24 Best Movies Like Sleeping With The Enemy Update 07/2024

Movies Like Sleeping With The Enemy

Other films in the same vein as 1991’s Sleeping With The Enemy A young woman makes a fictitious suicide attempt to get away from her abusive marriage, but she soon realizes she will never be able to leave her husband’s grasp.

Those are great if you enjoyed Sleeping With The Enemy. Sleeping with the Enemy has the following movies as comparisons.

1. Panic Room 2002

Panic Room 2002

During a brutal home invasion, newly divorced Meg Altman and her young daughter Sarah are trapped in their New York brownstone’s panic room, a hidden chamber designed as a refuge in the event of a break-in. The room, on the other hand, serves as the focal point because it contains the object that the intruders are after.

2. Hope Floats 1998

Birdee Pruitt’s best friend Connie, who has been sleeping with Birdee’s husband Bill, humiliated her on live television. It’s time for Bernice to start over with her mother Birdee, so they move back to their small Texas hometown. However, they run into petty old acquaintances who are delighted to see Birdee unhappy — with the exception of her friend Justin, of course. As he assists Birdee in getting back on her feet, a romantic relationship blossoms between the two of them.

3. Ghost 1990

Ghost 1990

Molly Jensen is an artist, and Sam Wheat is a banker. The two are head over heels in love. Carl Bruner, Sam’s friend and corrupt business partner, kills him for exposing a shady business deal, and now a powerless Sam wanders the earth. To make things right and keep Molly safe from Carl and his thugs, Sam enlists the aid of psychic Oda Mae Brown.

4. Double Jeopardy 1999

Because she has already been tried and convicted for the crime, a woman framed for her husband’s murder believes he is still alive. If she finds him and kills him, she will not be prosecuted again.

5. Stepmom 1998

Jackie has two children from a previous relationship. When Jackie’s ex-husband Luke marries Isabel, she finds herself thrust into the position of being the unwelcome stepmother to their children. Because of her illness, both women realize they must put their differences aside in order to unite and enjoy life as much as possible while it is still in front of them.

6. 28 Days 2000

28 Days 2000

Gwen Cummings faces prison or a rehab center after a drunk driving accident on the day of her sister’s wedding. She decides to go to rehab, but she is adamant about not participating in any of the treatment programs they have to offer, refusing to acknowledge that she has a drinking problem.

7. Erin Brockovich 2000

Two-time divorced mother of three fights for what she believes is right, even if her push-up bra plays a role in her victory. As an attorney’s assistant, Erin reads medical records about illnesses that seem to be occurring in a localized area. She begins an investigation and uncovers a massive cover-up very quickly.

8. Heartbreakers 2001

Heartbreakers 2001

They’re a mother-daughter con team that’s down to the nth degree when it comes to deception. Max seduces and marries wealthy, obedient men. The two are then seduced by Page, but Max is there to catch her husband in the act of infidelity. After that, it’s on to Palimony City for the next straightforward target.

9. Enough 2002

When Slim, a working-class waitress, married Mitch, she believed she was entering a life of domestic bliss. Mitch’s hidden possessive dark side, a controlling and abusive alter ego, can turn trust, love, and tranquility into terror for her after the birth of their first child, shattering her picture-perfect life. Slim flees with her daughter out of fear for her own safety as well as that of her child. Mitch stalks the prey that was once his family with relentless vigilance and the assistance of lethal henchmen.

10. Misery 1990

On a snow-covered Colorado road, novelist Paul Sheldon has a car accident. Annie Wilkes, Paul’s heroine Misery Chastaine’s “number one fan,” discovers him. Paul has been crippled, drugged, and now finds himself at Annie’s mercy.

11. What Lies Beneath 2000

What Lies Beneath 2000

The first time Claire Spencer starts hearing eerie voices and seeing strange images, she begins to wonder if she’s being visited by an entity from another world. Her husband keeps telling her it’s all in her head, but she doesn’t believe him because she’s terrified. As Claire continues her investigation, she learns that the man she loves may be hiding something from her.

12. Single White Female 1992

Gorgeous New Yorker For Allison Jones, life is perfect. She has a hot boyfriend, a rent-controlled apartment, and a bright future as a fashion designer. When Allison’s boyfriend Sam turns out to be unfaithful, she goes it alone but uses the classifieds to find a roommate in order to keep her large apartment.

13. The Bone Collector 1999

The Bone Collector 1999

Due to an injury to his back, Lincoln Rhyme has been rendered paralyzed, and rookie cop Amelia Donaghy reluctantly joins forces with him in order to track down the notorious “The Bone Collector,” a grisly serial killer. The murderer’s signature move is to leave cryptic clues in the form of the corpses he has left behind.

14. Basic Instinct 1992

Investigators are looking into a brutal murder, and one suspect is a beautiful and seductive woman.

15. Unfaithful 2002

Connie and Edward have been married for 11 years, but their relationship has grown stale. When Connie meets handsome book collector Paul by chance, he immediately draws her into a passionate relationship. Nevertheless, Edward quickly grows suspicious and makes the decision to confront the other man face-to-face.

16. Indecent Proposal 1993

Indecent Proposal 1993

Yuppie husband down on his luck offers John Gage $1 million in exchange for one night with his wife.

17. Taking Lives 2004

When FBI profiler Illeana Scott is enlisted to help the Montreal police track down a serial killer who takes on the identities of his victims, she knows the killer will strike again soon. Her best hope is a museum employee who may be the only person who saw the assassin in action.

18. A Perfect Murder 1998

Steven Taylor, a multimillionaire industrialist, has everything except what he most desires: the love and loyalty of his wife. Known in the New York financial community as one of the biggest names in the business, he regards her as one of his most important investments. However, she requires a role that involves more than just being a show-stopping accessory.

19. Murder By Numbers 2002

It’s a cold, calculated murder case being investigated by hard-nosed detective Cassie Mayweather and her still-green partner. They’re looking for two cold, calculating killers with dark secrets that could explain their crimes.

20. Thelma & Louise 1991

Thelma & Louise 1991

Louise kills a rapist who tried to rape Thelma while on a weekend getaway. They flee due to the suspicious circumstances, and a cross-country manhunt is launched for the two fugitives. With each step they take, both women discover new things about themselves and the strength of their friendship all the while learning surprising things about themselves.

21. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle 1992

A suburban family hires Peyton Flanders, a sweet-looking nanny, to take care of their newborn. Clare Bartel, the infant’s mother, finds out about Peyton’s true motives only much later in the story. Fear-inspiring psychological thriller about deception and vengeance builds suspense with lightning speed.

22. Fatal Attraction 1987

One night with a married man turns into a nightmare when that person begins stalking him and his family as a result of that encounter.

23. Not Without My Daughter 1991

As a result of her abusive husband’s actions, an American woman is forced to flee with her young daughter from Islamic Iran.

24. Kiss The Girls 1997

Alex Cross, a forensic psychologist, heads to North Carolina with kidnap victim Kate McTiernan, who managed to escape, to track down the elusive serial killer known as “Casanova.” The investigation takes the two to Los Angeles, where they learn that the psychopath isn’t acting in a vacuum.