10 Best Nonchalant Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Nonchalant Anime Characters

What are the characteristics of an anime character who appears to have a sense of calm?

In my opinion, here is what I have to say:

It’s nearly impossible to arouse their wrath or rage (within reason).

Using them in high-stress circumstances is a smart idea.

Being in their presence is calming and reassuring.

Always laid back.

In general, they’re a pleasant and easygoing bunch.

Even the most laid-back anime characters are capable of strategic thinking and strong leadership.

The following is a list of notable male and female characters based on those definitions.

1. Tami Nishimikado (Hanayamata)

Tami Nishimikado (Hanayamata)

Tami’s company is like relaxing by the seaside at night. She’s quiet, cool, relaxed, and the polar opposite of aggressive. “

Tami’s calm demeanor remains unfazed even when others are being unpleasant or harsh.

With her inherent charm and ability to resolve issues, she’s a character that’s easy for people to like.

2. Archer (Fate Stay Night)

Byakuya Kuchiki and Archer have a lot in common, however Archer is a lot more chatty and expressive.

It doesn’t matter how severe or direct he is when expressing his thoughts, he never holds anything back.

Then again, Archer never loses his calm even in the most terrible of circumstances. Despite the difficulties he faces, he never loses sight of what needs to be done.

3. Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z)


There isn’t much that can get Piccolo’s blood boiling, and that’s because he is naturally introverted (make him angry).

Piccolo maintains a calm demeanor even in the face of adversity, even if the circumstance is horrible.

And he’s a really laid-back guy in general.

4. Kanna Makino (Tamako Market)

Kanna Makino is one of the more “easy-going” characters in anime because she is unfazed by many things.

Because of her laid-back demeanor, she’s a pleasure to be around.

Like when Kanna Makino lifted the spirits of her buddy Midori when she was in need of emotional support. A cheerful outlook and a calm response to Midori’s difficulties.

5. Ririko Oribe (Sakura Quest)

Ririko Oribe (Sakura Quest)

Ririko Oribe is reserved, yet not timid. When it comes to interacting and communicating, she has no issues at all.

She’s also surprisingly smart (because she reads a lot).

Ririko is a very laid-back person, and it takes a lot for her to get agitated in any scenario.

6. Soma Yukihira (Food Wars)

Soma Yukihira epitomizes self-assurance without being conceited or brash.

When someone attacks him, he doesn’t lose his cool or yell and scream. Instead, he responds with optimism and a good frame of mind.

I can’t stand Soma for that very reason. Because he’s so laid back, his disposition tends to spread to others.

Turning your foes into your closest allies.

7. Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

Sousuke Sagara is a tough act to follow. Because of his military history, he’s the quiet but serious sort who’s a little on edge and on guard.

But no matter what or who he’s dealing with, he never loses his cool. Being the one that doesn’t get stressed out or worried about the tiniest of issues.

8. Katsuragi Keima (The World God Only Knows)

Katsuragi’s only interests are gaming and playing dating simulations. Aside from his own tiny universe, he approaches everything with an analytical mindset.

And he’s too laid-back most of the time to get worked up over the little things.

9. Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Osamu is, without a doubt, the most bizarre character in this collection.

As though he’s despondent or on the verge of breaking, he has a bizarre fascination with suicide.

It’s tough to destroy his spirit because he almost takes nothing seriously (meaning he’s laid back).

Osamu doesn’t have the temperament to deal with that.

10. Nozaki Umetarou (Nozaki Kun)

There is a mangaka in Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun called Nozaki.

He’s one of the tallest anime characters (for a school series) and he’s not the kind to freak out about little things like traffic jams.

Not even for a critical or urgent deadline he has to meet for his Manga.