11 Things The One Piece Is The Best Anime That You Should Know Update 06/2024

One Piece Is The Best Anime

The One Piece anime does a number of things better than the manga. The following are a few excellent examples.

One Piece hasn’t slowed down since it initially started serializing in 1997. Anime and manga series One Piece has become one of the most popular in the world. Storylines are the driving force for success in this film.

This shows that a great tale can stand the test of time, as demonstrated by Oda. Both the manga and the anime have been a huge success. For many individuals, anime offers a superior viewing experience to manga, and this preference is well-founded.

Suzail Ahmad’s January 1, 2022 update: The Wano nation arc of One Piece anime is nearing its conclusion, and the anime adaptation has done the manga credit. In a variety of ways, anime displaced manga as the primary source of entertainment.

The anime vs manga argument is once again dominated by it. A argument without proof, on the other hand, is pointless. Since the anime is better than the manga, we’ve chosen to add even more entries explaining why.

1. Different Filters For Different Themes

Different Filters For Different Themes

The use of various filters is one of the numerous ways in which anime has progressed. Fan excitement has reached new heights because to the new type of filter in Wano Country, as seen above. As a result of this, the studio has been able to create a much more immersive experience for the audience, which has been quite successful.

Traditional graphics have a hard time competing with the action and characters that come to life with a better visual display on screen.

2. Soundtracks Make Things More Interesting

There are no additional sound effects when reading a manga; all that’s required is that you flip the pages. Music and other sound effects add to the enjoyment of the anime by making it come alive. As a result, music and sound effects have a significant impact on how viewers perceive a given scene.

In One Piece, some of the opening soundtracks are enough to make the audience swoon. There you have it: yet another area where the anime has a commanding lead over the manga.

3. More Fun While Re-watching

More Fun While Re-watching

It is not enough for many fans to read or watch a book or a film just once. After a while of scrolling through pages, it can become tedious for some fans to read through the material again and again. However, watching anime is always a great time. It’s better to watch the anime than to read the manga, even if you’re only a casual fan.

4. Incites More Emotions

The backstories in One Piece are some of the most heartbreaking I’ve ever read. Almost all of the Straw Hats have been traumatized at some point in their lives. One of the most critical components of a successful television show is the ability to elicit strong emotional responses from viewers.

Emotional engagement in the anime is once again superior to that in the manga. Anime and anime movies are better at evoking strong feelings in viewers than a single manga chapter.

5. Better Suited For Action Seekers

Better Suited For Action Seekers

Oda is a talented manga artist, and his work is reflected in the manga he creates. The main focus of One Piece is the plot and the growth of the characters. When compared to Naruto, Dragon Ball, and the like, there is less action.

The animation, on the other hand, compensates for the lack of action. The animation in One Piece has gotten better and better over the years, and this is no exception. Insatiable appetites for high-speed action have been and will continue to be satisfied by anime.

6. Easier To Understand Than Manga

Everything about the paneling in One Piece chapters is perfect. To ensure that each chapter is enjoyable for the readers, Oda and his team put a lot of work into it. However, readers often miss important details or are unable to grasp a complex topic because of this.

One Piece is a lengthy work that requires the reader to keep track of a lot of information. Anime can be quite beneficial in resolving a specific issue, such as a misunderstanding. It covers a wide range of topics, including Ryou, the abilities of devil fruit, and several types of living organisms. Kenbunshoku Haki is demonstrated in the anime through the use of sound effects and other visual cues.

7. Engages The Audience

Engages The Audience

The One Piece manga series has a history of enthralling its audience. Reading the manga isn’t enough for some individuals. Due to a variety of factors, the animation excels in this episode as well.

The animation is a major factor. Throughout the years, Toei Animation has worked tirelessly to improve the popularity of One Piece. Almost 900 episodes have been created by the company, which is a remarkable achievement in and of itself

8. Voice Acting

Manga might be tedious for some people. Some individuals are satisfied with the artwork that Oda produces on a weekly basis, but it isn’t enough for others. They aren’t easily swayed by simple visual stimulation.

The voice actors for One Piece are some of the best in the business, and have built a reputation for themselves. The anime is brought to life thanks to their tireless efforts. The anime has an advantage over the manga because of the superior quality of the voice acting.

9. Longer Fights Than The Manga

Longer Fights Than The Manga

Oda’s storytelling abilities are unsurpassed. Oda has crafted a diverse cast of characters for his expansive universe. Oda makes use of every tool at his disposal to help the audience grasp the story’s more complex ideas.

The battle scenes in the show aren’t very long because the emphasis is on the narrative. As a result of Oda’s preference for brevity, battle fans are left unsatisfied. Even though there aren’t many fights, throughout the Wano arc there are several extended battles, including Kaido vs. Oden and Roger vs. Whitebeard, which help make up for the dearth of actual clashes.

10. Only Place To Watch Fillers

As a lengthy anime series, One Piece has its fair share of fillers, and no long-running anime series is complete without them. Fillers are despised by many viewers, but for others, they provide a welcome respite from the often-overwhelming drama. One Piece is well-known for its comedic elements, and many of the anime fillers maintain that standard.

There are many wonderful characters in the G-8 arc, and it’s a fan favorite. No one would object if this arc were to be made official because it is so beloved by fans. In order to watch filler content in the One Piece manga, you’ll have to watch the anime.

11. Amazing Movies

Amazing Movies

The adventure genre has been characterized by One Piece in the shonen genre. In the last decade, One Piece has produced some of the best anime films. One Piece: Stampede, the most recent release, was the most recent film. Toei Animation did an outstanding job with the movie and it turned out to be an incredible success.

Movies are more interesting to watch when they feature interesting plots and new characters. Characters who have been absent from the action for an extended period of time get some screen time in the movies. So the movies take care of Oda’s lack of attentiveness to every character.