Top 10 Anime Characters Who Make Up For Their Weaknesses Update 05/2024

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Seeing beloved anime characters overcome their flaws in unexpected ways may add an extra layer of intrigue to a show.

When their favorite characters come up with creative solutions to get out of difficult situations, anime fans are delighted. Despite the fact that many characters are recognized for their basic strengths, such as superpowers or intelligence, it’s always fun when an unexpected trait shows up at the proper time.

Even the finest anime characters have some unfair flaws, but witnessing them overcome these flaws in novel ways may make a series even more exciting. In some cases, characters discover new powers when they are placed in stressful situations, while others find tools that work best for them.

1. My Hero Academia’s Mineta — His Small Size Gives Him A Leg-Up When It Comes To Movement

Minoru Mineta

One of My Hero Academia’s Class 1-A heroes, Minoru Mineta, is the tiniest. His size, despite having no connection to his hero quirk, is an asset when he must come up with inventive ways to defend himself against his enemies…

Because of his diminutive stature, Mineta has the mobility to fling himself from his bouncy balls and to conceal himself when necessary. As a result, he has more alternatives when launching his grape attacks because he is small enough to be flung large distances.

2. Hunter X Hunter’s Gon — His Fishing Rod Helps Him Make Up For His Lack Of Physical Strength

By the end of Hunter X Hunter, the power of Nen had altered Gon Freeccs’ skills beyond his comprehension, but before that, he had to rely on his fishing pole.

Gon was a strong character at the outset of Hunter X Hunter, but his fishing pole saved his life on several occasions. In his childhood, Gon spent a lot of time fishing with his fishing pole on Whale Island. As his strength dwindled during the Hunter Exam and Heavens Arena arcs, he learned to make creative use of it to keep himself going.

3. Attack On Titan’s Armin — His Observational Skills Help Create Life-Saving Battle Plans

Armin Arlet - Attack on Titan

Armin Arlet from Attack on Titan has come out on the other side of many close calls. Having the ability to notice something that others don’t is why Armin has survived for so long. Armin, unlike other characters like Mikasa and Levi, possesses a unique attentive and analytical perspective that has saved the 104th Cadet Corps from certain death.

Armin had a good handle on controlling others based on his instincts at the end of the third season of Attack on Titan.

His Blind Courage Forges Friendships With People Stronger Than Him in 7 Tokyo Revenger’s Takemichi

4. Tokyo Revenger’s Takemichi — His Blind Courage Forges Friendships With People Stronger Than Him

As a result, the bravery he shows when he takes a risk is much more striking. He has pals who are better at fighting than he is, despite the fact that he has difficulty beating those who are bigger or scarier than he is.

He wouldn’t have gotten Mikey and Draken’s attention if it weren’t for his brief spurt of confidence. In the course of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi has made a number of trustworthy friends and contacts who in turn have earned him the respect of his fellow gang members.

5. Food War’s Megumi — Her Hospitality Makes Up For The Confidence She Lacks In Her Cooking

Megumi Tadokoro - Food War's

As a result, Megumi Tadoko was on the verge of being expelled from the Totsuki Culinary Institute for Food War. After meeting Soma Yukihira, she learned to cook based on her own abilities rather than comparing herself to her peers.

When Megumi was at the bottom of her class, she rose to 10th in the Elite Ten and won first place in the competition for the BLUE championships. Just by perfecting her hospitality and cooking with the highest love and care for her customers, she was able to attain this success.

6. Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu — His Incomparable Strength Only Awakens When He Is Sleeping

One of Demon Slayer’s most popular characters is Zenitsu Agatsuma even though he is unable to help himself 90% of the time. When awake, he steers clear of conflict of any kind. In spite of his status as a low-level Demon Slayer, he avoids combat and runs away wailing and screams whenever faced with a challenge. When Zenitsu nods off, his inner might awakens.

It’s while he’s asleep that Zenitsu makes up for his lack of bravery when awake. To be fair, Zenitsu’s strength is at least on a par with that of Tanjiro’s. However, Zenitsu has not yet realized that this potential even exists inside him.

7. Assassination Classroom’s Nagisa — His Bloodlust Allows Him To Hide From His Rivals In Plain Sight

Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

His first appearance as Nagisa is merely a disguise to hide his true identity from the audience. However, despite his innocent appearance, Nagisa is capable of immobilizing his opponents with his bloodlust.

However, despite his lack of physical strength, Nagisa learnt how to read people’s emotions and conduct. Using this information, he might better plan his attacks. It is his appearance and lack of physical strength that often misleads his adversaries into believing that he is significantly less powerful than he is.

8. Fire Force’s Hinawa — His Ability To Kinetically Manipulate Bullets Allows Him To Fight From Greater Distances

A second-generation pyrokinetic, Takehisa Hinawa is a member of the Fire Force Company and frequently battles with third- and fourth-generation pyrokinetics. Although he lacks in firepower, he makes up for it with his ability to learn new things.

Hinawa has shown that even a minor fire can have a big influence on the environment. Using Hinawa’s powers, he can speed up, slow down, or even swerve projectiles in different directions. When Hinawa wishes to attack from a distance or remain unseen, this skill comes in handy.

9. Akame Ga Kill’s Sheele — Her Giant Pair Of Scissors Helps Her Harness Her Power & Agility When Fighting Her Enemies

Akame Ga Kill - Sheele

The Night Raid’s Akame Ga Kill’s Sheele may be a skilled assassin, but he’s also an annoyingly inept person. When it comes to fighting her foes, she keeps her concentration and skill up, yet she falters when it comes to doing the little things.

When she has Extase—her huge pair of scissors—in her hands, Sheele becomes a master of quiet. The weapon is large and cumbersome, so quick responses are required.

10. Konosuba’s Aqua — She Is The Only Adventurer Among Her Party That Can Purify The Undead

Goddess Konosuba, forced to descend into the realm of mortals, is known as Aqua (Konosuba). As her magical powers changed, she tried to adapt. As a result, I experienced numerous low points and also discovered some previously hidden strengths.

Each adventurer in Konosuba is given a special ability that they can use to their advantage. In Aqua’s instance, she is a mystical priestess who can purify the undead, among other things. She may use her abilities against foes who are impervious to a single slash from a sword or blast from an explosive.