17 Best Indian Movies On Amazon Prime Update 07/2024

Best Indian Movies On Amazon Prime

It’s easy to find and watch new Indian films on your smart devices thanks to Amazon Prime Video, the new face of entertainment for Indian audiences. An overwhelming number of movies are being released by Amazon each week, making it difficult to select a favorite. So, here at Team JFMF, we’ve collected and selected the best Indian films released in 2019, 2020, and 2021 for your convenience. Things movies are here to entertain us with a wide spectrum of emotions, from hilarity to sadness. Check it out!

1. Jai Bhim

Jai Bhim

Tribal woman and human rights activist lawyer Jai Bhim’s battle in court to solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearance is the focus of the film. Untouchability, injustice, and police brutality all come to light in a cruel and unforgiving light in this film based on a genuine incident from the early 1990s. There are a few difficult moments in the film, but the director refuses to soften them for the sake of the audience. They’re gritty and direct, in keeping with the frequency with which crimes were committed at the time. It’s a must-see.

2. Sarpatta Parambarai

To find his identity, purpose in life, and way to atonement, a blue-collar pugilist takes up the boxing ring in Sarpatta Parambarai. Even so, the storyline of a sports film is well-known. Sarpatta Parambarai’s route to success is no different from that of any other aspiring artist.

There are instances when taking a step back can actually be the best strategy for striking. By using socio-political subtext to obscure the predictable plot, Pa Ranjith’ new boxing film climbs above the tropes. This is one of the best Indian movies on Amazon Prime right now.

3. Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar

Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar

For reasons that will become clear throughout the course of the novel, a pregnant banker and a morally ambiguous ex-cop find themselves on the run together.

⁣ Unlike other Bollywood films, this one is a compelling drama with elements of suspense and intrigue.

Pithoragarh, a Himalayan town in Uttarakhand’s easternmost district, provides the story with just the appropriate amount of brightness after an otherwise gloomy start.

⁣ Take a chance on Amazon Prime Video, where you won’t be swayed by what critics are saying about the film. @cine thusiast – Sohini Sen

4. Joji

Amazon Prime Video’s 2021 Malayalam drama Joji, directed by Dileesh Pothan, follows the lives of Joji and his brothers in an unexpected direction. In this adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Fahadh Faasil proves once again why he is one of the most talented actors of our day. It’s such a convoluted film that everyone’s experience with it will be unique. — Aditi & Ashif, respectively.

5. Karnan

Every tale has been told before. Throughout history, the stories of oppressed people rising up against oppressors have been proclaimed from the rooftops. Mari Selvaraj, on the other hand, has mastered the art of elevating an antiquated plot by paying attention to the finer points. Karnan’s delicate balancing act between commercial formula and symbolic narrative merits some attention, even if the film’s star-studded cast is already enough of a draw.

When it comes to stories of oppressed groups and their fight for equality, few can match Karnan’s bravery and provocativeness. Using animals and other creatures as metaphors and alluding to the Mahabharatham, Mari Selvaraj has created a filmmaker’s fantasy in terms of the level of detail he has incorporated.

Using a donkey as an example, Mari Selvaraj demonstrates how a person’s views and attitudes can thwart their advancement in life, especially if they come from a place of luxury. The caste system is ridiculous and anachronistic, but it still has the power to flatten a person at every turn, and this is further demonstrated by the rewriting of the Mahabharatham on his own terms, where he shows the story through the eyes of ‘Karnan’, the epic’s Anti-hero.

The director integrates religion and psychology through the use of animals, epics, and even local deities, allowing us to ponder where we decide to draw the line between good and evil, as well as our own responses to deeply ingrained social problems. This is one of the best Indian movies on Amazon Prime right now. (@cheeeekyponnama) Siddharthen

6. Maara


During her stay at the home of a restoration artist, Maara found a sketchbook and a picture of him, and she began to tell the story of Paaru’s hunt for a lighter traveler Maara. Director Dhilip Kumar made the Tamil adaptation even more gorgeous while keeping the bulk of the story and script close to the original. This is visual poetry in its purest form. The cast and story are fully immersed in their roles, and Dhilip Kumar has created a remake that has the potential to surpass the original in quality.

7. Soorarai Pottru

Soorarai Pottru, the Sudha Kongra-directed film starring Suriya, is based on the life of G. R. Gopinath, a retired Indian Air Force captain and the founder of Air Deccan. Thanks to a strong technical crew, strong performances, and sharp screenplay, Sudha Kongra has made the year’s best picture and one of Suriya’s best films ever.

8. Putham Pudhu Kaalai

In Putham Pudhu Kaalai, there are five short films that tell the stories of five persons who were locked down in COVID-19.

As the first short film, Francis Thomas and Sruthi Ramachandran’s “Ilamai Idho Idho” is directed by Sudha Kongra and written by the aforementioned authors. Gautham Vasudev Menon directed Avarum Naanum — Avalum Naanum, which was written by Reshma Gatala.

It was directed by Suhasini Mani Ratnam and co-written by her husband and master storyteller Mani Ratnam, the third picture in this anthological series. The fourth short film, named ‘Reunion,’ is written and directed by Rajiv Menon. Karthik Subbaraj is the man behind the camera for the last short film, named ‘Miracle’. He’s Nirmal Raj

9. C U Soon

C U Soon

Director Mahesh Narayanan’s virtual life mystery-thriller C U Soon is an experiment in the use of visual cinematography to shoot a feature picture in these challenging times. When two people meet on an online dating site, the film’s narrative takes a surprising turn, concentrating on the girl’s dark secrets and how she keeps them hidden from the world. The proper amount of emotional melodrama in an intriguing mystery thriller.

10. Shakuntala Devi

By Anu Menon’s directorial touch, the picture includes an engaging narrative, a well-crafted screenplay, and other elements such as humour and Shakuntala Devi’s quick-wittedness. This is an engrossing biopic about a brilliant intellect, and Vidya Balan and Sanya Malhotra deliver outstanding performances. One of Amazon Prime’s Best New Indian Movies.

11. Ponmagal Vandhal

Covid-19 is the first epidemic to hit the Tamil film industry, and Ponmagal Vandhal, starring Jyothika, is its first victim. As Fredrick’s writing and pictures create a lasting impression on all of us, Ponmagal Vandhal is an emotionally gripping drama. The movie is built on the emotional values it holds, which are vividly exhibited through Jyothika’s astonishing performance, and which showcases child sexual assault as its core premise.

12. Trance


Fahadh Faasil’s acting prowess is the driving force behind Trance. Actually, this is one of my favorite recent performances from India. In a plot that necessitates top-notch performances, Fahadh exceeds expectations with his screen presence, body language, and sentence delivery.

Anwar Rasheed has managed to shed some light on the ongoing religious scams with an unconventional, controversial story, however he is less concerned about the matter and concentrates more on the style aspects to dazzle the audience, rather than talking more about the subject. Trance, on the other hand, is a gripping and intriguing thriller. He’s Nirmal Raj

13. Dia

K. S. Ashoka, director of the critically acclaimed 2013 horror film 6-5=2, returned with yet another masterpiece, Dia, the next entry in our list of the Best Indian Movies on Amazon. After she falls in love with Rohith, our female heroine undergoes a series of dramatic changes in her personality and outlook on life. Dia is a great picture that you shouldn’t miss seeing because of its authentic, straightforward plot, which is bolstered by some outstanding performances and a gallant directing effort from Ashoka. In the words of Surya Komal

14. HIT

With HIT, the thriller genre has taken a significant leap ahead in Tollywood following the blockbuster hits of Swaroop RSJ’s ‘Sainatha’ and Sashi Kiran Tikka’s ‘Goodachari.’

’ Along with newbie Sailesh Kolanu at the helm as the film’s writer-director, the cast also includes Ruhani Sharma, Murli Sharma, and veteran actor Bhanuchander. The movie runs for two hours and ten minutes and stars Vishwak Sen in the lead role.

To fully appreciate Sailesh Kolanu’s brilliant screenplay, amazing performances (particularly from Vishwak Sen), and outlandish characters, see HIT. This film is a must-see for everyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers and wants to see Telugu cinema at its best.

15. Love Mocktail

Love Mocktail

Only a Sneak Peek Is Available Here: Krishna (who also plays Adithya in the film) writes, directs, and produces Love Mocktail, a story about a guy who reflects on his past relationships with the woman he saved while driving down the shore. In the words of Surya Komal

16. Drishyam 2

A family drama and the repercussions of the first film, Drishyam, are explored in Jeethu Joseph’s Drishyam 2 thriller. When Drishyam ended, Georgekutty was spending his life for his family and helping them get through difficult times. There could be no better follow-up to Drishyam than Drishyam 2. With an original and engaging tale, it’s a must-see for everyone to enjoy. In other words, Ashif

17. Kala (2021)

Kala (2021)

Tovino Thomas and Sumesh Moor feature in Rohith V. S.’s thriller Kala in Malayalam. Shuji’s story revolves around an unimaginable day in his life, which is the focus of the film’s plotline. This Tovino-produced film is a must-see on Amazon Prime Video, if only to get the whole effect, but be warned: there is a lot of carnage and violence. In this case, Pranit Menon