Demon Slayer-10 Main Characters & Their Dragon Ball Equivalents Update 07/2024

dragon slayer anime characters

There are many similarities between the popular animes Demon Slayer and Dragon Ball. This is the case to the point where we can find character equivalents between the two!

This is one of those anime series that was a hit from the very beginning and is now enjoying a resurgence in its once-dwindling popularity. Although it only premiered in the middle of 2019, this anime has already won over a large number of viewers’ hearts. It’s safe to suppose that, like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer will be one of those anime that everyone knows and loves.

Many of the Demon Slayer characters, such as Tanjiro, Inosuke, and the others, are reminiscent to Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) characters. So much so that almost every Dragon Ball character has a DBZ counterpart.

10. Tanjiro – Goku

Tanjiro - Goku

Both Goku and Tanjiro have a lot in common, and it’s not just because they’re both anime heroes. The similarities between the two are undeniable. The awkwardness that accompanies Tanjiro’s fighting prowess makes us wonder how he’s still alive, just like Goku. To grow stronger and protect those they care about, the two protagonists are unrelenting in their training. Also, they’re exceedingly selfless and willing to put themselves in harm’s way for others.

9. Murata – Krillin

Murata, despite his lack of martial prowess and intelligence, is one of the most courageous and selfless characters in the series. Even after his entire group was killed out by the spider demons, he continued to fight atop Natagumo Mountain. Despite his trepidation, he managed to keep the demons at bay until rescue arrived. Despite his unfortunate past, Murata retains a positive outlook that reminds us a lot of Krillin’s. It doesn’t matter how hazardous things get for his friend, he will always turn up for a fight and stand by his friend’s side.

8. Inosuke – Vegeta

Inosuke - Vegeta

This was the most obvious choice for a matchup. Inosuke and Vegeta resemble one other so strikingly that they could almost be mistaken for one another. Initially, both of these characters emerged as foes of our protagonist’s. But they stayed around and revealed that they weren’t such horrible men after all after being generously saved by the said hero.

The two characters are experienced grouchy types who have a hard time following directions and like to do things their own way. Not for the fame, but because they have a hard time working as part of a larger group of people. Finally, what do they have in common? They’re so adorable that we can’t help but fall for them!

7. Genya Shinazugawa – Buu

Genya Shinazugawa - Buu

Genya’s personality is incredibly multifaceted. To him, defeating someone who was stronger than him was an act of humiliation, and he made it a point not to beg for assistance. The more time he spent with Tanjiro and his companions on a mission, the less angry and antagonistic he became toward them, albeit they were still not friends. This character’s growth mirrors Buu’s, albeit in the opposite direction. Despite her outward appearance, Genya has the potential to be a decent guy at heart.

6. Nezuko – Gohan

Nezuko - Gohan

Nezuko, like Gohan, is a female version of a youngster. Growing up, he was an introverted loner who had no interest in fighting or martial arts, and he never asked to be thrust into combat. Nezuko, like Gohan, was thrust into a predicament she had no choice but to deal with. Despite his tender years, Gohan was forced to fight Cell and bear the burden of being the only one who could defeat him. Nezuko, on the other hand, was just a little girl when she was transformed into a demon and forced to bear the weight of this load. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

5. Hotaru Haganezuka – Master Roshi

Hotaru Haganezuka - Master Roshi

Both of these characters are exceptionally gifted and possess a wealth of information and experience to impart to the story’s more impressionable cast members. Even though one is an accomplished swordsman and the other is a martial arts master, neither can be taken seriously due to their over-the-top reactions and generally stupid attitudes.

They could be excellent role models and mentors if they weren’t so erratic and unpredictable.

4. Zenitsu – Yamcha

Zenitsu - Yamcha

One of the most notable similarities between Zenitsu and Yamcha is their persistent desire for beautiful women. The characters in this show are perpetually in love and having their hearts crushed, therefore it’s safe to assume that none of them will ever have a stable relationship. To the point where they frequently run away from their buddies and delegate most of the labor to them, they are both exceedingly awkward and prone to getting afraid. Neither, though, is without hope. There are times when they can be extremely beneficial and powerful, but it is more often than not the result of chance than a deliberate application of their power. In spite of the fact that they’re both complete and utter neanderthals, they add a much-needed dose of humor to the show.

3. Kagaya Ubuyashiki – God

Kagaya Ubuyashiki - God

At first, it was difficult to figure out who Ubuyashiki’s Dragon Ball counterpart would be, but then Piccolo sprang to mind. Not Piccolo the villain, but Piccolo the God from the original Dragon Ball series. Unlike Ubuyashiki, God, like the majority of Nameks, is a stoic and contemplative individual.

Despite their aloof demeanor, the two characters are a constant source of wisdom and inspiration. Because they rarely engage in physical combat, it’s easy to lose sight of just how formidable they actually are.

2. Kibutsuji – Frieza

Kibutsuji - Frieza

Only Frieza could have been the Dragon Ball equal of Kibutsuji. When it comes to picking new recruits, the two of them share the same obsession for beautiful looks and, unsurprisingly, both have terrible judgment. Betrayed or dissatisfied, they decided to take matters into their own hands after their henchmen let them down. In the end, you’ll have to do the work yourself if you’re choosy. It’s also worth noting that they’re both hard to dislike no matter how many evils they commit. In addition to being evil and powerful, these two are extremely intelligent, making them much more dangerous.

1. Giyu Tomioka – Trunks

Giyu Tomioka - Trunksdragon slayer anime characters

Giyu Tomioka is one of the Pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps and is undeniably a very gifted swordsman, much like Trunks. Both characters have a quiet personality, yet they harbor a rage that drives them to go above and beyond to perfect their art and protect humans from the threats working to destroy them. They are both stronger than they first appear and always seem to find themselves exactly where the action is. Thankfully for them, they are strong enough to turn any battle around.