9 Best Shows Like Animal Kingdom On Amazon Prime Update 05/2024

Shows Like Animal Kingdom On Amazon Prime

The drama series ‘Animal Kingdom’ is based on the film of the same name from Australia. Finn Cole, the protagonist of the show, is a teenager. Upon the death of Finn’s mother, his long-distance relatives step in to care for him. While living with his new family, he soon learns that they are part of an organized crime syndicate, with his maternal grandmother Janine “Smurf” Cody serving as the organization’s boss. There hasn’t been anything quite like ‘Animal Kingdom’ on television recently in terms of a crime and family drama. If you liked what you saw here, and you’re looking for more shows with similar themes and ideas, look no further. Here are our picks for the best shows that are similar to ‘Animal Kingdom’. Series like “Animal Kingdom” on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime can be found.

9. Greenleaf (2016-)

Greenleaf (2016-)

The Greenleafs are the focus of the drama/mystery series ‘Greenleaf,’ which follows their problems as a wealthy family.

Both Bishop James and Lady Mae Greenleaf are the family’s leaders and oversee the enormous church they own. From the outside, the Greenleaf family appears respectable, but their past is marred by scandal and betrayal. After a two-decade absence, James and Mae’s daughter Gigi returns home shortly after the start of the series. Once we learn of Faith’s death, we learn why Gigi has decided to get in touch with her parents again. Upon its initial release, the show was well-received by critics.

8. The Affair (2014-)

‘The Affair’ is a gripping family drama about an affair between a resort town waitress and a guest who has traveled with his family to the location. Alisson is the waitress’s name, and Noah is the guest. The fact that Noah’s family still relies on his father-in-law, even though he is happily married with four children, makes him unhappy. When Alisson’s son died at the age of four, she was already in an unhappy marriage. During the first season, we get to know our two main characters and their perspectives on the story. As of season 2, we’ve also gotten to see their spouses’ points of view.

7. Succession (2018-)

Succession (2018-)

The Roys are the focus of the comedy-drama ‘Succession.’ One of the family’s patriarchs is the head of a massive conglomerate. His children believe he should hand over the reins of the company to one of them so that he can enjoy a comfortable retirement. Throughout the competition, each of the competitors has a strong sense of greed. The show was well-received by critics, and the American Film Institute named it one of the year’s ten best television programs.

6. The Path (2016-2018)

Aaron Paul is the star of Jessica Goldberg’s new show. Eddie Lane is the show’s main character. The Meyerist movement is a religious cult to which Eddie and his wife Summer belong. Meyerist beliefs are influenced by mysticism and Scientology. Although Eddie is indoctrinated with Meyerism’s greater and deeper meanings while in Peru, his mind begins to wander when he has an experience that causes him to doubt the movement he is so closely associated with. Upon learning this, Summer is conflicted about confronting her husband, who she believes has been questioning her faith. The show’s critics consensus was overwhelmingly positive.

5. Bloodline (2015-2017)

Bloodline (2015-2017)

Danny Rayburn is the main character in this crime drama. After a long absence, he is returning home to celebrate his parents’ 45th wedding anniversary with them. In addition to him, he has three other siblings who are generally unkind. It’s just Danny’s luck that no one else in the family has been successful in life. His other three siblings have all achieved success in their respective fields of expertise. Later on, we learn why Danny’s family is behaving in this manner toward him. Danny’s younger sister, Sarah, drowned when they were on a boat ride together when they were kids. They all believed Danny to be the mastermind behind it all. After Danny’s father passes away, he is hired by his parents’ hotel. However, the hotel soon turns into a front for the smuggling of cocaine, which becomes Danny’s main business.

4. Good Behavior (2016-2017)

The story of ‘Good Behavior’ revolves around Letty Raines. A notorious felon, she has been involved in a number of robberies and thefts, as well as being a heavy drug user. Her release from prison is shown at the beginning of the show, when she has done well in prison. Letty’s criminal record makes her mother wary of her meeting her own child. Even after spending a significant amount of time in prison, Letty continues to engage in criminal activity. After a robbery, she meets a killer and is unwittingly implicated in a string of killings. Several critics lauded the show for its brilliance.

3. Fargo (2014-)

Fargo (2014-)

It is based on The Coen Brothers’ film Fargo, which is one of the best crime/dark comedies ever made. The storyline of the show changes with each new season, telling a different tale of crime in the state of Minnesota. In the first season, a character named Lester Nygaard accidentally kills his wife and becomes involved with a deadly assassin named Lorne Malvo, leading them on a gruesome murder trail. Two perspectives are used in Season 2: one is that of the Gerhardt family from North Dakota, a vicious crime family; the other is that of a butcher and his wife. Death and destruction soon follow after certain events link the fates of the two families. For some reason, the detective who cracks the case in season one is related to the detective who cracks it in season two. It’s in Season 3 that we learn more about the involvement of a probation officer with an evil corporation.

2. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

In ‘Breaking Bad,’ a high school teacher slowly transforms into one of the country’s most notorious drug dealers. Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, is the main character in the show. He’s a high school chemistry teacher who’s way overqualified for the position. Walter is diagnosed with lung cancer all of a sudden. Because of this, he begins to manufacture and sell methamphetamine to dealers, enlisting Jesse Pinkman, another one of his former students, to help him. In terms of screenwriting, Walter is up there with the best. He goes from being a mild-mannered schoolteacher to a brash megalomaniac who believes his life is invulnerable because he is the epitome of it. Four Primetime Emmys were given to Cranston for his work on the show.

1. The Sopranos (1999-2007)

The Sopranos (1999-2007)

Crime drama ‘The Sopranos’ centers on Tony Soprano, capo (lower-ranking member) of the DiMeo crime family. The therapy sessions he attends allow us to learn about his businesses and family. The series centers on Tony Soprano’s attempts to balance his family life with his criminal career. When it’s revealed that Tony has clinical depression, it has a big impact on his story. Given his mental state, the show had to approach him differently than it would have in an ordinary crime drama. We learn about the mind of a seasoned criminal who approaches crime in the same way a businessman would.

The character of Tony, on the other hand, has a dark side: he is a womanizer, and his various encounters with women are revealed to his therapist. Numerous Sopranos’ associates and criminal activities are depicted on the show as well. As one of the greatest shows of all time, ‘The Sopranos’ has garnered an incredible 21 Primetime Emmy Awards and five Golden Globe Award nominations during its run on television.