10 Best Anime Girl With Wild Hair That You Need Watching Update 02/2024

Anime Girl With Wild Hair

Even by anime standards, these hairdos are the most outlandish of all time.

Disobedience to reality is the essence of anime’s enchantment. Regardless of genre, everything is conceivable at this time inShonen anime or even other anime genres. It’s because of this that the very first character you see is instantly recognisable to the audience, and this can be due to a variety of facial traits. Anime characters are often defined by their hair.

Everything about a character’s hair tells us something about their development, and a change in hairstyle is usually a sign that they’ve done so. So, you can bet that the wilder the hair, the more distinct and prominent the character is in a certain anime, and here are some of the most wildest and most peculiar anime hairstyles ever: :



In Detective Conan, the majority of the characters are drawn in a simple but distinct style. With all the bright criminal geniuses shown in the show, it strives to be semi-realistic. But there is a noticeable difference in one character’s haircut.

Ran Mori, the daughter of famed detective Kogoro Mori, is the subject of our discussion. What. Isn’t. That. True? A Looney Tunes-style lump on her head has grown out of her hair. Alternatively, she may have applied a considerable amount of gel to only one area of her hair. Ran’s hair is the most unsolved crime in Detective Conan’s two-decade career; it’s a fashion crime.



They are both situated in a fictitious Germany, which explains why they have tame hairstyles. It was only when Envy arrived that we realized we had no idea what he was going for. No, they’re not dreadlocks. In the event that the spider on his head was accidently transmuted, what is the most likely scenario?

In the absence of someone to braid it for him, perhaps he used pomade to separate the hair into sections instead.

Even in an anime universe where everyone has European hair, he’s a villain and doesn’t have to follow any laws.



Even Kakarot isn’t the only character in the Dragonball franchise with wacky hairstyles. The Saiyans, on the other hand, take the prize for making their hairdos relevant in the modern world. The more upright and lengthy the Saiyan is, the more strong it is.

It’s even better, when their powers rise, they get blond and scream even louder. Goku is without a doubt responsible for a large portion of the 1990s youth population bleaching and gelling their hair blond.



To see why Team Rocket is a terrible thieving team, look no further than Jessie from Pokemon. Clearly, she spends more time on her hair than she does planning for the few Pokemon heists she leads. She probably spends at least half a day in front of a wind tunnel to create that smooth look because of the amount of hold her hair has.

There are many other Pokemon characters who’ve had their hair get more and more… evolved, for lack of a better phrase, over the years. Jessie keeps her Poke balls in the hair.



There aren’t a lot of horror animes out there, and Shiki is one of the best. However, half of the characters in the anime, Shiki, have hairstyles that appear like they’ve been slain and resurrected.

There are many examples like Ritsuko’s hair, which is crafted of green origami by a 5-year-old kid… or so it appears to be. Ritsuko’s seaweed hair may have died as a result of her efforts to help others stricken by theShikithough.



InBleach, you may believe Kenpachi is a coolShinigami captain, but he is, in fact, a sea-urchin who has learnt to wield a Zanpakuto (Shinigami weapon)… or maybe not! It’s possible that his Zanpakuto-wielding self may be to blame for his unusual hairdo, but there is no better explanation for it.

Also, take a look at his hairline, which is equally as weird as his hairdo and persona.

If Vegeta from Dragonball had this widow’s peak, he would appear like a child.



The Internet’s edge is clearly visible. It’s still My Chemical Romance on repeat in the background, as Yami and his pipsqueak alter ego exchange emo lines with his Dark Magician card through their telepathic communication.

To keep that hair, a lot of monster cards were sacrificed to the Nether Realm. Look at his heirs in the future Yu-Gi-Oh generations; they’re much more aggressive.

Even though he appears to have swallowed a dragonfruit, he has actually become the dragonfruit.



You’re not looking at a reworked version of the He-Man cartoon. The character in question is Ragyou Kiryuin fromKill la Kill, and she’s not the first genderless figure to appear in anime. The rainbow is deceptive since Ragyou is a terrible dictator and the main enemy of the story.

Her appearance and behavior are that of a tall, high-class woman who enjoys flaunting her wealth, even though she is a villain. Also, she’s arrogant, conceited, and self-obsessed—basically, she’s Nyan Cat, but worse. It’s all there in the rainbow.



Franky’s appearance in One Piece is riddled with flaws. In order to save time, we’re only going to focus on his hair, which is fundamentally unstable and will take us a long time to explain, like One Piece. There are many worthy characters in One Piece, but Franky stands out because his hair can be whatever he desires. Samson is out.

Unlike Goku, Franky’s hair is linked to his powers, but the type of hairdo and hair power he will receive depending on the type of booze he consumes.



As far as we’re concerned, there’s no way to classify this as a single hairstyle or hairdo. Saitama, on the other hand, is a model for diverging from the usual crazy-hair anime protagonist. The sheer audacity of this lunatic is enough to pique the interest of even God himself.

In order to express hisShonen development and power, Saitama doesn’t need hair— he is power. It’s not like a true badass has time to do anything with his hair; he’s too busy defeating his opponents to even give it a second thought.