10 Movies About The Arctic That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About The Arctic

The latest dog movie starring Harrison Ford, The Call of the Wild, has garnered positive reviews, but many viewers have expressed a desire to see something else.

The latest Harrison Ford dog movie, The Call of the Wild, has received positive reviews from critics, but it hasn’t performed well at the box office, leaving many people eager to watch something different.

Fortunately, there are a number of films set in the frigid north. The Arctic’s stark, snow-covered landscape lends itself perfectly to films on the testing of one’s character. If you’re looking for a good alternative to The Call of the Wild, here are 10 Arctic films.

1. Insomnia (1997)

Insomnia (1997)

Insomnia, a remake of a Swedish film starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams, is a crime thriller set in the desolate wasteland of the north. In the aftermath of his partner’s accidental death, Al Pacino’s police officer character begins to lose his sanity as he faces the peculiar sun patterns of the north and a possible witness.

However, Robin Williams’ performance is the actual star of this film. Even though he is best known for his humorous roles, he proved that he was actually one of the best actors of his generation in films like these.

2. The Thing From Another World (1951)

Creatures that frightened unsuspecting victims were a staple of 1950s horror filmmaking. An organism has been discovered frozen in the ice by a team of scientists. It wreaks havoc among the assembled scientists when it thaws.

As corny as the film may be, it nonetheless has some genuinely terrifying moments and serves as an appropriate portrayal of the culture’s fear of destruction. During this time, the atomic bomb loomed large, and the film reflects this dread.

3. The Grey (2011)

The Grey (2011)

The arctic appears to elicit a sense of fear in our collective consciousness. There are a lot of movies set there, likeTheGrey, that deal with men’s struggle to survive in the face of nature. Several oil personnel have been stuck in a plane crash, and they must battle a pack of wolves for their lives.

As always, Neeson delivers a great performance. However, what really makes the picture effective is its examination into the ageless themes of man vs nature and the ultimate loneliness of each human.

4. Tremors 6: A Cold Day In Hell (2018)

As if we hadn’t seen enough of the Tremors franchise’s hordes, this latest edition of the series comes along. Burt Gummer is sent north to deal with a new colony of the dreadful monsters in this direct-to-DVD film.

With only one of the original cast members still on board, this venerable science fiction franchise is beginning to show its age (Michael Gross). Fans of these films and their deadly ancient creatures will like this film’s thrills, however.

5. The Snow Walker (2003)

The Snow Walker (2003)

After his plane crashes in the Northwest Territories, a bush pilot must find a way to survive. In the face of nature’s bleak terror, The Snow Walker asks what it means to be able to connect meaningfully with others. In the film, we are reminded of the beauty of nature through some stunning images.

The performances, on the other hand, are what set this film apart. The force of their performance is magnified by the fact that the two actors in this picture were relatively unknowns when it was released.

6. Long Way North (2015)

To find out what happened to her grandfather, a St. Petersburg girl sets out on a journey to the North Pole. As a result, she tackles the ship’s crew’s revolt and becomes friends with a dog.

While the film’s visual aesthetic is simple, it conveys a powerful message about its subject matter. It’s as if you’re transported to a place of awe by the sight of nature.

7. The Last Winter (2006)

The Last Winter (2006)

“The Last Winter” is one of those films that’s simply plain terrifying. Thought-provoking and suspenseful, it manages to merge the two genres in an impressive way. In the process, the audience is prompted to consider the part that humanity has played in the degradation of the earth and whether our time may finally be up.

It’s no secret that the film’s plot is its greatest asset, but it’s also visually stunning, and the final few sequences are unforgettable.

8. Arctic (2018)

It’s a story about a guy in the Arctic trying to survive in the face of both nature and animals, just like many other films on our list. To survive in one of the most hostile environments on Earth, he and another trapped individual must learn to cooperate.

What makes the performances in this film so engaging is that there is so little language, which makes them all the more impressive. As one of Denmark’s most talented performers, Mads Mikkelsen is at the pinnacle of his powers.

9. Far North (2007)

Far North (2007)

This is another Arctic film that takes a turn at the scary. Three people—two ladies and a man—are the subject of this Russian drama as they navigate the dangerous area of desire and the shaman’s curse that has been placed on one of the women.

Even though Sean Bean is a big part of the cast, there are some disturbing situations in the film that border on the frightening. Not for the faint of heart: a brutal polar thriller.

10. White Fang (2018)

White Fang, an animated version of a Jack London story, is a good choice for anyone looking for a new take on the author’s work. If you’re a fan of conventional animated flicks, you won’t be able to resist the majesty and elegance of this film. In particular, the animal personalities have been meticulously crafted to the point that they appear to come to life on screen.

White Fang has always been one of Jack London’s best books because it uses the character of an animal to explore the boundary between the wild and the domestic.