10 Best Anime With All Girl Cast That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime With All Girl Cast

If you’re sick of the same old clichés, check out these ten sports anime series featuring all female casts.

For years, sports anime have commanded the attention of viewers, as evidenced by the continuous rise in sports anime in recent years. Many sports anime fans are aware of the inherent sexism in sports anime, where women are generally cast as side characters or love interests for male protagonists, but even the most ardent adherents of the genre can’t help but acknowledge this fact.

It’s common for them to be completely forgotten at the end of the anime. Ten sports anime with an all-female cast are available for those who are fed up with witnessing sexist clichés and want to see sports anime where women take the lead.

10. Kandagawa Jet Girls: A Sports Anime Where Girls Do Jet Racing

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Described as the most furious water sport in the world by Tokyo’s Asakusa Girls’ High School, Jet Racing is a huge hit. Misa Aoi, a student at the school, is a kindred spirit to Rin Namiki, a newcomer.

The Musashino Girls’ High School’s fiercely competitive girls force Rin to form her school’s first Jet Racing club. There are only two more girls she needs to prove the Musashino girls who’s the actual boss: Misa!

9. TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls: A Sports Anime Where Girls Play Baseball

Yomi Takeda was an excellent pitcher, but he didn’t make it very far in baseball. Despite her decision to give up baseball, she was reconnected with Tamaki Yamazaki, a childhood friend who shared her love of the sport.

Yomi chooses to take up pitching once more after meeting her. But would it be enough to achieve Yomi’s aim of making it to the national championships?

8. Good-bye, Cramer: A Sports Anime Where Girls Play Soccer

Good-bye, Cramer

Sumire Suou, a junior high school student with a strong interest in soccer, is unable to make much of it. A tempting offer to join her high school soccer team comes from her “rival,” Midori Soshizaki.

Midori promises Suou that she will never leave her alone again after she accepts her proposal. This prequel, Sayonara Watashi no Cramer Movie: First Touch, will run as a stand-alone series in April and depicts Suou’s junior high school years.

7. Umamusume: Pretty Derby: A Sports Anime Where Horse Girls Compete In Races

There are very few people who can claim to have been born as a horsegirl in a world full of horses. Tracen Academy in Tokyo is a prestigious place for the world’s top young female athletes to train in preparation for a career as idols and racecar drivers.

In her quest to become the best horse girl in the world, Special Week decides to join the school’s racing track.

6. Cinderella Nine: A Sports Anime Where Girls Play Baseball

Cinderella Nine

This sports anime is based on a mobile game in which the player takes control of one of the characters. There is a similarity between the anime and the manga, where everything is seen through the eyes of the audience.

They don’t even have a name, just the fact that they were once a major league baseball player who was forced to retire due to injury. Although they have recently moved schools, they have been urged to take on the role of team manager by Tsubaasa Arihara, who is aiming for the Koshiennationals.

5. Hanebado!: A Sports Anime Where Girls Play Badminton

Nagisa Aragaki’s sense of guilt after losing at the championships led her to lose her interest in badminton. One by one, members of the badminton club resigned due to her outbursts.

Kentarou’s first move is to recruit one of Nagisa’s national champions, and she joins the team under his tutelage. Nagisa soon discovers that Ayano, like her, suffers from chronic self-doubt. As far as I know, this is their first time back at the nationals.

4. Keijo!!!!!!!!: A Sports Anime Where Girls Knock Off Their Opponents On Water


In Japan, the sport of Keijo has taken the country by storm. All players (ladies only) must use only their bottoms and breasts in order to knock their opponents to the ground. A caveat, however: all of this must take place on top of swan-like platforms submerged in water!

As a talented gymnast, Nozomi Kaminashi is soon making waves in the Keijo community. However, she worries if she can genuinely rise to the pinnacle of the sport, which has full of competitors that are much better than she is.

3. Harukana Receive: A Sports Anime Where Girls Play Beach Volleyball

Haruka Oozora happens onto a group of women engaged in a game of beach volleyball. She’s invited to join in on the fun and quickly discovers that she has a soft spot for the game. After her business partner bailed, one of the women, Narumi Tooi, reveals how she’s been unable to move on in her career since.

It’s time for Haruka to step in and help Narumi, but time is running out. There are only a few weeks left until the Junior Tournament, and Haruka is completely unfamiliar with the sport!

2. Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls: A Sports Anime Where Girls Climb Walls

Iwa Kakeru

While Konomi Kasahara has always enjoyed puzzles, she decided to switch to a more physically demanding hobby to pass the time. The big rock climbing wall in the school stadium catches her eye by coincidence.

A keen climber with a knack for logic puzzles, she joins the Hanamiya Climbing Team with the expectation that her lifelong desire would finally come to fruition.

1. How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?: A Sports Anime Where Girls Do Bodybuilding

Hibiki Sakura decides to join the Silverman Gym because to her increasing weight. She had no idea that the gym is frequented by a number of well-known athletes and physique builders! At the gym, she gets to know a diverse collection of people, which adds some spice to her routine.

Anecdotes from the characters’ everyday lives are interspersed throughout the series, giving it a more realistic feel.