Top 24 Movies Like Stomp The Yard That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Movies Like Stomp The Yard

If you enjoyed Stomp the Yard, you’ll enjoy these even more. This is a list of films that you might enjoy if you like Stomp The Yard.

1. Soul Plane 2004

Soul Plane 2004

Nashawn Wade sues Southwest Airlines after his pet dies during a horrendous flight; he eventually wins a multimillion-dollar settlement. With the goal of improving the flying experience for African-Americans, Nashawn starts his own airline. When the airline starts flying with a slick plane piloted by the smooth Capt. Mack, they run into trouble with the family of Elvis Hunkee, who died in the plane.

2. Step Up 2: The Streets 2008

While attending the prestigious Maryland School of the Arts, rebellious street dancer Andie must fight for acceptance while trying to hold onto her old life. After joining forces with Chase, one of Baltimore’s hottest dancers, she forms a group of outcasts to compete in The Streets, an underground dance competition.

3. How She Move 2007

How She Move 2007

Upon exiting her classes at school following the death of her sister, Raya Green (Rutina Wesley), sees members of a stomp crew hard at work. In the dance crew, she runs into Bishop(Dwain Murphy), the group’s leader. She then encounters Michelle and engages in a stomping match with her. Michelle eventually prevails. They begin as rivals before eventually becoming friends. But she believes she failed because her overbearing mother pushes her to do well on the entrance exam for medical school.

4. Save The Last Dance 2001

In Chicago, a white girl from the Midwest moves in with her new boyfriend, a black adolescent from the South Side of Chicago with a shady past.

5. Take The Lead 2006

Take The Lead 2006

The background of a former professional dancer who volunteers to teach in the New York public school system clashes initially with his students’ tastes, but together they create a new style of dance. Relating to Pierre Dulane, a professional ballroom dancer who inspired the film.

6. Step Up 2006

Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their goals, but for some, this is their only chance. It’s only Tyler Gage’s dreams of one day leaving Baltimore’s rough neighborhoods that keep him from living an unfulfilled life. As a ballet dancer, Nora has the good fortune to attend the prestigious Maryland School of the Arts in Baltimore.

7. Fat Albert 2004

After “falling” out of their TV world into the real world where Fat Albert is trying to help a young girl named Doris make friends, the obese boy Fat Albert and his friends Rudy, Mushmouth, Bill, Dumb Donald, Russell and Weird Harold get themselves into some trouble.

8. You Got Served 2004

You Got Served 2004

The best Los Angeles hip-hop crews compete for money and respect at Mr. Rad’s Warehouse. However, when a suburban group crashes the party and steals their dancers – as well as their moves – two feuding friends must band together to represent the city. staring rap icons Marques Houston and Omari Grandberry alongside Lil’ Kim and comedian Steve Harvey.

9. Atl 2006

As four friends get ready for life after high school, they face a variety of obstacles that cause their paths to diverge. Cascade Roller Skating Rink is the setting for all of the action as it unfolds and resolves.

10. Love Don’t Cost A Thing 2003

For the sake of being taken seriously as cool by the other students, a high school loser pays a cheerleader (Milian) to pose as his girlfriend. Patrick Dempsey stars in this remake of the 1987 film Can’t Buy Me Love.

11. Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming 2010

When it comes to homecoming weekend at Truth University, Chance Harris is focused on finding a work-life balance while also getting ready for the nationally televised step competition.

12. Hustle & Flow 2005

Hustle & Flow 2005

A Memphis pimp going through a midlife crisis tries to make it as a hip-hop emcee with the help of his friends.

13. Bad Boys II 2003

Miami Narcotics Task Force cops Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey, out-of-control trash-talkers, reunite and chase a crazy drug lord from the streets of Miami to Cuba’s barrios. Bullets fly, cars crash, and laughs explode. When Marcus finds out that playboy Mike is secretly seeing his sexy sister, things get really heated.

14. Blood And Bone 2009

As an ex-con tries to fulfill a promise to a deceased friend in Los Angeles’ underground fighting scene, he is met with a lot of resistance.

15. Drumline 2002

Drumline 2002

A comedy about a talented Harlem street drummer who transfers to a Southern university, where he hopes to lead the marching band’s drumline to success. He struggles at first in his new environment before realizing that success requires more than just natural talent.

16. Beauty Shop 2005

There was a lot to hear in the barbershop, but the women in Beauty Shop get their own chance to shine, shampoo, and express themselves.

17. Love & Basketball 2000

In this drama, a young African-American couple struggles to balance romance and athletics. We know Quincy McCall (Omar Epps) and Monica Wright from our childhood, and they’ve been friends ever since. Adulthood brings them together, and not only do they find love, but they also discover they have a lot in common because they both love basketball. They’ve been fans of the game their entire lives, and it shows on the court. While Quincy and Monica struggle to make their relationship work, they pursue separate basketball careers in high school and college, where they aspire to be big-league professional stars one day.

18. This Christmas 2007

One of their most memorable holidays yet promises to be spent with the Whitfields this year. It’s been a long time since any of the siblings have visited, and they’ve all brought a lot of baggage along with them. Secrets are revealed and family ties are tested as the Christmas tree is decorated and the lights are strung. As their paths cross, they band together to help one another understand what it means to be a family.

19. Madea’s Family Reunion 2006

As seen on stage, Madea’s Family Reunion continues the story of the legendary Southern matriarch made famous by Tyler Perry’s critically acclaimed play. Lisa and Vanessa, her nieces, are having relationship issues and she has been ordered by the court to be in charge of Nikki, a rebellious runaway. Lisa and Vanessa also have to organize their family reunion during this time.

20. Lottery Ticket 2010

opportunistic neighbors discover that Kevin Carson, a young man from the projects, is in possession of a $370 million winning lottery ticket and force him to endure a three-day weekend

21. Juice 1992

Bishop, Q, Steel, and Raheem, four Harlem friends who dabble in crime, decide to take it to the next level by robbing a convenience store. Bishop, the charismatic group leader, is armed. However, Q has a different set of goals in mind. On the night of the robbery, he had a gig as a DJ. It’s too bad for him that Bishop won’t accept no for an answer in a game that’s all or nothing.

22. Baby Boy 2001

When Jody, a misguided twenty-something black man who is really just a baby boy, finally has to face the realities of real life… He’s unemployed, street-smart, and the father of two children, Yvette and Peanut, by two different women. He also still lives with his mother. He can’t seem to maintain a sense of equilibrium or get a handle on the chaos in his life.

23. Brown Sugar 2002

Sidney is a writer who recently left her position as music critic for The Los Angeles Times to edit New York’s XXL magazine, a hip-hop mag. Dre is the head of a New York-based hip-hop record label. Both of them were introduced to hip-hop as children and have been friends ever since. However, Dre is engaged to lawyer Reese and Sidney claims she’s not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Dre now that they’re back together. At the same time, Dr. Dre is becoming dissatisfied with his company’s emphasis on profit over artistry, leading him to sign the gimmicky Ren and Ten while ignoring the talented Chris. Dre

24. Fighting 2014

An unnamed and sadistic director forces a group of Shaolin-trained kung fu actors who are about to break into Hollywood to go through hell in the city of Angels. A rogues’ gallery of underworld thugs and martial artists is provoked by the Director, who films their every move.