10 Best Overweight Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Overweight Anime Characters

As humans, we come in all shapes and sizes, and anime characters are no exception. The majority of anime characters are young, attractive, and physically fit.

In all seriousness, the introduction of these cute overweight anime characters can sometimes swing the tide.

It’s possible for these characters to be witty, amusing, and entertaining, as well as truly fully-developed anime personalities.

Do you want to discover which fat anime characters are the best? No, even the heaviest anime characters

You’ve come to the right site if you’ve ever wondered what happens when an anime has an overweight character.

1. Hanako ohtani in PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION

Hanako Ohtani

Hanako is an anime character who embodies and personifies the stereotype of a chubby female lead (girl).

She’s a hilarious anime character that’s overweight to the point of inflating, and she’ll fight anyone who gets in her way of her next meal.

In spite of the fact that she is depicted as a chubby anime character, she is haughty and pompous, which is kind of fun in a weird sense.

2. Milluki Zoldyck in HUNTER X HUNTER

Male Asian overweight anime character Zoldyck is an otaku and an inventor. Zoldyck is a typical Asian anime character.

Because he is a homebody with a self-centered outlook and a tendency toward irrationality, he is difficult to work with. This guy could be Ohtani’s half-brother.

3. Haruyuki Arita in ACCEL WORLD

Arita Haruyuki

When given the option, he transforms into a fantastic “silver crow,” a slender android-looking avatar. He is one of the awesome principal fat anime characters in the anime universe.

In spite of this, he is frequently teased for being overweight and has become a social outcast who spends most of his time playing video games.

He’s a great character because of his caring way of living.

4. Kouta Hirano from HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD

As shown, Kouta appears to be your typical chubby anime character.

That he has spectacles and is obese is just the cherry on top. Despite his love for girls, a gun otaku who is tormented at school for his size, he is ignored by everyone.

He stands out from the rest of the overweight anime characters since he is based on a real person who shares his name.

In doing so, it makes Kouta a more believable character and earns him the sympathy of other large Asian overweight anime characters.

5. Witch of the waste in HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE

Witch of the Waste

Aside from being cruel and wicked, the witch of the waste symbolizes evil.

In spite of being an overweight anime character, she uses magic to make herself appear younger and more beautiful than ever before.

She is a major antagonist in the film not because she is large, but rather because she has a strong desire to be beautiful.

Despite her many sins, she is still awe-inspiring in certain ways.

6. Porco Rosso in PORCO ROSSO

When it comes to overweight anime characters, Porco Rosso is a standout.

Because he is essentially a pig, he’s a lot heavier than he appears. In spite of the fact that he wasn’t always this way, his new look and form suit him much more than when he was an actual person.

As a chubby pigman, he better understands and connects with the rest of us.

This overweight anime character, in spite of his outward look, never gave up on the idea of finding love.

7. Takeo Gouda from MY LOVE STORY

Takeo Gouda

Takeo isn’t an obese anime character, but rather a muscular and robust one.

Even though he’s obese or has a lot of muscle, he still scares people because of his size.

Despite the fact that he is a fat Asian anime character, he is the embodiment of a mild giant with a loving heart and complete selflessness; he got lucky, he manages to find a woman who sees and knows him for who he truly is, just fantastic!.

8. Josuke Udono in BASILISK; the Kouga ninja scrolls.

Josuke, like Takeo, is a slightly overweight Asian anime character who is frequently misinterpreted because of his size.

He has a good heart, but his imposing appearance, frequent scarring, and intimidating demeanor scare off most women.

With the ability to flex and elasticity like a rubber deflecting weapon used against him, Josuke’s rejections from ladies appear to be more difficult to deflect than Takeo’s.

9. Chouza and Chouji in NARUTO

Chouza and Chouji

In the world of anime, the Chouza father-son combination is one of the coolest obese couples.

Father and son are both trained fighters, and despite the mockery chouji received because of his size, he and his father learnt to embrace their stature and turn it into a powerful style of fighting..

Because of their unique combat style, they’ve grown in size and strength, making them dangerous foes.

10.  Kosaku Tokita from PAPRIKA

This character, Kosaku, is a heartthrob attractive overweight Asian anime character in the anime universe.

Although he has the appearance of a large child, he hides a brilliant mind beneath the kind and innocent face.

He invented a cutting-edge device that enables people to fly into the realm of their own wildest fantasies.

As well as being knowledgeable in technology, he also has an insatiable taste for food.

Instead of being a fat anime character, Josuke is able to get the attention of a beautiful woman who falls in love with him.

11. Itaru Hashida in STEINS; GATE

Itaru Hashida

When it comes to cosplaying, Itaru is a typical overweight anime character.

He is a computer programmer like Kosaku, who is very knowledgeable about computers.

Hashida is fascinated by digital women and a tad narcissistic.

For the simple reason that he isn’t like most other obese characters, Itaru is a simple everyday guy who is madly in love with computers and digital gals, making him a great fat anime character.

12. Tamako Inada from SILVER SPOON

Tamako is a well-known anime heroine that is both cute and obese, yet the tale doesn’t focus much on her size.

As a character in the animeverse, she has a great personality and is embraced by her friends without question or criticism, which is exactly as it should be.


It’s amazing to see these characters appear in an anime series.

As long as the character matches the storyline, no one will mind seeing an anime with a chubby character. They are just as likeable as the thin, gorgeous ones.

Cosplaying several of these characters is a blast.