10 Best Anime Like Gate That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Gate

When it comes to Isekai shows, Gate stands out from the crowd. Reincarnation is not an option for our protagonist, an otaku, who does not die. There are no powerful wizards summoning him, thus he isn’t overpowered in any way.

When we reflect about 2015, we can’t help but think of Gate. By having one of its most endearing characters taken to another world, Gate may not be the first to develop this trope. Even still, the uniqueness and intrigue of that tale set them apart from the competition. We disagree with some who claim that this is just another isekai anime in which a character is sent into an alternate universe.

JSDF officer Youji Itami, a Japanese otaku on his way to the Ginza doujin conference, observes something peculiar. Unexpectedly, in the midst of Tokyo, a huge gate has arisen through which knights in shining armor are pouring from another realm! In order to prevent the rest of the JSDF from stopping this invasion, Youji acts quickly and saves as many lives as possible.

Once again, Youji leads a special reconnaissance squad as part of a task force sent into the unknown three months after the attack The Special Region was the designation given to this new region. As part of their goal, they hope to learn more about what they’re dealing with and try to build a relationship with the locals so that they don’t participate in a war.

GATE is one of the rare anime series that manages to tell a compelling story with just one episode. Fans around the world fell in love with Youji’s path to becoming the conqueror of an unfamiliar area thanks to the support of diverse people.

10. Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company

Shinichi Kanou is an anime, manga, and video game aficionado who lives alone. He was kidnapped and sent to a planet distant from his homeworld after applying for a job one day in the hopes of escaping his lonely existence. Upon arriving in the Eldant Empire, Shinichi is sent by the Japanese government to serve as a “Otaku Missionary” in order to propagate otaku culture throughout the land.

Myucel and Petralka, Shinichi’s trusted lieutenants, are fully behind him. Otaku culture will thrive in this sacred land if they work together to conquer all challenges!

If anyone is an anime and manga role model, it’s Shinichi Kanou. His father was a light novelist, while his mother was a “eroge” artist, or sexual game artist. Shinichi, on the other hand, has no interests except from being an expert in everything there is to know about moe incarnate, from its history to how it is done today!

Youji and Shinichi, two anime nerds, find themselves in fantastical settings. It’s clear that they have a shared interest in their hobby. Because of the amount of time they devote to it, they are also passionate about it, both as an otaku and as a member of the otaku community. It was just a matter of time until tensions erupted after the group arrived at their new home.

9. Kado: The Right Answer

As a government official and a brilliant negotiator with a spotless reputation, Koujirou Shindou is the protagonist of Kado: The Right Answer. As he prepared to embark on a work trip, he maintained a level head. Still, when the enormous cube appeared out of nowhere, he and everyone else were taken aback. After their plane approached the enigmatic indestructible structure in mid-air, Koujiro knew this would be unlike anything they had ever encountered before (Cool head).

The sudden appearance of a cube has baffled Japanese authorities. What will happen if it falls into the hands of a third party? They aren’t sure. In order to negotiate with humans, an extraterrestrial being with strange abilities approaches Shindou and asks for his assistance.

Yaha-Kui zaShunina is a man from the Novo universe who has come to Shindou’s planet to exchange information. When he arrives, he does not appear to be hostile, but rather claims that he is here to “progress” humanity, beginning with Japan.

8. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

After the most recent update, more than 30,000 Japanese gamers have been sucked into the realm of Elder Tale and are unable to check out. They include Shiroe, who immediately sets out to explore his new existence as a seasoned MMORPG player.

Online role-playing game Elder Tale has long had a special place in Shiroe’s heart as a refuge for the shy player. When he becomes locked in-game, he discovers that all of his buddies are trapped in a new planet they’d never heard of! In the beginning, Shiroe is only interested in having fun, but he soon learns that there is much more at stake. As Shiroe sets out on his trip across the region of Elder Tales, he will face many obstacles. Getting along with NPCs, meeting other players, and maintaining order are all things he must do. A formidable assassin, Akatsuki, is Shiroe’s right-hand man as they set off on their journey to discover the mythical world.

In both Gate and Log Horizon, two parallel universes collide. Gate is a science fiction series that follows Youji and Shiroe as they travel from Log Horizon to another world where they must learn a new set of rules and politics. It’s difficult for them because of cultural differences and a lack of understanding of society, but once they learn more about this fantasy world, things begin to improve.

7. No Game No Life

Until recently, Lank was the world’s most powerful internet gamer. After receiving an email from an unknown sender, he’s now in a new dimension of existence: Tet’s! A location where players compete for real money, and where losing too often might lead to the death or even mental illness of their characters.

Sora and Shiro are greeted at Disboard by an enigmatic divinity. In today’s environment, no matter how big or small the dispute, it is resolved through high-stakes games rather than by resorting to violence. They’ve finally come up with a plausible cause to keep playing in this strange place where mankind has been reduced to child’s play: the basic rule that each party must wager something they believe equally value as what is wagered on their behalf. To overcome Tet by bringing together all sixteen of Disboard’s races.

As a result of the likes of GATE and No Game No Life, a number of characters have been transported to alternate realities where they can put their skills to good use. With no technology on either side of the fight, they find themselves in an extremely difficult situation. There isn’t much difference between the two societies save for the fact that magic is used more strongly than science in both. To avoid the embarrassment of watching a film based on this series without knowing what’s going on, make sure you read the books first!

6. KonoSuba

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (2016)

Kazuma Satou, a high school loner who died in an amusing and sad accident on his way back after buying a video game, finds himself in front of Aqua, a gorgeous but irritating goddess. You can either go to paradise or reincarnate in every gamer’s dream, a fantasy world that exists! As soon as Kazuma decides to start afresh, he’s given the duty of destroying an evil demon king. For years, he has terrorized communities with no help from heroes. Aqua is the company that our hero choose to work with on this new journey because it is a reputable company that is willing to assist him in his mission.

A new world full of imagination is unexpectedly thrust upon Youji and Kazuma, two otakus in their own right. KonoSuba is the funniest thing ever when it’s painted in neon hues. Despite the more serious tone of GATE, the two animes will not disappoint you in any capacity!

5. Re: Zero

Subaru Natsuki, a socially awkward shut-in/otaku from Earth, is unexpectedly transported away to another realm after purchasing dinner in Re: Zero, one of numerous clichés. Following his rescue and rescue of Satella, who was seeking for her lost insignia, Subaru lends his assistance selflessly and does not ask for anything in return. Even yet, they are mercilessly slaughtered as soon as they find it. When Subaru first opens his eyes, he sees the identical scenario from earlier that day where Satella saved his life. “What’s going on?” he wonders aloud.

There is a lot in similarity between Subaru and Youji. They’re all introverts, but they’re all fantastic. In their spare time, they enjoy watching anime/manga, etc. It’s still a matter of time before Subaru discovers that although Youji is caught in red tape, his world may be improved upon.

4. World Trigger

World Trigger

Earth is invaded by Neighbors after a dimensional break. Since their debut, these animals have posed a serious threat because they are impenetrable to conventional weapons. There has been no clear win for either side in ten years of battling against them, therefore the Border Defense Agency was formed with Triggers as weapons.

The game begins with a doorway that lets in a slew of strange foes. Neighbors, as the government refers to these monsters, are distinct from humans since they are unaffected by modern-day weapons like firearms. Following Japan’s invasion by these alien “neighbors,” the Japanese government has been on a mission to devise new defenses. Trigger is one of the weapons they discovered.

There is a Border Defense Agency set up by the government, and its mission is to prepare triggers to fight back against the neighboring countries. These triggers, on the other hand, can only be used within the headquarters. When Osamu Mikumo, a new student, was bullied by his classmates for being unusual, he was suddenly targeted by his neighbors. Trigger-wielding neighbors are defeated by Osamu Mikumo. So it’s at this point that my friend Yuuma Kuga comes clean about his neighborly status as well as his trigger powers. Do you have any idea what’s going on here?

In all cases, a portal opens, releasing an army of previously unseen foes. It’s a common theme in both of these stories: young men who are forced to face with life’s challenges, whether it’s fighting for their nation or being students at an exclusive school where they can learn and train alongside the best minds in the world. Even though World Trigger tries to promote itself more as a high-school anime than anything else, both series are set in martial societies, which brings us to another similarity: both programs are set in militaristic societies.

3. Overlord

The popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil is nearing its conclusion. Though his servers are nearing their end, a strong wizard and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga, chooses to spend his final minutes in the game. He was shocked to discover that the game had continued and that the NPCs had become intelligent. These NPCs have now pledged their fealty to him as the supreme being.

Momonga sends his devoted followers to investigate and seize control of this strange new planet in the hopes that they will discover what’s caused it to change so drastically.

The two otakus Momonga and Youji are both devoted to anime. In a parallel universe, they are both tacticians. Momonga, on the other hand, is a skilled gamer, while Youji is a trained soldier.

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2. Drifters


Toyohisa Shimazu would never forget the Battle of Sekigahara. As the last line of defense for his men, he fought valiantly and with a heavy heart to guarantee their safe retreat. Fights against considerably better-equipped foes who appeared undeterred by any injuries they received had proven a challenge. This was a huge conflict at the time. A sudden rush into an unfamiliar hallway that looks like something straight out of Blade Runner’s opening scene makes things much more difficult for him. Toyohisa is dragged through the next door and into a world unlike his own when confronted with only a stoic guy named Murasaki and hundreds of doors on either side.

All kinds of odd monsters and fighters from different times can be found in the unusual world. He swiftly makes friends with Nobunaga Oda and Yoichi Suketaka Nasu after being summoned to battle against the Ends responsible for building the Orte Empire in order to eliminate Drifters like them.

1. Sword Art Online

In 2022, virtual reality has advanced at an incredible rate. Sword Art Online’s “NerveGear” technology allows players to control their avatars entirely using mental commands (SAO). In this new online role-playing game that provides extreme sensory immersion, people are slaughtered shockingly.

It’s a medieval world when Kazuto Kirigaya first logs in, full of incredible weaponry and horrifying beasts. However, he is greeted by an even greater surprise than the digital world itself: 10,000 other people who have also just logged on! They are all being held hostage by the game’s inventor until they complete one hundred levels and win their release back into the real world.

Playing the game of life is a fun experience. To the players of Sword Art Online, dying in the virtual world is as real as it is in the real world. Asuna Yuuki, Kirito’s love interest, has been on her own mission for years since she first entered Aincrad just after Kirito came into it himself until he finally caught up with her again before they had their child together, which would grow up without him or his mother being present due to both of them dying at one point from various different reasons but having given birth beforehand, which meant that he and Asuna would be unable to raise their child together.