24 Similar Movies Like Phone Booth That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies Like Phone Booth

New York publicist picks up a ringing phone and is told that he will be killed if hangs up… and the small red light from the laser rifle sight proves that he isn’t kidding the caller.

If you enjoyed Phone Booth, you’ll enjoy these even more. Movies like Phone Booth are provided below.

1. Vantage Point 2008

Vantage Point 2008

Many different perspectives are offered on the failed assassination attempt on President George H.W. Bush.

2. Body Of Lies 2008

The CIA is on the prowl for the terrorist attack planner. As the agency’s man on the ground, Roger Ferris is constantly on the move, trying to stay on top of rapidly changing events. Ferris is being monitored by a satellite link in the sky. On the other end of that real-time link is Ed Hoffman, the CIA’s chief strategist, strategizing events from afar. Moreover, as Ferris gets closer to his objective, he learns that trust can be equally hazardous as it is essential for survival.

3. Enemy Of The State 1998

Enemy Of The State 1998

a rising star When the videographer fleeing the assassins of the rogue security executive secretly slips the incriminating tape into the shopping bag of Washington criminal lawyer, he becomes the target of the executive’s assassins.

4. Inside Man 2006

To help free the hostages held in a New York bank, the detective assigned to the case is preoccupied with corruption charges that are about to be brought against him.

5. The Machinist 2004

The Machinist 2004

Trevor Reznik, a lathe operator dying of insomnia, is the protagonist of The Machinist. For Trevor, the dangers of his job are made worse because of his excessive tiredness in a machine shop. Trevor is unable to fall asleep. No, this isn’t your typical case of insomnia…

6. The Game 1997

An unusual gift for the birthday of Nicholas Van Orton from his younger brother Conrad surprises the cold-hearted loner and financial genius, both of whom live in San Francisco. Nicholas is swept up in a dangerous web of constantly shifting rules, unable to tell where the charade ends and reality begins, in the space of a nanosecond.

7. The Devil’s Advocate 1997

The Devil's Advocate 1997

Upon learning that his new boss is none other than Lucifer, a promising young lawyer discovers more than he bargained for.

8. Lucky Number Slevin 2006

Slevin is unwittingly thrust into the middle of a power struggle among the city’s most powerful organized crime figures. Under constant surveillance, Slevin must avoid an infamous assassin’s bullets while also coming up with a solution to his current predicament. A film full of surprises.

 9. Insomnia 2002

When the sun doesn’t set in a northern town, two homicide detectives from Los Angeles are sent there to look into the methodical murder of an area teen.

 10. Mystic River 2003

Friendships forged in childhood are tested when one of the men experiences a personal tragedy.

 11. Lord Of War 2005

While dealing in some of the world’s deadliest war zones, Yuri Orlov must stay one step ahead of an unrelenting Interpol agent as well as his business rivals and even a few of the world’s most infamous dictators, among others. A confrontation with his own conscience is the final step.

12. 21 2008

Ben Campbell is a bright, young M.I.T. student from Boston who is driven to do well in school. Ben wants to become a doctor and seeks a scholarship to Harvard School of Medicine, but he is unable to pay the $300,000 tuition because he comes from a working-class family. Ben, on the other hand, is invited by his eccentric math professor Micky Rosa to join a five-person club one evening. Professor Rosa teaches the blackjack card counting skill to students Jill, Choi, Kianna, and Fisher.

 13. Zodiac 2007

Zodiac (2007)

a true account of the hunt for the “Zodiac Killer,” a serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area while taunting police with his ciphers and letters, was published. Three men become obsessed with the case as the endless trail of clues builds and destroys their lives and careers.

 14. The Score 2001

a young kid persuades a gayaging thief to commit one final heist in order to retire and live off his ill-gotten gains

15. The Negotiator 1998

After Danny Roman claims he’s innocent of his partner’s murder, the police go after him. However, Danny Roman believes he’s been set up in a complex conspiracy. A well-known negotiator demands to be brought in to handle the situation and secretly investigate the conspiracy, believing that there is evidence in the Internal Affairs offices that could clear him.

16. Collateral 2004

Collateral 2004

Max, a local taxi driver, accepts an offer of $600 from a stranger to chauffeur him around town. However, when Max discovers his passenger is an assassin, the promise of quick money turns sour.

17. Matchstick Men 2003

During a lucrative con, a phobic con artist and his protege are about to pull off a heist when the con artist’s teenage daughter unexpectedly arrives.

18. Source Code 2011

Colter Stevens, a decorated soldier, is reborn as an unknown man and is tasked with finding the person responsible for an attack on a Chicago commuter train. As a result of his participation in this top-secret program, he’s been given the opportunity to witness the final eight minutes of the lives of others. Colter repeatedly re-experiences the train incident in order to gather more evidence.

 19. Minority Report 2002

‘Precrime’ cop John Anderton works in the late 21st century, when technology can foretell crimes before they happen. Anderton, on the other hand, becomes prey when he is singled out by a second investigator on suspicion of a murder.

20. Limitless 2011

The story of an unsuccessful writer whose life is changed by the use of a top-secret “smart drug” that allows him to use his entire brain and become a perfect version of himself is told in a paranoia-fueled action thriller. In this darkly comic and thought-provoking film, his newfound abilities attract a shady underworld that threatens his brand-new existence.

21. The Town 2010

It’s no secret that Doug MacRay has been a professional burglar most of his life. Now he’s looking for a way out of the business. While working for Doug’s crew, an attractive branch manager becomes the target of the group’s kidnapping. He assumes control of the woman, but their growing attraction threatens to reveal Doug’s and his crew’s identities to the FBI Agent investigating their case.

22. Mindhunters 2004

As soon as they discover a murderer among them, trainees in the FBI’s psychological profiling program have to put their lessons to the test in the real world.

23. The Butterfly Effect 2004

A young man tries to access his suppressed memories of his childhood. He discovers a method that allows him to go back in time, occupy the body of a child, and alter the course of history. In any case, he quickly learns that every decision he makes has unintended results.

24. Disturbia 2007

After punching his high school teacher, Kale, 17, was sentenced to house arrest. With nowhere to go and no way to get out, the man takes advantage of his isolation to spy on his fellow residents while they’re at work. Visitors to the Turners’ home suddenly disappear without a trace. Ronnie and Ashley, two of Kale’s friends, become increasingly curious about what’s going on inside Robert Turne’s mansion.