10 Green Haired Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Green Haired Anime Characters

Anime is known for its wide range of characters, many of whom are known for their distinct style. Whoa, this is a lot of color! You’ve nailed it.. Green-haired figures, on the other hand, stand out because of the color’s distinctness and ability to add individuality to a character. We’ve compiled a list of the best and most interesting anime characters with green hair.

1. Deku (My Hero Academia)

Deku (My Hero Academia)

Despite being born without any quirks, Deku developed an innate sense of justice and heroism that eventually drew the notice of the legendary superhero All Might, who bestowed upon him the capacity to give himself superhuman abilities. As a result of these abilities, Deku became an extremely powerful character. And to top it all off, Deku possesses the fabled One For All, a Quirk that allows him to store and channel unimaginable amounts of raw power. However, it has been proven that employing 100% of his strength to land a punch has the potential to dismember the landed arm. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the

2. Jolyne Cujoh (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

We all adore Jolyne since she’s so direct and direct with us. Jolyne, the daughter of Jotaro, grew up in a maximum-security jail and had to learn to fight for her survival. Jolyne has a long history of resentment and has a particularly ferocious style when it comes to fighting. It was possible for her to flee danger, listen in on conversations, or even entangle and sever individuals with her sharp edges thanks to Stone Free’s ability to move and unwind her body like a string. In the Winter of 2022, Jolyne will make her anime debut in Stone Ocean.

3. Gon Freecs (Hunter x Hunter)

Gon Freecs (Hunter x Hunter)

Gon is a diminutive adventurer with a large heart. In order to find his father, this brave little boy has set his sights on becoming a Hunter himself. Because of Gon’s unwavering commitment, even Hanzo, the Hunter Ninja, joined his cause because of his natural kindness and resourcefulness. If you keep your cool, Gon is shown to be kind and inventive, as well as tenacious and persistent. His self-assurance is contagious, and he’s an intelligent young man, even if his math skills could use a little work.

4. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

We couldn’t possibly leave him out, could we? In addition to Luffy and Sanji, Roronoa is one of the strongest characters in the “monster trio” of the strongest protagonists. Steel, boats, and even trains are no match for him. His strength lets him to wield three swords simultaneously, each with a distinct style and assault. He can even utilize the air itself to strike from afar. They are the only characters who have permanently scarred Kaido, the strongest creature on Earth, a feat that is deemed impossible. Roronoa made it to the full-color front cover of the latest chapter of One Piece, with the topic of right-hand-men, and, of course, he’s in the spotlight. Roronoa, albeit only a right-hand man, is almost as recognizable as the straw hat-wearing protagonist of the series.

5. Ribbons Almark (Gundam)

Ribbons Almark (Gundam)

As a genetically altered human with nanomachines, Ribbons is able to delay the aging process as well as survive in outer space. Reflexes and combat talents allow him to battle even if he is in a mech that is outmatched by his opponents. He has an inferiority complex about humans because he is an innovator. He sees himself as a messiah and believes he is capable of destroying anyone who stands in the way of his vision of a united world.

6. N (Pokemon)

Even though he made his first appearance in Pokemon Black/White, N also appeared in the BW anime series. When N was made to care for injured Pokemon, he came to believe that humans were uncivilized beasts created solely for the purpose of harming Pokemon. It’s N’s belief that Pokemon are being treated as mere objects by humans that drives him to want to free them all. His lack of faith in others and his inclination to be persuaded make him a mindless extreme, as not all humans abuse Pokemon. Fortunately, he learns from his sins and makes a cameo appearance in Black/White 2 as a supporting character.

7. Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)

Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)

This woman has a short fuse, which is understandable given her diminutive stature, which causes others to constantly underestimate her. Impatient with others and nasty to those she considers incompetent, Tatsumaki is a difficult person to work with. When it comes to being a hero, she’s all business. She’s a formidable telepath who takes her position as a heroine very seriously and isn’t afraid to face any challenge. As the most powerful being on the planet, Tatsumaki is said to shrug off world-devastating events as if they were simply another day at the office. If she’s arrogant, it’s because she’s earned the right to be confident in her abilities.

8. Broly (Dragon Ball)

You were all forewarned, and for a good cause. Vegeta said of Broly that he was the galaxy’s most powerful Saiyan, which is saying a lot considering Vegeta said that. In his base Super Saiyan form, Broly could annihilate the South Galaxy, leaving only a few planets and stars in his wake; like every other Saiyan, Broly had different levels of power. While Goku’s Super Kamehameha is a formidable weapon, his Legendary form is the genuine deal; it transforms into lime-green instead of the customary yellow hair of a Saiyan, and he is stronger than both Goku and Vegeta. It’s hard to deny that Broly is one of the most recognizable characters in the Dragon Ball world.

9. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

As a bounty hunter and Bruce Lee devotee, Spike is a familiar face. If Spike Spiegel weren’t the star of Cowboy Bebop, it wouldn’t have been feasible for the show to become a part of popular culture in the first place. The bounty hunter’s life philosophy is based on the idea that the past is unalterable and therefore cannot be ignored or forgotten. Although the past is irrelevant and they must move on, he urges everyone around him to do so despite his own shortcomings. Because he left a life of crime, he now believes that he has already died and so has no fear of dying again, demonstrating that he is willing to face death full on. Even though Spike’s demeanor might seem deceptively fiery, you can see why he has become a household name in the world of pop culture.

10. Envy (FullMetal Alchemist)

It’s possible that this character’s hair isn’t entirely green, but let’s call it dark-dark green. Father’s envy manifests itself in the form of envy. He has the ability to take on the form of any identity, real or invented, and can recover from even the most severe wounds. Envy restored his entire body when Gluttony half-destroyed him. Ego-shattering insults can ruin Envy’s immense self-esteem, which makes him more hateful of humanity than his peers.