15 Best TV Shows Like Reign And Game Of Thrones Update 05/2024

TV Shows Like Reign And Game Of Thrones

No matter how you feel about the series’ conclusion, there are several other shows that can satisfy the same itch that Game of Thronesonce did.

Game of Thronesfailed miserably to hold viewers’ attention. While the eighth and final season was much anticipated, it ended up being the worst ever. Since 2011, viewers have watched as their favorite characters vie for control over the show’s plot, but the 2019 finale felt hurried and lackluster in comparison to previous installments.

Despite the fact that it was a major letdown, the show demonstrated the potential of highly produced prestige genre television. In fact, it’s something that a huge number of people yearn for. Fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series will have to look elsewhere since the next book in the series is unlikely to be published and all the spin-off shows HBO had planned are now dead.

The good news is that video-streaming services offer a wide range of shows that can satisfy our desire for epic fantasy dramas like Game of Thrones. Here are a few shows you can watch online right now to pass the time until the next big cultural phenomenon hits.


1. Britannia (Amazon Prime Video)


Originally from the UK, Britannia depicts the Roman conquest of Britain in 43 AD. Celtic warrior women and powerful druids team up to fight off the advancing Roman army in this historical fantasy series. Kelly Reilly, David Morrissey, Zo Wanamaker, and Mackenzie Crook are among the show’s cast members. Amazon Video has the first season available.

2. Black Sails (Starz)

Despite being billed as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Black Sailsis an intriguing production. New Providence Island is where it’s set during the Golden Age of Piracy, and it’s where the action takes place. Real-life pirates like Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, and others appear alongside fictional characters like Captain Flint, Long John Silver, and Billy Bones. As a standalone service or as an add-on to Amazon Video and Hulu, Starz offers all four seasons for viewing.

3. The Borgias (Showtime, Netflix)

The Borgias

During the Italian Renaissance in the 16th century, the powerful Borgia family held court in the fictional historical drama series The Borgias. Once Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons) becomes Pope, the political intrigue heats up. To maintain their position of power, he and his family must plot and manipulate those in their immediate vicinity. Try Netflix, Showtime, or Amazon Video and Hulu add-ons.

4. Frontier (Netflix)

Canada-based Discovery and Netflix present a historical drama about the 18th-century North American fur trade, Frontier. Outlaw Declan Harp, played by Jason Momoa, is out to break the monopoly of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Netflix has all three seasons available to watch.

5. Into the Badlands (Netflix)

Into the Badlands

While in a post-feudal world, where warriors are taught to protect their masters’ people and land, Into the Badlands takes place in. There is a lot of martial arts action in this area because of the lack of use of firearms. AMC’s entire season is available to Netflix subscribers.

6. The Last Kingdom (Netflix)

The Last Kingdom follows Saxon warrior Uhtred of Bebbanburg, who is taken as a slave by Dane invaders and grows up among them. It is based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories series of novels. When he later tries to reclaim his land, he is forced to choose between the families he has known and the one from which he was stolen. Following its first two seasons on BBC America, The Last Kingdom has now moved to Netflix where it will air for the remaining two seasons.

7. Medici (Netflix)


in which Dustin Hoffman, Richard Madden, and Stuart Martin star

provides insight into the life of Florentine leader and banker Cosimo de Medici in 15th-century Florence.

Sean Bean (Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark) joins the cast in the second season, Medici: the Magnificent, and the third season, Masters of Florence, premiered in December. Netflix has all three seasons available.

8. Outlander (Starz, Netflix)

Outlander is based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels and tells the story of a woman who travels back in time to 18th-century Scotland during World War II, where she meets and falls in love with Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser during a war with England. The entire series of Outlander can be seen onStarz, which has all five seasons available for streaming. You can watch the first three seasons if you have a Netflix subscription.

9. Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

Peaky Blinders

The English-language sleaze film

Peaky Blinders follows Tommy Shelby, the gang’s leader in 1919 Birmingham, England, played by Cillian Murphy. The show chronicles the rise to power of the group, as well as their conflicts with the law and their rivals. All five seasons are available to watch on Netflix.

10. Spartacus (Starz)

As Spartacus organizes a group of gladiators to fight back against their cruel masters and challenge Roman society in the first century BC, this show follows a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

Spartacus ran for three seasons before being cancelled. A prequel season followed. Hulu’s Starz add-on makes it possible to watch all four seasons of the show onStarz.

11. Troy: Fall of a City (Netflix)

The eight-part historical drama Troy: Fall of a City, a BBC-Netflix collaboration, depicts the events of the Trojan War. Despite the fact that it is an adaptation of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey stories, the miniseries incorporates elements of history and Greek mythology to great effect.

12. The Tudors (Showtime, Netflix)

The Tudors (Showtime, Netflix)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays King Henry VIII of England during the 16th century. Henry Cavill plays King Henry VIII’s brother-in-law. Natalie Dormer plays Queen Anne Boleyn. The Tudors stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the promiscuous king. Watch it on Showtime, Netflix, or Amazon Video or Hulu with a subscription add-on.

13. Vikings (Hulu, Amazon)

The saga of history

Ragnar Lothbrok, the legendary Norse hero, is the focus of History’s original production Vikings, which follows his exploits. As Ragnar gathers a band of warriors, he launches an attack on England and ascends to the position of Scandinavian king. Hulu and Amazon both have all six seasons ofVikings available for streaming.

14. The White Queen (Starz)

The White Queen (Starz)

The White Queenis a ten-part British television series based on Philippa Gregory’s historical novels about Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville during the infamous War of the Roses. Watch the series on Starz or with Amazon Video or Hulu add-ons.

There was a follow-up series called The White Princess about Henry VII’s marriage to Elizabeth of York that aired on Starz after the BBC show ended. There are several ways to watch the show online, including through Starz, Amazon Video, and Hulu.

The Spanish Princess, a third series, tells the story of Catherine of Aragon, who marries Henry VIII of England and leaves Spain. The show can be seen on Starz, as well as through Amazon Video and Hulu add-ons.

15. The Witcher (Netflix)

As Geralt of Rivia, Henry Cavill portrays the character in the Andrzej Sapkowski fantasy novel and video game series. It depicts the conflict between the Nilfgaard Empire and the Northern Kingdoms in the Netflix series. Geralt’s relationship with Vengerberg’s Yennefer is explored, as is his role as Ciri’s adopted father.