Top 11 Movies Like Predestination That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Movies Like Predestination

When it comes to films, Rahul is always looking for new releases, and can never get enough of fantastic movies. He has always said that his all-time favorites are the Christopher Nolan films Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

Some twists in the story: time, reincarnations, and a few. When it comes to this film, I can guarantee you’ll get to enjoy all of these various elements. At first, it’s difficult to keep track of the game’s myriad rules. On the other hand, you are rewarded for your patience with the ending. I don’t understand how much this movie is overlooked. One cause for it was a combination of ineffective marketing methods. I can think of nothing worse.

Just as it is appropriate that you look for some more movies that are similar to Predestination if you’re continuing watching it. Here’s the list I’ve put together.

1. Looper


Time travel has become conceivable, albeit it has not yet been widely implemented. However, it is not being used for the benefit of the planet. For mobsters, disposal is done in an epic manner. When they want a member of their group to be killed, they send him or her back to the past, when one of their own men is already waiting to handle the problem. Once one of these assassins has found his future self on the receiving end, everything changes. His employers have apparently made the decision that the loop needs to be closed. He is definitely going to be let go.

Overall, the film is nicely produced, and the acting and photography are especially gorgeous. Ignore the negative reviews and go for it nonetheless. Looper isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s well worth your time.

2. These Final Hours

If you learned that the world will come to an end in exactly 12 hours from now, what would you do?

The plot revolves around a narcissistic, egotistical man who believes the world is about to end. Shortly before the end of the world, he met a small girl who was looking for her father. If you try your best to stay out of trouble on the journey, you’re well on your way to getting there. Everyone knows that they will die soon, but instead of avoiding difficulties, trouble finds you wherever you go.

Looks like a cliché redemption narrative to me. Let me assure you that there is more to a tale than that. Many scenes depict genuinely heartbreaking situations when everyone is only concerned with themselves. The world feels immersive and believable. People usually react like this in these kinds of extreme situations.

Some people liken it to “The Road” — another excellent film that employs similar storytelling techniques. To be fair, I think These Final Hours captures genuine feelings better. There is a lot of violence, some sexual content, and gore. Not a single detail looks excessive. Overall, Predestination is one of the best movies like it.

while it is not as complicated as a mindfuck, it is still something you should look into

3. Time Crimes – A True Masterpiece

He finds himself in the past for an hour, and everything goes wild. No matter how hard he tries, the situation becomes worse. Time travel comes with a price.

Action films aren’t that exciting. Think of it like a game of chess, in which everything takes time. Although the number of available movements decreases as you get deeper into the game, there are still numerous alternative outcomes. You’re given control over our protagonist’s future in Time Crimes, forcing you to think about all the various outcomes.

On the subject of time travel, one of the most perilous activities one may engage in is encountering oneself. Everything might be turned upside down. Avoiding it is a must. You may find yourself having to interact with yourself, after all. Would there be any unfortunate consequences? Time Crimes gets to the heart of these issues directly. Time Crimes is one of the best films if you’re searching for thoughtful movies like Predestination.

4. Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko

The more desperate the boy feels, the more sure he gets that the world is going to an end. As he is haunted by the prospect of losing his savings, he goes on to engage in a series of criminal acts with dire repercussions. The world may be ending, but he’s not completely insane. It’s a bunny, right?

As weird as Donnie Darko is, it’s interesting to consider what the meaning of existence is. Where we’re from is more important than who we are.” It will remain in your memory for a long time regardless of your perspective.

In general, the movie Donnie Darko is not recommended for everyone. Whether you love it or detest it will be an emotional experience. For the vast majority of viewers, it’s a masterpiece. It’s something you don’t see created often. Some people, however, fail to see the significance of the statement. In part, the movie doesn’t bother to clarify issues because it doesn’t try to explain anything clearly.

If you’ve yet to figure out the majority of the film after watching it, I recommend giving it another chance. It’s well worth the effort. Everything from the wacky situations and settings to the subtlest of details should be taken into consideration. Everything will be clear at the end.

5. Interstellar – A movie like Predestination

I’ve been following the career of director Christopher Nolan since his debut film was released when that astonishing masterwork, The Following, first appeared on the big screen. In recent years, he has directed some of the biggest and most well-known Hollywood thrillers, such as The Dark Knight Trilogy, as well as many others, to continue to befuddle his audience with the intricacy and delicacy of the plots. For his latest movie, Interstellar, he used cutting-edge special effects to portray a bleak near-future in which Earth has been rendered uninhabitable. Humanity must survive, and the only way to do that is to locate another Earth-like planet.

The sole goal of this mission is to save the human species, and the scientists journey through a wormhole in the galaxy in an attempt to accomplish this. However, they are well aware that there is a very high probability that they will never be able to return to Earth. Do they have a chance of succeeding? Will they be able to return on time?

Actually, the first thirty minutes of the film is quite boring. Once all the characters have been introduced, and the suspense has been built, Nolan takes his time unfolding the story. Even once everything is in place, gears begin to shift quickly. Once you understand that much more is at stake, you will discover that there is far more to be concerned about.

I could talk about it forever. You would prefer to get your hands on it and feel it for yourself. If you avoid reading too much about it, you’ll be better off. Yes, go on. Interstellar is one of the best science fiction films such as Predestination.

6. Source Code

Source Code

Source Code has no usual beginning. Unlike other films, the introduction to the plot and characters does not squander time. No. It begins with a knock! It was not intended pun pun.

The plot centres around a U.S. soldier who wakes to a train with a lovely lady seated across him, claiming to be his lover. He quickly finds himself on an experimental assignment. The train will explode in eight minutes. Before that, he must find the bomb and the bomber. He would have to do it all over again if he fails, well.

He’s alive? What’s going on? What’s going on? At the end, you would get all the answers. Source Code is a treat for those who enjoy happy endings! This is considerably more than the average flick of action. Yes, some parts could raise your hackles. However, if you can overlook them, this is certainly one of the best science fiction films of recent times.

7. Upstream Color – An underrated movie like Predestination

The Upstream Color is not for all. It won’t appeal to certain folks. The story is conveyed in a way that requires all of your attention on the screen to link and make sense of all the components. If you’re one of the kind who loves analyzing all the elements of a film, you’d like what Upstream Color brings.

Like Primer, Shane Carruth’s debut movie, Upstream Color lacks a meaningful explanation of the events in the film. Während the latter in a casual audience is far more welcome, it can nonetheless be exceedingly confusing and annoying.

I normally don’t like films without a powerful plot, but this film must be an exception. Where it lacks a solid story, it makes more than space for loopholes by its hard science fiction. If you’re a fan of movies like Predestination and Primer, Upstream Color won’t deceive you.

8. The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Evan Treborn, a troubled man with little life, is the plot. He is like any other regular person except that he can somehow go back in time by reading his diary. Determined to change his future, he returns to certain turning points in his life, creating another future. It becomes quite evident to him after several attempts that there is no perfect future. Every course of action has repercussions. Is he prepared to accept the truth?

More often than not, such a sophisticated, multi-layered story is rather irritating or baffling. No0t, though, here. Somehow the director succeeded in putting the plot together quite carefully and in tying all the loose ends. It keeps you wondering until the finish and mostly keeps you in the driver’s seat. The Butterfly effect should be your best pick if you are looking for good movies like Predestination but are less subtle.

9. Inception – One of the best movies like Predestination

In the near future, a group of people had found a technique to fantasize about someone, take their millions of dollars and sell them to someone who would pay loads of cash. If they have to carry out an initiation – a very impossible assignment, they will take the job anyhow. The most frightening element is not death. It’d be too easy. One could stagnate eternally in the dream state (limbo) if they don’t get their work done in time. Are they going to come out unscathed?

There is one reason why in most of my lists, I highlight this Nolan thriller — one of the best science fiction fucks you’d ever met. Six years from now, Inception is still one of the most widely spoken films online. The imprecise conclusion leaves much to be addressed. Different people have different theories, and reading them all is a pleasure.

If it got under your attention somehow, you should now watch it.

10. Time Lapse

Time Lapse

Time Lapse is a story about three buddies who discover a camera that will be able to take pictures 24 hours later. In the beginning things go really smoothly until troubling pictures start to emerge.

Although the budget is relatively cheap, it’s incredibly good. Give it a shot. Give it a shot.

11. Honorable mentions – Other movies like Predestination

Blue Velvet, Daybreakers, Shutter Island, Mullholland Drive and A Field are some additional movies I considered to be interesting. Also give them a shot. Are there any additional films that I missed? In the comment box, let me know. I’d be glad to include them here more than happily.