6 Best Shows Like Boku No Pico That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Boku No Pico

There are so many people who have heard of Boku no Pico, even if they haven’t seen it or are uninterested, that it’s practically a household name in the anime community. That’s a big accomplishment for an anime with only three episodes! But because it was so daring, new, and different, and because it pushed so many boundaries, it stood out and became a hot topic of conversation. It’s still remembered today, and is often brought up in conversation or used as a benchmark for other, more recent anime series. By making other anime like it so popular now, Boku no Pico helped to change the yaoi and boy’s love world for the better.

After it was released in 2006, Boku no Pico quickly became a hit in Japan. However, did you know that it was not the first similar anime? We’ve compiled a list of 6 anime that are similar to Boku no Pico, highlighting both recent releases as well as some older titles that you might have missed! After reading Boku no Pico’s short story, you may be looking for a new shotacon story to keep you entertained.

1. Okane ga Nai (No Money!) (2007)

Okane ga Nai (No Money!) (2007)


During his senior year of high school, Yukiya Anase helped a complete stranger. The same stranger buys Yukiya at an auction his cousins sell him at four years later… for 120 million yen. Yukiya is a university student at the time. Somuku Kanou turns out to be the mysterious stranger, and Okane ga Nai tells the tale of their unlikely friendship and romantic relationship in the manga and anime series. Having sex with Somuku for 500,000 yen each time is Yukiya’s only option because he cannot afford to return the 120 million yen used to buy him.

To begin, there is a striking resemblance between Okane ga Nai and Boku no Pico in terms of age disparity. While the age difference between Yukiya and Somuku isn’t as pronounced as it was in Boku no Pico, it’s still noticeable. As a result, he still finds himself at the mercy of a much older and wiser lover, just as Pico is right now. Yukiya is clearly doing it for the money to try to pay Somuku back for purchasing him, and the sex is also non-consensual in both anime. To sum up, the uke (or submissive partner) is depicted as feminine and soft in both anime, while the seme (or dominant partner) is much more masculine.

2. Shounen Maid Kuuro-kun: Tenshi no Uta (2010)

Shounen Maid Kuuro-kun Tenshi no Uta (2010)

Sous-chef When Kuuro’s father sells him into slavery to pay back his family’s debts, he sells him as well. Tenshi no Uta is the story of Kuuro. Kuuro is a slave, but he’s a slave who’s been made to serve as a boy maid. As it turns out, Kuuro’s job as a “maid” entails a lot more than just cleaning; it’s mostly just him dressed as a woman. The rest of his responsibilities revolve around his new master’s sexual gratification and doing whatever he desires to him.

Shounen Maid Kuuro-Kun is a shotacon yaoi like Okane ga Nai and, of course, Boku no Pico. In the story, Kuuro is a youngster who is dwarfed by his master. Even though he is put in the submissive position, Kuuro is put in situations that border on borderline BDSM, much like Pico. Pico is portrayed as a softer, more feminine character, while Kuuro is likewise depicted as such. The effeminate nature of his character’s role is heightened by the fact that he is cross-dressing as a maid. Shounen Maid Kuuro-kun only has one episode, but if you enjoy a seme/uke hentai that is very clear and defined, you should watch it!

3. Loveless (2005)

Loveless (2005)

Beginning with Ritsuka Aoyagi’s death, he is left alone with only his insane mother and Soubi Agatsuma, a man claiming to have been his brother’s best friend. According to the storyline, Ritsuka learns that Soubi and his brother shared a bond as “Fighter” and “Sacrifice” for the Septimal Moon organization, and that this organization is to blame for his brother’s passing. To help solve his brother’s murder, Ritsuka and Soubi must now make a Sacrifice in Ritsuka’s place.

Besides Boku no Pico, most anime fans have heard of Loveless, a story about a boy falling in love with another boy. Despite its age, Loveless has a devoted following thanks to its 12 episodes and intriguing plot. They have an eight-year age difference, which is similar to Pico and Tamotsu’s, and Soubi is Ritsuka’s caretaker, which is also similar to Pico and Tamotsu’s. The sex in Loveless isn’t as intense as in Boku no Pico, and it’s more of a shounen ai than a hentai. But if you’re interested in the development of an unlikely romance, then Loveless is perfect for you.

4. Enzai (2004)

Enzai (2004)

A young boy named Guys, who finds himself in a bad situation in 19th-century France, is the main character in Enzai’s story. Although he was initially detained for the minor offense of stealing candy, he now finds himself accused of the murder of a man he has never met! The result is that the young man known as Guys ends up in a dank prison where he is subjected to numerous cruel and inhumane punishments, the most common of which is forced sexual act and rape at the hands of other prisoners.

Enzai has a much darker tone than Boku no Pico’s light story, and it takes place in a very different setting. Many of the themes, on the other hand, haven’t changed: the characters in sexual situations are males with a large age gap, and the younger one is forced into the submissive role. Guildias, the detective who arrests and convicts Guys, frequently assumes Tamotsu’s role as the relationship’s dominant individual. If the concept of Boku no Pico appealed to you, but the storyline was too lighthearted for your tastes, try Enzai instead! While the characters’ backgrounds are the same, the delivery is much more intense and dark if you’re looking for something more extreme in comparison to that.

5. Papa to Kiss in the Dark (2005)

Papa to Kiss in the Dark (2005)

Our list of 6 anime that are similar to Boku no Pico includes Papa to Kiss in the Dark, which is the most controversial. Kyousuke, the father figure in the story, is in love with Mira’s character, who is a first-year high school student named Mira Munkata. They’re in a romantic relationship, but it’s also a sexual one. Additionally, Mira’s best friend and the son of the woman Kyousuke is rumored to marry have fallen in love and are attempting to track down their beloved. To put it another way, Mira is constantly bombarded by potential romantic partners, sexual situations, the possibility that his father is engaged, and the possibility that Mira is actually an adopted child.

This anime, like all of the others on our list so far, is shotacon yaoi, which means that young boys will find themselves in sexual and romantic situations with older, more experienced men just like in Boku no Pico. The relationship between the main characters in Papa to Kiss in the Dark is more sensual and romantic than that of Pico and Tamotsu, which differs from the other stories we’ve read. However, despite their disparity in age and bloodline (Mira is of a younger generation and Kyousuke is of an older one), they come to love one another, just like in Boku no Pico. There will be some laughs along the way, as it is a comedy. If Boku no Pico’s lighter romance was what drew you in, and you’re looking for something else that’s lighter and funnier, check out Papa to Kiss in the Dark!

6. Sensitive Pornography (2004)

Sensitive Pornography (2004)


Sensitive Pornography has arrived, at long last. Because it’s the most similar to Boku no Pico, we’ll concentrate on the first story in this OVA. Seiji Yamada and Sono Hanasaki, two mangaka, fall in love and embark on a journey together in this story. However, this love story is unique in that Seiji and Sono are ten years apart in age. Seiji’s favorite manga artist was Sono, a hentai writer, and Seiji mistook him for a woman. Despite this, he can’t help but fall in love with Sono, even after learning that he is just another boy.

The final shotacon yaoi on our list of 6 Anime like Boku no Pico is Sensitive Pornography, and once again, one of the most striking similarities is the vast age gap between the two leads. Sensitive Pornography, like Boku no Pico and Papa to Kiss in the Dark, is more romantic and lighthearted in its approach to the relationship. It’s another comedy, so as Sono and Seiji’s relationship progresses, you can expect to at least smile, if not laugh. If Boku no Pico’s tone appealed to you, you’ll enjoy Sensitive Pornography’s content.

Almost every Boku no Pico fan will agree that the series is way too short. Why did Pico and Tamotsu’s forbidden romance get three episodes and a chapter in the manga? In any case, we at Honey’s Anime hope that checking out some of the other yaoi and boys love anime on our list will help to ease the wound and satisfy your desire for more shotacon and similar sexy stories! Despite the fact that most of these shows are only a few episodes long, we hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as we did Boku no Pico and have even more fun with the forbidden this time around.

Is there a shotacon or other yaoi anime that we should have included? Are you on board with our plan? Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with our choices, or if you love Boku no Pico as much as we do!