My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Characters Who Would Be A Perfect Match For Izuku Update 07/2024

When it comes to heroes, Izuku is one of the best. He has a big heart and would welcome the opportunity to meet someone special, someone for whom he would fight.

Midoriya’s character in My Hero Academia is one of the most endearing shonen protagonists, with a heart of gold and a soul like a real superhero. Izuku began training to become a true hero and inspire the people as the new emblem of peace after getting One For All. Ochaco Uraraka, one of many new pals he has acquired at U.A. High, is one of those friends.

My Hero Academia has a tendency to throw in a little romance to round out these characters, and Mina Ashido is persuaded that Izuku and Ochaco have a burgeoning romance. Izuku is clearly the daring and honest sort, and he might easily find a sweetheart from another anime series if Ochaco wasn’t present.

1. Azazel Ameri Is Smart & Heroic, Too (Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Azazel Ameri (Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Azazel Ameri is the Babyls school’s esteemed student council president and close friends with Welcome to Demon Schoolisekai !’s star, Iruma Suzuki. In addition, Izuku and Iruma share a close bond.

Azazel Ameri has a crush on Iruma, and Izuku Midoriya has a crush on Azazel. Students and heroes, they’d have a terrific time together on their first date to Walter Park.

2. Levy McGarden Is Brave & Brilliant (Fairy Tail)

Even though Izuku would love to have a friendship with any and all of the wizards in the Fairy Tail guild, when it comes to seeking love, he is a little more selective. In contrast to Lucy, Erza is overly intense, while Juvia is obsessed with Gray. When Levy McGarden, a nice and bookish wizard, came into Izuku’s life, Izuku would only look at her.

Before a combat, Levy likes to hone her skills by studying to improve her understanding of the world around her. Izuku has studied Quirks for his entire life, and he and Levy have similar personalities, so he understands what you’re saying. It was destined to happen.

3. Maki Oze Is Tough But Kind (Fire Force)

Maki Oze - Fire Force

Shinen heroes love Maki Oze because she’s a strong and capable warrior who can also keep up with her potential suitors and has a pleasant demeanor and serious romantic streak. Maki Oze, the fire soldier. Recruit training is Maki’s favorite pastime, but she’s also known to daydream about the perfect fairy tale wedding while she’s at it.

When it comes to saving lives and preserving peace, Maki Oze is a hero in her own right, despite Shinra Kusakabe’s claim to be a hero. Izuku’s personality would go perfectly with hers because she’s a fun-loving girl.

4. Tohru Honda Is A Heartfelt Heroine (Fruits Basket)

If Tohru Honda were not a martial artist or a heroic character, Izuku would recognize a lot of himself in her. However regular and sympathetic Tohru may be, she nonetheless decided to enter the Sohma family’s cursed realm. The woman is adamant about saving them all.

Tohru has a positive outlook on life and is not afraid to stand up to bullies like Akito Sohma in order to help others and do the right thing. Despite her lack of a cape, she possesses the heroic spirit of a true hero. Izuku would be thrilled to meet Tohru and have the confidence to approach her about going on a date.

5. Ichika Nakano Won’t Give Up On Her Dreams (The Quintessential Quintuplets)


Ochaco Uraraka-type girls like Tohru and Ichika Nakano would be ideal for Izuku, who is drawn to strong women who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in, even if they’re nonviolent. Ichika has the makings of a hero all on her own.

When it comes to being a big sister, Ichika Nakano is all you’d expect from one. Izuku would be amazed by her determination and courage, despite her poor academic performance. He’d also admire her concern for the other Nakano sisters’ well-being.

6. Maria Campbell Learned To Stand Up For What’s Right (My Next Life As A Villainess)

The original protagonist of the Fortune Lover otome game, Maria Campbell quickly became a close friend of Katarina Claes. As a result of the introduction of Katarina, Maria has grown in confidence and self-assuredness in the original plot. However, she remains a nice and caring person.

If Izuku and Maria were to meet, he would be charmed by her warmth and will to succeed despite the odds. He would see himself in her, and he would be proud of her for her heroic actions in saving Keith Claes.

7. Princess Yona Learned How To Fight Back (Yona Of The Dawn)


Soo-won, Yona’s childhood friend, turned on the king and killed him, forcing Yona and her bodyguard Hak to flee for their lives. It didn’t take Yona long to adapt to a harsher way of life and amass enough allies to regain the kingdom.

The bravery and kindness of Yona’s character would leave a lasting impact on Izuku, who would be happy to join Yona’s group as a hero. Izuku is sure to fall in love with her as more than just a squad leader soon because she has the heart of a hero and a leader.

8. Asuna Yuuki Helped Kirito Survive Aincrad (Sword Art Online)

While Asuna Yuuki would be a terrific teammate for Izuku in the fight against evil, she may also be a potential love interest for him. It wasn’t long until Asuna came to Kirito’s aid again in the Alicization plot arc when he needed her most.

Izuku’s ideal mate would be someone like Asuna, who is intelligent, loyal, brave, endearing, kind, and dedicated to the cause of justice and peace. The only way Izuku would survive in Aincrad is if Asuna was there with him.

9. Princess Shuna Is Sweet But Strong, Too (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Princess Shuna (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

One of Rimuru’s monsters, Princess Shuna, and her brother Benimaru are devoted to Rimuru’s noble goal of saving humanity. Shuna isn’t a fan of fighting, but she and a small group raided Clayman’s castle and she’s not afraid to use holy magic to annihilate her foes.

Shuna has the courage of a hero, yet she prefers to spend her time in Rimuru’s city doing things like arranging tea parties and picking out new dresses for her friend Rimuru. Izuku would like to begin a relationship with Shuna because of her sweetness and compassion, and he would like Benimaru’s consent to do so.

10. Diane Is A Gentle Giant (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Diane is a giant from Megadozer and a member of Meliodas’ Seven Deadly Sins group. Diane, on the other hand, is not a fan of battle or the pursuit of honor among giants. When it comes to fighting, she isn’t a total non-confrontationalist. Friends and lovers are more important to Diane than anything else.

Izuku believes the same way, and he and Diane would get along great if they ever met up in the flesh. Izuku would be drawn to Diane because of her nice demeanor, and if King wasn’t around, he’d definitely wind up with Diane as well. She’s a cross between Ochaco and Mt. Lady.