20 Best Pudgy Anime Girl That You Need Watching Update 03/2024

Pudgy Anime Girl

Anime characters come in many shapes and sizes, too.

Today, I’m going to focus on those that resemble a circle.

The inclusion of some larger figures is a positive thing since my obese friends deserve to be represented. This is a group of characters who are often amusing, interesting, and well-developed anime characters with a great deal of depth.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite overweight anime characters, ranked from best to most lovable.

20. Majin Buu

Majin Buu

An Animated Series: Dragon Ball Z

The best Buu is a fat one.

Yes, he may be stronger when he’s all ripped up and slender. But he’s also a bit of a jerk, so it’s not all bad.

He was pals with Hercules, and how can you beat that? To make matters worse, he can convert you into chocolate or another tasty confection and then devour your flesh.

Certainly, Buu is capable of destroying worlds and pursuing you in the hereafter to wipe you off. My son Good Buu, on the other hand, wanted to fight him in order to protect Hercule, even though he was aware of the danger.

When it comes to protecting your identity, memes are your best defense.

19. Akira Takaoka

Akira Takaoka

Assassination Classroom is a Japanese anime series.

Even if you didn’t see the show, you’re probably still perplexed.

However, I believe that writing a well-developed antagonist is equally as striking as writing a well-developed protagonist. There are a couple baddies on this list because of that.

However, oh my gosh. I’ve never dreaded an anime character as much as Takaoka has frightened me. The man is Satan’s reincarnation.

This guy is extremely vicious despite his lack of physical strength; he’s shown to be easily outmatched in the ring.

Shivers ran down my spine when I saw a picture of him with his old team. Because I despise him so much, I must give credit to the authors.

18. Charmy Pappitson

Charmy Pappitson

Black Clover is an anime.

She may be a contentious choice because her weight fluctuates and varies more frequently than the timeline of Monogatari, but my position is that anyone who can eat 10 times their own weight in food should be here.

Thank you for the kind words Charmy. You can’t help but fall in love with every scene in which she appears.

Charmy, from her desire to eat the wind’s spirit to her low-key status as the show’s most powerful character, is a marvel.

It’s true that she’s stuck in the “eating is everything” rut, but it makes sense in this context and isn’t obnoxious.

17. Shigekiyo Yangu

Is Diamond Unbreakable in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Shigeci is certainly an unusual candidate.

It’s even more difficult to categorize him because he doesn’t fit into any of the two categories I previously mentioned: fan favorite or the bad guy, duh.

Shigeci’s demeanor consists of a mixture of irritation and amusement. Laughter comes to my lips because of his amazing money-related thinking.

Those of you who were around during the 5 million yen catastrophe will understand. There is also his duel with Kira, which I had no idea about. However, it’s not the Polpo banana’s suicide that’s drawing attention here.

16. Pig God

Pig God

This is a one-punch movie:

When it comes to obese characters in anime, Pig God is the most plain.

In a single day, he consumes enough food to feed 100 people. Even your favorite anime characters, like Goku and Luffy, don’t eat that much all the time!

If you’re looking for something to laugh at, go no further than this guy. Then you find out he’s an S-class hero with incredible abilities.

In order to get about, he basically eats monsters to death and can walk right through walls. I don’t know if he’s a joke or the next evolutionary stage in human development.

15. Tonpa

It’s an anime series called “Hunter x Hunter.”

I love Tonpa because he’s such a scumbag. If you love trolling people, how much dedication do you need to put into taking the Hunter exam 34 times?

Shush, it’s okay if it’s a little more than trolling. After all, “The Rookie Crusher” attempts to live up to his name.

In addition, the man is a superb manipulator who knows exactly how to get Leorio to burst his fuse.

Leorio, admittedly, is a bit of a loose cannon. He is written in such a convincingly repulsive manner that you can’t help but feel sorry for him.

His superiority to Milluki, the second nominee for this list, cannot be overstated.

14. King Kai

King Kai

An Animated Series: Dragon Ball Z

King Kai on his munchkin world is where I want to be buried when I die.

This guy embodies all that is funny about dads. He won’t train you until you can make him laugh, and he does so by telling you some of his own bad jokes.

You’ll have to catch his monkey Bubbles and whack his butler cricket with a hammer as part of your on-the-job training.

When it comes to depicting charming huge oafs, Dragon Ball Z offers the best representation. Mr. Popo, Yajirobe, and the Ox-King are the best of the best in this field.

13. Yumehara Chiyo

This is a story about the tragic life of Saiki K.

Okay, I may have pulled a Charmy again. Chiyo, on the other hand, flies from 0 to 100 in a flash.

There have already been two instances of her being described as “a vibrant girl bursting at the seams.” For now, we don’t know what the future holds.

However, the girl is a big fan of her munchies.

This is the craziest and most motivating workout I’ve ever seen from her the first time around.

Over time, it could lead to a sense of inferiority. But hey, she got what she wanted in the end. We don’t talk about fat Nendou, either.

12. Arita Haruyuki

Arita Haruyuki

Accel World: Anime

Haru goes through the typical fat kid success tale in Accel World.

In order to cope with the incessant bullying he experiences, Haru flees into the virtual world. Haru is now a flying piggy thanks to the story’s isekai trap card.

A new love interest who appreciates him for who he is as a person helps him become more at ease with his physical appearance. The rest is, as they say, history.

It’s a heartwarming tale that’s more about romance than action, in my opinion.

As a result, we have a king who is both short and overweight.

11. Yoshinobu Kubota

Japanese animation: Sakamoto desu ga? As if I haven’t told you. I’m Sakamoto)

Every character, including Kubota, is dwarfed by Sakamoto. Though that’s understandable.

He does, however, have a compelling story to tell. Kubota goes to Sakamoto for help because he is being bullied and he thinks Sakamoto will just beat the bullies up.

Kubota, on the other hand, finds up working at a fast-food restaurant to learn about the value of money and discover his own self-worth.

The fact that Kubota is a character who isn’t like the rest of the anime cast makes him interesting to me.

10. Kohta Hirano

Kohta Hirano

Manga: The High School of the Dead

According to the “overweight character” cliché, Kohta fits the bill.

Because of his inability to flee quickly or use hand-to-hand combat, he is often the target of bullies at school, and he has an obsession with something specific.

Kohta, on the other hand, is obsessed with guns. Yes, he is a fervent supporter of firearms.

His concerns are ostensibly solved; no one bullies him, and because his weapon is long-range it doesn’t require him to worry about his cardiovascular endurance.

He’s also prone to a bout of hysteria. So it’s all guns blazing to get the job done, then.

9. Reiji Andou

Prison Anime School

You’re a better person than I am if you can stare at Andou and not either flee or burst into laughter.

Irresponsible design decisions include a ridiculously small face and overly lengthy earlobes.

Not punishing him is the worst pain he can fathom for him as a masochist. Particularly if Meiko is the one wielding the whip.

Even Andou, the walking mountain, will be manipulated in this way in the future. However, he shares the voice actor with Jonathan Joestar, so you may make your own mind up about it.

8. Ozeki Shinya

Ozeki Shinya

.Anime: Hinomaru Sumo

In Hinomaru Sumo, overweight characters are seen as the norm rather than a joke.

Ozeki Shinya, the captain of the sumo club, is my personal favorite character. He’s a good guy for a number of reasons.

As a starting point, a large number of the other prominent characters are just ridiculously ripped. Second, he appears to be the most down-to-earth of the three.

Sumo is a lifelong passion for the man.

However, even though he is not the most powerful, his endurance allows him the opportunity to use it in his favor. You must rely solely on the use of your intellect to succeed.

7. Tamako Inada

An Animated Series: Silver Spoon

A conventional high school comedy is offered to us in Silver Spoon, but everything revolves around farming and the countryside.

He rapidly discovers that everyone is better than he.

In the cast we have Tamako, the dairy queen and accountant extraordinaire, who is both lovable and endearing. In order to take over the family farm, Tamako must learn everything there is to know about running a farm, including the ins and outs of managing finances.

Tamako is, to put it mildly, imposing in stature. She has the option of losing weight, but instead of doing so, she prefers to conserve her resources.

I’m guessing she’s looking for total mastery of all aspects of life. However, I believe that this decision is body positive. Don’t worry about what other people think, just focus on the money.

6. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Tales of Xenosaga

In the Blue Pegasus guild, Ichiya is the only ace and the captain of Trimens.

As far as I’m concerned, he is nothing more than a one-joke character. But he’s one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met.

Warlord “parfum” never ceases to amuse me. When it comes to combat, he resembles Yuga Aoyama’s divorced father, with his wacky personality, dazzling presence, and cowardice.

Because Erza was his honey, there must be certain attributes that we don’t know about him.

5. Choji Akimichi

Naruto Shippuden is a popular anime series.

When it comes to being obese, Choji is the best of the best. OG stands for Original Gourmet, of course.

Aside from the naked lady, Choji used his weight and chakra to transform into an unstoppable wrecking ball.

As a result, avoid referring to him as obese. Because if you don’t, you’ll get a visit from the Ino-Shiko-Cho.

When it comes to Shikamaru, he is an extremely devoted buddy. And despite the fact that he doesn’t always look like a shinobi, he is an excellent one who is willing to put up his life for his family.

4. Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach

An Animated Series: One Piece

Blackbeard is the only one.

An all-powerful pirate with a shattered jaw and a shroud of evil around him, Blackbeard is one of the most dominant characters in the world of One Piece right now.

In the same way that Luff does, he places his faith in the hand of fate. And he is the only one who can possess two demon fruits at the same time.

Depending on the situation, his personality can exhibit both idiocy and genius, steadfast courage and fear.

For sure, he’s going to be a formidable last adversary for our characters, thanks to his ever-expanding team and bounty.

3. Fat Gum

: Boku no Hero Academia is an anime series

Fat is a word that appears in his name. Is there anything better?

As a leader and a just officer, Fat Gum is the epitome of a good cop.

Having Sun Eater, Red Riot and Fat Gum in the same room is a recipe for fun.

At first glance, he appears to have a somewhat underwhelming quirk. Rappa, on the other hand, is sure to tell you differently.

In a fascinating twist, he becomes the ultimate weapon and shield at the same time. Just imagine how many eyes would be on the perfect weapon.

2. Takeo Gouda

Takeo Gouda

Love Story in Anime

I’m not even sure if Takeo falls within the “overweight” category. But he’s an absolute unit, so I’m going to include him.

My Love Story is one of the happiest anime you’ll ever watch.

You can’t help but root for Takeo because he is such a clean and sweet character. It is more important to me that he succeeds than it is for me.

He’s also a big part of the show’s joke reel because he’s so stupid.

Takeo is a devoted friend who is willing to sacrifice his own happiness in order to make his buddies happy. Everybody should aim to be even tenths of Takeo’s caliber. What a character.

1. Itaru Hashida

Itaru Hashida

the Steins; Gate Anime

The master hacker. Daru, a member of the Future Gadget Lab’s initial team, is also known as Daru.

And let’s face it, Itaru is the one who is pulling the greatest weight, aside from Kurisu Daru. Both literally and figuratively.

Despite the fact that Daru appears disinterested and lethargic, when he decides to take action, it’s done. This man will not take his eyes off the prize before he’s done.

A glimpse into his life as an adult and father is also shown, and he is truly an inspiration.

In spite of his kind demeanor and caring nature, he has the smart sense to hit our crazed scientist when he goes over the edge. If you’re looking for the best chunky anime characters, go no further.