During a brief holiday romance, 17-year-old Isabelle loses her virginity. On her return, she begins a one-year stint as a prostitution client.

21. Klip 2012

The beautiful Jasna, a post-war Serbian adolescent who leads a rough life. Until she finds love and tenderness in the harsh environment, she goes on a spree of sex, drugs, and partying.

22. Area Q 2011

Los Angeles-based NOFX plays punk rock music.

23. Lucía Y El Sexo 2001

A writer’s novel becomes inextricably linked with his own life, bringing a diverse group of people together on a remote island.