10 Pervy Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Pervy Anime Characters

Each generation of anime filmmakers adds new entries to the medium’s archetypes thanks to Japan’s massive output of the media. Totoro, Magic Knight Rayearth’s Mokona, and Pokémon’s Pikachu are all cute mascot characters. What are you looking for? The whole range of Gundam, Evangelion, and Ingram variants may be found on the following link.

It’s not simply cuteness and cool technologies that make Japanese animation great. As evidenced by this list of anime’s sexiest male characters, raging hormones and uncontrollable libidos permeate the air.

Database for anime and video games In order to create its rankings, Charapedia surveyed 4,470 men and 5,530 women. After a long and grueling competition, the following 10 were able to secure their spots in the top 10.

  1. Issei Hyodo (High School DxD)

Issei Hyodo (High School DxD)

The story of Issei begins with a tragic event: he is tragically stabbed while out on a date, only to be resurrected by the demonic sorcery of his classmate Rias. Issei transforms into a horny devil after his shanking has left him unchanged in his lecherousness.

  1. Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)

One of the seven deadly sins is lust, and as such the protagonist of this steamy new anime series has committed a sin of lust.

  1. Tadao Yokoshima (Ghost Sweeper Mikami)

Tadao Yokoshima (Ghost Sweeper Mikami)

Tadao’s job is risky and low-paying. That doesn’t stop him, though, from appreciating his boss’s svelte physique.

  1. Rito Yuuki (To Love-Ru)

It might be a good idea for Rito to contactIssei. Even if Issei has to deal with real devils while Rito has to deal with gorgeous aliens that seem like devils, the two may still learn a thing or two from one another.

  1. Arsene Lupin III (Lupin III)

Arsene Lupin III (Lupin III)

The burglar who travels the world with creator Monkey Punch made his manga debut 47 years ago, so his lady-loving exploits have been seen by countless generations of comic book readers.

  1. Sanji (One Piece)

At least in unedited versions, the Straw Hat Pirates’ in-house cook is fond of exquisite cuisine as well as women. He, on the other hand, is not a legal tender.

  1. Ataru Moroboshi (Urusei Yatsura)

Ataru Moroboshi (Urusei Yatsura)

To begin with, alien invasion is a threat to Earth in Urusei Yatsura’s TV adaptation. Teenage Ataru’s bereaved classmate sobs as he clings to him. To this she responds by touching him on the buttocks.

  1. Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)

Former samurai Gintoki has no need to repress his passions for sweets, manga, or women after aliens take Japan and deprive the samurai of their status.

  1. Kame Sennin (Dragon Ball)

Kame Sennin

Kame Sennin is the name given to an elderly martial arts instructor by some. Turtle Sage, Muten Roshi, and Master Roshi are all popular choices as well. However, he is universally derided as a filthy old man.

  1. Ryo Saeba (City Hunter)

There are still new Dragon Ball films being produced, and Lupin III recently had a live-action theatrical release. As a contrast, no new episodes of City Hunter have aired on television since 1999, and the manga series that first introduced private eye/mercenary Ryo’s exploits was released in 1991.

Despite this, Ryo garnered more votes than any other character in the poll, and he was also the top vote getter when just men, women, and respondents over 30 were taken into account. It was a tight victory for him, coming in second place with votes from supporters ages 10 to 29. (who made Gintoki their number-one pick).

Japanese manga fans were not the only ones who were impressed by Ryo’s willingness to pursue any attractive woman, regardless of whether or not they were engaged in sleuthing or gunfighting. For popularizing the name “mokkori,” an onomatopoeic term for the “boing!” sound that occurs when you suddenly obtain a boner, he deserves credit.

We’re amazed no one has yet made a sequel starring a dozen of Ryo’s illegitimate children, given his sex drive and the more than a decade since the previous City Hunter anime.