20 Best Black Skinned Anime Girl With Afro Update 05/2024

Black Skinned Anime Girl With Afro

Anime and video games are generally dominated by characters with pale skin tones. Black characters in anime are a rarity.

Because of this, it’s not uncommon for a series to contain an all-black female anime character who’s either incredibly strong or gorgeous.

Regardless, it’s great to see black female characters in anime. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best black female anime characters below.

1. Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash

Miyuki Ayukawa - Basquash

Miyuki Ayukawa is both attractive and intelligent. As a child, this black girl had a crush on Dan, a childhood buddy. She’s one of those endearing anime characters.

Her eyes are the nicest part about her. Oh my gosh! It’s awe-inspiring to see the hue violet contrasted with black skin. Look at Miyuki! She’s both lovely and well-built!

Most black female anime characters, at least.

In the anime, a dark-skinned female character repairing the Big Foot robots for the pilots does a good job. However, even though Miyuki isn’t a pilot, she is an important member of the crew.

2. Sister Krone – The Promised Neverland

Sister Krone - The Promised Neverland

A villainous anime character is one that exploits the vulnerable for their own ends. That’s exactly how Sister Krone is.

She plays the role of a loving and caring person in order to influence others.

Krone has a powerful build and an aggressive demeanor. She attempted to seize control of the orphanage by arranging for Isabella’s death. Sister Krone, on the other hand, dies.

3. Atsuko Jackson – Michiko to Hatchin

Atsuko Jackson - Michiko to Hatchin

When it comes to black anime characters with Afro hair, Atsuko Jackson is one of the best. At the orphanage, she grew up alongside Michiko Milandro.

She’s now on a mission to bring Michiko to justice.

These two anime characters’ relationship is a bit tangled. She couldn’t bring herself to arrest her for some reason.

It’s also worth noting that Atsuko goes off the rails whenever Michiko calls her Jambo.

4. Michiko Milandro – Michiko to Hatchin

Michiko Milandro - Michiko to Hatchin

As a result of Michiko Malandro’s untamed nature, she also possesses a fiery temperament. She is a tall, gorgeous, and beautiful woman who enjoys showing off her assets. To get by, Michiko uses her “assets” in the slums of Brazil, where life may be brutal.

She has a warm and gentle disposition, despite her rage and abrasiveness.

Although she likes to display her intransigence, she gives off the impression that she’s pretending and hiding who she truly is on the inside by acting tough.

5. Mira Naigus – Soul Eater

Sid Barrett’s girlfriend, Mira Naigus, appears in the Soul Eater anime. She’s a teacher, and she’s a pretty enthusiastic one. Beautiful dreadlocks, blue eyes, and an incredible figure make Mira a stunning woman.

She has a cynical and chilly demeanor, despite her charming smile and passionate inclination toward her kids.

Because of her position, Mira is expected to be an excellent manager and leader.

6. Casca – Berserk

Casca – Berserk

There are few women in the world capable of wielding a sword with the skill and dexterity of Casca. In spite of this, she is an excellent manager.

Her friends never questioned her judgment or strategy in the battlefield.

That armored physique, however, hides a person who longs to be recognized as both a warrior and as an actual lady. Casca’s hair is cut into a pixie style. She has an exquisite face, but her brooding brows detract from it.

7. Choi Mochimazzi – Tamako Market

Short bob with lengthy locks in front holding some sort of charm is what this adorable little girl is sporting.

Japanese shopkeeper Choi Mochimazzi wears traditional clothing and goes barefoot at Tamako Market.

Eyes that are deep magenta are her outstanding attribute. They remind me of precious stones glistening in the moonlight.

When it comes to repaying debts, she’s always polite and tries her best. Kind yet withdrawn when she’s skeptical of a person, she’s a good person.

8. Coffee – Cowboy Bebop

Coffee - Cowboy Bebop

Coffee is a bounty hunter who is very good at her job. At 5’10”, she has an extremely thin and toned frame. Coffee’s hair is afro-textured and its eyes are the customary brown.

She prefers to use a grenade launcher when she goes bounty hunting. As a lady, Coffee remains elegant and graceful despite her risky vocation.

Among the many anime characters with afro hair is this one.

9. Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach

Yoruichi is the son of a noble family and can transform into a cat. Princess Shihoin of the Shihoin clan is her title.

Even though she is a member of the aristocracy, she is not snobbish and prefers to be referred to by her first name. A black anime character with an all-encompassing personality like hers can be hard to come by.

If Yoruichi wants to play pranks on Ichigo, he can transform into a cat and return to human form in front of him. Despite her carefree disposition, she can be sassy and formidable when it comes time to face down her foes.

In addition to her hair color and eye color, this ex-Shinigami/Slash Princess has hazel eyes. She’s petite, slim, and agile in the ring.

10. Canary Hunter – Hunter X Hunter

Canary Hunter - Hunter X Hunter

At the tip of her hair, Canary’s thick locks are gathered into a bouffant. This girl has a wide face, a little nose, and gray eyes.

Canary, the butler, is dressed appropriately for the position.

She’s a merciless bodyguard, despite the fact that she’s just a teenager. Canary will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of those she cares about. She is, nevertheless, open to deviating from the norm if necessary.

11. Ymir – Attack On Titan

When it comes to Jaw Titans, Ymir is widely regarded as one of the smartest. Compared to other Titans, she’s the tiniest in her pure form.

She has brown hair in a ponytail and golden eyes in her human form.

She was revered as a deity before joining the Scouts. After being betrayed by another, Ymir no longer cares about anyone but herself.

Only Christa/Historia matters to her.

12. Heles – Dragon Ball Z (God Of Destruction)

Heles - Dragon Ball Z (God Of Destruction)

By the standards of her universe, Heles is a stunning woman. With her Egyptian-inspired wardrobe, she resembles a cross between Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

Heles, the Goddess of Destruction, disdains the council of elders’ ruthlessness in destroying eight universes.

Compared to other gods, she’s a lot more kind.

13. S.A.M. – Cannon Busters

In the anime Cannon Busters, Sam is an android and extremely intelligent as a robot. Light blond, nearly white hair and blue eyes with the potential to turn red characterize her appearance.

Wearing a white leotard with gold accents, S.A.M stands out.

It is possible for Sam to change into a weapon of destruction because he is a dark-skinned robot. Friendly and persistent, she is a joy to be around.

Sam would sacrifice her own life for the sake of Prince Kelby and the individuals who mean the most to her.

14. Karui – Naruto Shippuden

Karui - Naruto Shippuden

Karui is a fiery competitor with a lot to say. Her character can be impetuous at times, enabling her feelings to overcome her rationality.

Her hair is long and reddish-orange with spiky ends. It’s as though she has amber eyes, the color of a sultry summer night sky.

She is always seen with a long sword and a pair of gold earring. She’s an Afro Samurai, I suppose.

15. April – Darker Than Black

When dealing with November 11 and July in Darker than Black, April is an important player. With sad golden yellow eyes, she has light blue hair.

April’s go-to winter ensemble includes knee-high boots and a fur-lined coat with hood and sleeves.

The act of imbibing in alcoholic beverages is one of her vices. Her past is a mystery, yet she is an accomplished agent.

16. Hilda – Eureka seven

Hilda - Eureka seven

She’s a pilot and has a crush on another pilot. Whether or not these anime characters were married is a matter of conjecture.

As a mother figure to Eureka’s children, the dark-skinned female pilot is quite calm and pleasant. When she’s not flying planes, she’s working as the manager of an auto parts business.

17. Mila Rose – Bleach

Arrancar Mila Rose is a character in the Bleach animated series. Brown long curly hair and green eyes complement her large breasts.

Despite her sadistic nature, Mila maintains a cool and collected appearance. She cares a lot about the people around her, even though she doesn’t show it very often.

18. Hiryute Sisters – Danmachi

Hiryute Sisters - Danmachi

Known as “Tione” and “Tiona,” these two anime characters are master swashbucklers. There is a distinct difference between Tione’s long hair and her brown eyes.

Anime characters in this series tend to wear provocative outfits and roam around without shoes. Tione and Tiona are identical twins, but their personalities are vastly different.

19. Hild – Ho My Goddess

Hild is a Demon with immense strength, greater even than the combined might of the three goddesses. Urd owes his existence to her.

In addition to her hair being white, she also has violet eyes. Hild has gold rings on her wrists, fingers, ankles, and fingertips. These bands limit her abilities.

20. Umiko Ahagon – New Game

Umiko Ahagon - New Game

A severe coder, Umiko Ahagon has a reputation for being difficult to work with. She is a huge fan of airsoft and has a number of different sets.

It’s hard to tell from the anime, but this character is kind despite her nasty exterior. It’s not uncommon for this dark-skinned girl to talk a lot about her favorite pastime when she’s comfortable with other people.

Do you think these women are attractive? Isn’t it true that most of the black female anime characters are tough as nails?

These black ladies certainly are, and they exude self-assuredness while showcasing their rich cultural heritage.