10 Best Movies Like Dont Breathe That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies Like Dont Breathe

There are ten films with similar themes and jumps to Don’t Breathe, which was a sleeper hit in the horror genre.

Fede lvarez followed up his feature-length debut, Evil Dead, with the film The Evil Dead 2 (2016). But this time, the story was completely new, and the film was not a remake. Before it hit theaters the following August, Don’t Breathe had its world premiere at South by Southwest 2016. With only a $9 million budget, the movie ended up grossing a mind-boggling $157 million worldwide. For the distributor Screen Gems, this was a major accomplishment.

Don’t Breathe follows the exploits of three low-level criminals trying to make ends meet in a downtrodden society. Their motive is greed; they want to get their hands on the money that could be theirs if they succeed. It’s unfortunate for the crooks that the blind landowner is prepared to defend his property — as well as a dark personal secret — at any cost. If you enjoyed Don’t Breathe’s sinister reinterpretation of the home invasion story, here are ten more films worth seeing.

10. Crush The Skull (2015)

Crush The Skull (2015)

Four intruders break into a house that they haven’t properly scouted out first. The moment they step foot inside, they’re engulfed in a surreal sense of dread. What’s more, the insane owner is also holding another person hostage. What are the chances of these crooks making it out alive after such a spectacular heist?

In Viet Nguyen’s Crush the Skull, a low-budget dark comedy, the script is flipped and the desired results are achieved. The story makes excellent use of its likeable cast and constrained setting.

9. The Fear Inside (1992)

As a mother and an illustrator for children’s books, Meredith has a full plate. She suffers from agoraphobia, a mental health condition that prevents her from leaving the house. To protect her young son and herself, Meredith is forced to confront her fears after a pair of psychopaths break into her house.

This made-for-cable thriller, starring Christine Lahti and Dylan McDermott, is nuts and sleazy. The film doesn’t shy away from clichés, but when it wants to be, it’s surprisingly stylish. If you’ve never seen The Fear Inside, you’re missing out on one of the best tense films ever made.

8. Blind Fear (1989)

Blind Fear (1989)

A New England inn’s switchboard manager who is blind goes out of business. She plays cat-and-mouse with a gang of criminals on her final night in the deserted lodge.

This little-known thriller from 1989 has echoes of the Audrey Hepburn film Wait Until Dark, a 1966 play adapted for the screen. However, there is less of an emphasis on enclosed spaces. You won’t be as restricted in Blind Fearas you were in Wait Until Dark, but the ending of this one is worth your time as well.

7. Deadly Games (1989)

When it comes to French horror action films,

On Christmas Eve in Deadly Games, a young boy fights for his life against a psychotic man dressed as Santa Claus. In the film, a youngster uses homemade booby traps to capture his assailant.

In spite of the fact that Deadly Games (3615 code Père Nol in French) is a much more violent film, it is widely believed to be the inspiration for Home Alone, the 1990 box office smash. Director and writer René Manzor once threatened to sue Home Alone’s producers for blatantly plagiarizing his film.

6. Hush (2016)

Hush (2016)

Maddie’s hearing and speech had both failed her by the time she was thirteen. As an adult, she’s a published author with a solitary lifestyle in the woods. A masked assailant is seen prowling around the neighborhood one night. Homicide intruder takes off mask when he realizes his intended victim can’t hear him or speak to him.

Hush stars Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House) in a high-octane ride. The stakes are higher, and the level of violence is greater as a result of this. Though Flanagan’s story lacks plausibility, the result is a suspenseful, high-strung horror film that will have you jumping for joy time and time again.

5. The Collector (2009)

Arkin, a handyman, owes a lot of money. As a result, he establishes a watchful eye over the mansion where he works for a wealthy family. When he breaks in at night, he discovers that the residents have fallen victim to crude, deadly traps that someone in a mask has set for them. Now that the cards are in Arkin’s favor, he feels empowered to intervene to protect his former employers.

While the film’s traps are bizarre, The Collector is even more so. An antihero is given a final chance at redemption in this vicious film. After the 2012 release of The Collection, a sequel is already in the works, and it will be called The Coll3cted.

4. Scream For Help (1984)

Scream For Help (1984)

Christie is a typical adolescent in a picture-perfect town. Except for Christie’s fear that her mother’s new husband intends to assassinate her, everything appears to be fine. In order to catch her stepfather red-handed, the adolescent follows him around like a dog. The truth is, everyone believes she’s being dramatic because she despises the idea of her mother remarrying.. Christie really does have a point. And it’s her responsibility to act quickly to save her mother.

Scream for Help is a bizarre film that has gotten a lot of bad press since it was released. Compared to Tom Holland’s (Fright Night) original script, the finished film is a far cry from that. It’s true that Scream for Help has a comedic tone rather than a frightful one. In spite of this, watching this over-the-top home invasion thriller can’t help but leave you speechless.

3. Intruders (2015)

Anna is unable to leave her house due to her agoraphobia. Certainly not for the funeral of her brother. As a result, she is trapped when three assailants burst in. The situation, however, is not what it appears to be when looking at Anna. Because she is hiding something from everyone, including herself.

Intruders (also known as Shut InandDeadly Home) tries to set itself apart from similar films by changing the rules half way through the film. That the plot has taken a devious and refreshing turn is a welcome development.

2. Panic Room (2002)

Panic Room (2002)

Homeowners install a panic room in their new home for the convenience of a single mother and her young daughter. In the event of a break-in not long after you’ve moved in, this amenity comes in handy even more. The thieves are after something in the panic room, which is bad news for the new owners.

In this thrilling suspense thriller starring Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, and Jared Leto, you’ll never want the action to end. This tense film is filled with dramatic back-and-forth sequences and suspenseful action. Leto’s performance as the bumbling villain is just as memorable as Foster’s as the protective mother.

1. You’re Next (2011)

Armed men in animal masks attack a family during an awkward dinner in a remote mansion. However, these barbaric intruders were unaware that one of the dinner guests was a highly trained survivor. The lone woman is now systematically killing the assassins with her prowess and a variety of make-do weapons.

You’re Next by Adam Wingard is a master at walking the line between horror and comedy. Despite the unadulterated mayhem and bloodshed, this slasher manages to maintain an unwavering sense of gallows humor.