10 Best Anime Like Quanzhi Fashi That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Quanzhi Fashi

In a Chinese anime, Quanzhi Fashi, also known as Full-Time Magister or The Versatile Mage, is one of our favorite and most OP protagonists. The King’s Avatar and Donghua are two of our “gateway” series for many people, especially those who started viewing donghua in 2016 and 2017.

The story revolves around a prodigy who was forced to hide his true abilities and live a low-key existence due to the monsters’ invasion, all because of his humble upbringing. It’s time for him to shine above the rest, but it’s not going to be easy, and he’ll have to make a number of sacrifices in the process.

Mo Fan is one of the most over-the-top characters in Chinese anime, and while I’m not a huge fan of the series’ animation quality, I admire the concept and always craved for more. If you’re a fan of Quanzhi Fashi and other Chinese anime, I’ve compiled a list of recommendations for you.

10 Chinese Anime like Quanzhi Fashi (Full-Time Magister)

1. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens

All of Xiao Yan’s previous adulation had been replaced by curses, shame, and humiliation, after he lost his cultivation one day. A path of self-improvement and self-discovery like that of Mo Fan’s is what Xiao Yan is about to go on, just like what happened to Mo Fan. I’d read the novel that served as inspiration for the donghua, and it’s a good one so far, so I was optimistic about this adaptation.

2. Spirit Sword Sovereign

When he was betrayed, Ling Jian Zun reverted to his younger self, which made him one of the story’s worst characters. He had been stripped of his authority and responsibilities, but he is determined to reclaim them, along with the promise of retribution.

3. The Daily Life of the Immortal King

The Daily Life of the Immortal King

This story of vengeance will be put on hold for a moment while we discuss The Daily Life of the Immortal King and Wang Ling’s efforts to maintain a low-key high school life, similar to what Mo Fan did to avoid being seen by jealous peers. Both formidable MCs, however, eventually reveal their actual potential.

4. The King’s Avatar

As soon as Ye Xiu was expelled out of his squad, he wasted no time in returning to the professional ranks, with a brand new team and a slew of thrilling online gaming cliches to bring back his glory to the world of online gaming. Furthermore, The King’s Avatar and Full-Time Magister were both launched around the same time, thus they’re often referenced together.

5. Stellar Transformations

Stellar Transformations

In the words of the great Chinese scholar, One of the three princes’ youngest, Qin Yu had been shunned his entire life since he could not cultivate his skills, which led to him being dependent on outside forces, which many other cultivators found strange. Because of this, he rose from being the underdog to the hero of his country by defeating other powerful cultivators and then embarking on a journey to become the famous immortal he was born to be.

6. Swallowed Star

In this case, Tunshi Xingkong The OP character in this Chinese anime reminds me quite a bit of Quanzhi Fashi because both MCs were born into impoverished families. As a result of their strength and cultivating abilities, they will be able to develop a name and reputation. Swallowed Star’s MC must safeguard his family and his crippled younger brother, while Mo Fan must protect his small adoptive sister. My two younger siblings are also in wheelchairs.

7. Martial Universe

Martial Universe

Donghua based on a novel by the same author as Battle Through the Heavens: Wu Dong Qian Kun When Lin Dong’s father is defeated in a match and loses his cultivation, Lin Dong sets out to reclaim his father’s honor and the Lin family’s reputation. The MC of Martial Universe is Lin Dong. Harem, revenge, and 3D action are all present in this 3D donghua.

8. A Will Eternal

The apprehensive about death MC Many people overlooked Bai Xiaochun until he rose to prominence as a result of his unusual abilities, which were initially thought to be the result of pure luck. However, even though Bai Xiaochu has grown into a prominent person in the cultivation community, he still exhibited the amusing antics of a man who, despite his increased strength, was terrified of death.

9. Thousand Autumns

Thousand Autumns

His shidi deceived him, and as a result, he was harmed and was on the verge of losing his cultivation, which led to his elevation to the position of sect chief. Yan Wushi, the King of Evil Sects, intervened and spared him from certain death. To reclaim his old status and recover what had been taken from him, he had to re-learn how to live in the outside world, and this included the admiration he felt for Yan Wushi.

10. Tales of Demons and Gods

Yaoshenji | Tales of Demons and Gods used the same idea as Spirit Sword Sovereign. As an alternative, we had an OP MC who was kind of like God, but he had some setbacks and had to figure out how to save the people he cared about and get back to where he was when he was at his most powerful.