Top 10 Geeky & Nerdy Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Geeky & Nerdy Anime Characters

As the saying goes, “art imitates life.”

Of course, I’m making a joke about anime culture, but there’s some truth to it. This just goes to show that humans may be personified through the characters in anime. It’s nice to see regular individuals with regular schedules and regular pastimes.

When it comes to their other interests, why would they opt for anything else?

After all, they’re the most enjoyable pastimes.

10. Yutaka Itazu

Yutaka Itazu

Eden of the East, Anime

Another hacker-turned-programmer has joined the ranks.

The Japanese authorities once dreaded Yutaka Itazu because of his remarkable abilities.

Before the “pants” saga, that is. I won’t ruin it for you, since the show is simply too fantastic to ruin. But he became a laughing stock as a result.

Yutaka is a typical, almost stereotypical, nerd.

One of his favorite pastimes is reading manga, as well as playing computer games.

Don’t call him “Pants,” though. You’ll discover why.

9. Ken Kubo

Ken Kubo

Japanese animation called Otaku no Video

No list of anime nerds would be complete without a narrative centered on the creation of the famed Gainax animation business, wouldn’t it??

To be honest, I could have chosen any character from this anime to feature. To avoid drawing attention to anyone’s nerdy inclinations, I’ve chosen Ken Kubo, the protagonist of the film, who is an intentionally uninteresting figure. I believe so, at least!

The program is a treasure trove of pop culture references, many of which were created by Gainax themselves.

On your voyage through it, you’ll meet many likeable nerds like Ken.

8. Sora and Shiro

Sora and Shiro

To Anime Is To Live:

Another gaming power couple (although they are not a real couple because they are step-siblings! ), this time from Australia.

Both Sora and Shiro exemplify what it means to be addicted to video games.

From playing dozens of games a day when they first met, to developing new techniques to conquer the most recent titles at rapid speeds, the two are as near to geniuses when it comes to playing games as you’ll find.

As a result of their egregious abilities, they’ve become nearly legendary in the online gaming community, inspiring legends and rumors in their wake.

For video games, it’s hard to get more nerdy than that!

7. Tatsunosuke Sakonji

Tatsunosuke Sakonji

KochiKame is a Japanese animated series.

A lot of the time, you don’t know who the actual geeks are until you find out how much of an otaku they really are.

Step out into the open. As a police officer, Tatsunosuke Sakonji gets more screen time than his love for manga and video games!

I know a lot of you reading this are familiar with underpants-wearing game sessions, but you won’t see any uniformed action here.

6. Kazuyoshi Usui

Kazuyoshi Usui

Sket Dance, an anime

So “one with computers” is this character, even his voice synthesizer speaks for him.

He progressively got more nerdy as the years went by, and his obsessions only grew stronger.

Kazuyoshi grew to appreciate anime as a result of his self-imposed exile after he took responsibility for a series of sad occurrences. I’m not a fan of the term, either.

His near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the anime series featured in the show is frequently played for laughs because of his depth and breadth of understanding. Nevertheless, it reveals exactly how committed he is to being an anime fan.

5. Izumi Sena

 Izumi Sena

Anime: Stage Love!!

We’ve got geek behavior on numerous fronts, so brace yourselves!

Yes, Izumi Sena (not the other Izumi Sena from a completely other anime, in case you were confused) is an aspiring mangaka who enjoys reading whatever novel he can get his hands on, in addition to operating his own high school otaku club.

In my opinion, he’s “aspiring” to be a mangaka; he’s getting closer by the day.

While Izumi may not be salivating over posters of his favorite anime character, there are several lengthy instances in which he comes close.

4. Mikoto Mikoshiba

Mikoto Mikoshiba

Cartoon: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Anime

As far as wooing girls goes, Mikoto had a lot going for him already.

Half of the boys are enamored with him because he’s so attractive and personable!

Unfortunately, that’s all simply a ruse to mask the real situation. In real life, Mikoto is a bashful young man. Also, despite his attractiveness, he felt the need to go someplace and practice charming ladies.

On his entry point, he opted for dating games and figurines.

Given his stated goal of meeting actual women, I can’t think of two things worse he could have done.

Mikoto became a straight-A otaku as a result of her infatuation with the two characters. That certainly wasn’t a good way to get things going.

3. Keima Katsurugi

Keima Katsurugi

Anime: God Only Knows What the Future Holds

There is no comparison between Mikoto and Katsurigi when it comes to their interest in dating simulations.

He’s a lord above them all.

For one thing, to earn the moniker “The God of Conquest,” you better have some fairly spectacular abilities.

Because of this, I would classify him as an anime geek, even if he doesn’t limit himself to dating simulation games alone, as he once locked himself up for three days to play video games.

2. Umaru Doma

Umaru Doma

Himouto! is an anime series. Omaru-chan

With her great grades, lively social life and impressive but down-to-earth demeanor, you wouldn’t expect Umaru to be an ardent otaku based on her appearance alone.

Nonetheless, this is just her outdoor mode,

She keeps her otaku side under wraps till she’s indoors.

Then what? She’s the exact polar opposite of what the public expects.

Gamer who prefers viewing anime and reading manga over playing video games and eating junk food.

Her brother is the only one who has to deal with her in her indoor mode, so you have to feel sorry for him.

1. Kae Serinuma

Kae Serinuma

Anime: Please Kiss Him, Not Me!

This is the geek that other nerds aspire to be like.

It’s no surprise that Kae Serinuma is our number one pick.

Even the most dedicated geek will feel out of their depth when they see her collection of body pillows, manga volumes, and anime references. In the world of nerds, Kae is the unquestioned queen.

In fact, she’s such an anime and manga fanatic that her understanding of these media has helped her achieve previously unimaginable feats, including winning a soccer trophy.