19 Short Hair Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Short Hair Anime Characters

Anime girls with long hair have always been popular, but we’re in 2020, right? In anime, short hair is becoming more and more common. In fact, short hair is a popular style choice among anime characters. Anime girls with short hair: are you ready to view our picks for the best of the best?

1. Anna Sasaki (When Marnie Was There)

Anna Sasaki (When Marnie Was There)

An orphaned youngster named Anna is the subject of the novel. For some reason Anna believes that her foster parents just look after her for financial gain when the government provides them a check. As a result, Anna begins to withdraw socially from both her family and her peers at school.

One night she encounters a blonde-haired woman, Marnie, who promises to keep their meeting a secret from everyone else. Over time, they form a close relationship. Do you believe this will encourage Anna to open up and interact with people outside of her comfort zone?

2. Leila Marcus (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust)

Leila Marcus is the best example of a tomboy we could find. She’s a tough cookie who won’t be taken in by anything or anyone.

Bright blue eyes and short, blond hair make the 20-year-old girl stand out. The scars on Leila’s body are a stark reminder of how difficult her life has been. In fact, she’d become so tough that she even struck a bet with an immortal vampire over who’d live the longest:

So, I propose that we form a covenant. For the sake of the other, whomever passes away first may bring flowers to the other’s final resting place.

3. Yui Hirasawa (K-On!)

Yui Hirasawa, K-On! (2009)

Yui is one of K-five ON’s central characters. Ho-kago Tea Time’s lead guitarist and vocalist is a slapstick prankster. No matter what happens, she’s completely fearless and will do anything she pleases at any given time.

She’ll do everything that offers her joy and allows her to have a good time! Mugi brings a lot of candies and sweets to the club room, and like many other girls, she appreciates hugs and all forms of charming physical contact. She really loves eating all of it.

4. Hotaru Tachibana (Aoharu x machinegun)

At first glance, Hotaru appears to be driven by a strong sense of justice and a desire to take on the “evil” she refers to. So far as she is concerned, she even goes so far as to leap off a three-story building in order to teach some criminals a lesson for bullying an elderly guy for his money.

However, don’t be fooled by her position on the Student Council; she is known to pick conflicts with other students. Hotaru has a joyful and lively personality, although she may be deceived by her opponents due to her lack of strength.

Hotaru doesn’t mind lying to her teammates in order to accomplish her goals. People sometimes mistake her for a cute guy since she wears a boy’s uniform instead of a girl’s. Isn’t that the case with you, too?

5. Yuuko Aioi (Nichijou Wiki)

When it comes to friends, Yuuko is by far the worst. She’s going to be a lot of fun. Mio Naganohara, Yuuko’s best friend, is usually annoyed by her incessantly ridiculous antics.

However, we do recommend her as a friend since she’s amusing, she’ll constantly try to make you laugh, and most importantly, she’ll be there for you.

6. Nana Osaki (Nana)

Nana Osaki (NANA)

When you first see Nana, it’s impossible not to fall in love. With her rebellious demeanor, you can’t help but fall in love with her.

Nana had a difficult childhood, but she never allowed it stop her from pursuing her dream of being the lead singer of punk band Black Stones and making a living (Blast for short). Nana Hachi considers Nana to be a close friend, and she has always proven to be a trustworthy ally.

7. Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky☆Star)

No one can dislike Tsukasa Hiiragi, the anime girl everyone loves. Although both she and her identical twin sister, Kagami, have adorable purple hair, Tsukasa is the goofier of the two and can never seem to be without her phone.

Tsukasa isn’t the brightest, but she always tries her best and never gives up. However, she has a talent for cooking. Everyone is aware of Tsukasa’s culinary prowess. Her short, purple hair looks great with a yellow ribbon tied around her neck.

8. Shiki Ryougi (Kara no Kyoukai)

There are a lot of mysteries around Shiki, a mysterious, brown-haired girl with a strange past. She, in reality, has the ability to transform into a man! Shiki, the masculine, and Shiki, the female, are her dual personas.

Shiki must be included on this list of anime girls with short hair, or it wouldn’t be fair. Inherent powers have been bestowed upon her by the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception she possesses. Aurora glimmer in her eyes turns into a lethal lightning bolt when she employs this ability. Is it even possible for you to look into her eyes?

9. Chartreux Westia (Boarding School Juliet)

Chartreux Westia (Boarding School Juliet)

Chartreux is often regarded as the most beautiful of the White Cats due to her golden-brown eyes and short white hair that covers her left eye. To the point where even the Black Dogs think she is stunning.

Her best friend Juliet Persia, whom Char is devoted to and fiercely protective of, is Juliet’s best friend. So much so that in her wardrobe, she has a collection of images of Juliet. To keep Juliet safe from the terrible world, she is willing to do anything, no matter how unpleasant, mean, or brutal it may be. Char is so adorable.

10. Mayuri Shiina (Steins; Gate)

Tuturo! Mayuri Shiina’s characteristic catchphrase and greeting have long been a favorite of ours. The 16-year-old girl from Steins Gate has short, black hair that complements her naive demeanor well.

An excellent job was done by the artist in maintaining her innocent, juvenile appearance throughout the entire series.

11. Minori Kushieda (ToraDora!)

Although the eccentric Minori can be a little goofy at times, her heart is as pure as diamonds. It doesn’t matter how bad things get for her pals; she always wants them to be happy.

If you search far and wide, you’re unlikely to find another friend who’s as devoted to you as she is.

12. Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi’s hair used to be long and silky before she moved to Ouran Academy. As a result of this sad accident soon before school begins, a lovely girl had to cut her hair short.

Haruhi doesn’t even try to deny that she’s a boy when everyone at school thinks she is. When her male peers in the Host club learn she’s a woman, they develop romantic feelings for her and begin referring to her as “Kawaii.”

13. Shirayuki (Snow White With The Red Hair)

People can be fooled by this red-headed anime character’s appearance. When it comes to her wisdom and intelligence, her appearance and age are irrelevant.

“If you’re helping someone and expecting something in return, you’re doing business, not kindness,” is one of her most famous comments.

14. Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou)

Otakus of a certain age are likely familiar with the tiny girl who wears an eye patch and uses her magical talents to battle animals.

Rikka’s quirky, endearing, and somehow relatable quirks make her a great character to root for. In her own way, she’s perfect.

15. Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)

Touka Kirishima

When Touka, an ex-waitress, isn’t being a raving ghoul, she’s acting like a kind girl. In the cruel, ghoul world, she loses her father at a young age, and her goodness is stifled.

As a result, she was transformed into a terrifying monster while retaining her human nature. She’s fiercely loyal to those she cares about and enjoys lending a helping hand to those in need. That purple-haired ghoul isn’t scary at all, is she

16. Shinobu Kocho (Demon Slayer)

ShinobuKochou is a terrifying figure to anyone who has watched Demon Slayer. A butterfly would be hard pressed to find someone more delicate and graceful than her. Even on the battlefield, she moves quickly and fluidly.

Additionally, her dark side keeps the viewers intrigued.

17. Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

Due in large part to the character OchakoUraraka, My Hero Academia is classified as a Shounen series. The fears of this meek, youthful heroine frequently get in the way of her accomplishing her goals.

Ochako’s biggest strength is her self-awareness and determination to achieve her goals.

18. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Our next target is the adorable brunette from Clannad. While Nagisa possesses a moral compass, she lacks the communication abilities to convey it.

She has a strange tendency of murmuring the names of her favorite foods in an effort to get her through the day. Aside from the well-known “Dango,” Nagisa enjoys singing her own original compositions, both of which feature her angelic voice.

19. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman -- Attack On Titan

Having lost her entire family as a child, Mikasa grew up to become one of the strongest female characters in the series.

Her voice is loud and clear when it comes to protecting Eren Yeager’s well-being.