10 Best Russian Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Russian Anime Characters

The universe of anime is large, with a diverse cast of characters. It’s not uncommon to encounter characters from outside of Japan, despite the show’s regular setting of Japan. Characters from Russia have made a huge impact in the anime industry, just like American characters.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten most memorable Russian characters to appear in anime to far. Some well-known characters will be included, making for an intriguing list. Some of them made it to the top 10, so here are some of them.

10) Zhores Barsoukova (Absolute Obedience) 

Zhores Barsoukova (Absolute Obedience) 

In Absolute Obedience, a Russian spy known as Zhores (AKA the Ice Queen) is on the case. Because of his reputation as a cold-blooded spy, he has been given the nickname “The Iceman.” He is a KGB agent, and one of his primary responsibilities is gathering and relaying information back to the Soviet Union. Reiner Muller is enraged by Zhores’ theft of crucial information from him. Zhores uses seduction to entice his prey to spill private information.

9) Simon Brezhnev (Durarara) 

Simon is a member of the Durarara Dollars. Together with an old buddy, Denis, he owns a Russian Sushi restaurant. While this may seem like an ordinary shopkeeper, it’s not. When it comes to a fistfight, he is commonly considered to be Ikebukuro’s strongest man. Because of his enormous stature, he frequently sticks out in a crowd. His intimidating demeanor conceals his true nature as an advocate for peace who works tirelessly to prevent conflict and persuade others to coexist peacefully.

8) Klara (Girls und Panzer der Film) 

Klara (Girls und Panzer der Film) 

Girls und Panzer features a number of supporting characters, one of whom is Klara. She had recently transferred from Pravda Girls High School, where she had previously been a student. She was raised in the city of Novosibirsk, a city in Russia. She has a high level of Sensha-do proficiency and was soon accepted into Katyusha’s team. She is the tank’s commander and gunner, and she excels at analyzing the movement patterns of the opposition. The straight blonde hair and light blue eyes she has make her a standout among the other girls. This woman is often considered to be one of the most level-headed people in the group. She has a high level of responsibility and always completes her tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

7) Anastasia (Cinderella Girls) 

Cinderella Girls’ Anastasia is half-Russian. She was born in Russia, where she spent the first ten years of her life, allowing her to speak fluent Russian. She enjoys stargazing because of her interest in astronomy. On her mother’s side, she is Japanese, and after arriving in Japan, she decided to settle in Hokkaido. In casual conversation, she goes by the moniker “Anya” and uses Russian slang.

6) Sergei Smirnov (Gundam 00) 

Sergei Smirnov (Gundam 00) 

Gundam 00 character Sergei Smirnov is a Russian military officer who serves as a commanding officer. The Human Reform League and the Chobu Squadron were both under his command. He was elevated to the position of commander of the Earth Sphere Federation Army following the establishment of the Earth Sphere Federation. When he was 25 years old, he fought in the 4th Solar Wars and gained the nickname “Wild Bear of Russia.” When it comes to obeying commands, he is incredibly disciplined and does not question them. As someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, he isn’t one to believe in anything until he sees it for himself. He is an experienced firefighter and a master tactician, attributes that let him consistently outperform his opponents on the battlefield.

5) Blanca (Banana Fish) 

Sergei Varishikov is the real name of the assassin known as Blanca. He is a ruthless assassin who will do any act of violence for money. When Yut-Lung hired him to assassinate Eiji Okumura, we learned how adept he was as a killer. His demeanor is icy and solemn for the most part. When he was a child, he had no idea what love was because he was so focused on his work. After completing his undergraduate studies at Moscow University at the age of 18, he enlisted in the Russian military.

4) Victor Nikiforov (Yuri on Ice) 

Victor Nikiforov (Yuri on Ice) 

The fourth place on this ranking goes to Yuri on Ice’s Russian skater. He’s a skater, a coach, and a choreographer in addition to all that. Yuri Katsuki’s fiance is also a character in the series. After winning five World Championships in a row, he became an expert at the sport. By the time he was sixteen, he had a slew of championships under his belt. Yakov Feltsman, his figure skating coach in Saint Petersburg, Russia, taught him.

3) Balalaika (Black Lagoon) 

In the Black Lagoon series, Balalaika is a Russian Lord. However, Sofiya Pavlovena, her real identity, was exposed as Balalaika’s alias. She had a difficult upbringing because she was deprived of the affection and guidance of her father. Early on, she served as a Russian soldier and participated in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Her distinctive burn markings on her face, which she suffered while serving in Afghanistan, are instantly recognizable. For her, long-range warfare was preferable because of her outstanding sniping skills. She enjoys relaxing with a cigar when she’s not on the battlefield, annihilating her foes.

2) Lev (Haikyuu) 

Lev (Haikyuu) 

In the popular sports anime, Haikyuu, Lev is a gigantic volleyball player for Nekoma High School. He used to tower over his opponents’ spikes as a middle blocker for his squad. Because of his height, he was a natural middle blocker who could also hit hard spikes over the net. He rapidly became close friends with Hinata because of his upbeat demeanor. Shots can be directed via his peculiar whip-like spike. Despite his lack of prior volleyball knowledge, he quickly picked up the game and established himself as a key player of his squad.

1) Robin (One Piece)

In this ranking, the most handsome member of the Straw Hat Pirates receives the top honors. She’s an archaeologist with a voracious appetite for information. The destruction of her home town as a child left her with a tough life, but she persevered despite the hardships for many years. She had eaten the Hana Hana no Mi as a child, which had given her the ability to make body parts out of any material. Having her on Luffy’s side proved to be a wise investment. Only she is capable of deciphering Poneglyphs, making her unique among the characters.