10 Best Shounen Anime That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Shounen Anime

Ranker’s users have cast their votes and accurately selected the top ten shounen anime of all time, despite the difficult decision-making process.

As its roots have gone beyond Japan, shounen anime has seen significant growth in the previous few decades. The unique experience that only anime can deliver has attracted fans of all ages and from all over the world, and this is only the beginning. When it comes to depicting emotions, expressions, and action sequences in characters, animated programs offer a considerably greater spectrum of artistic originality than live-action shows.

In the past, shounen anime has been aimed towards teenagers, which has allowed some franchises to establish a devoted following as their fans mature with the show. Even though many of these shows have been huge hits, Ranker has developed a list of the top 10 best shounen anime of all time, with the aid of tens of thousands of fans.

1. Bleach


One of Toonami and Adult Swim’s most popular shows during its nine-year run, Bleach introduced shounen to Western audiences with its 366 episodes. In November 2021, Bleach’s last story arc will be turned into an anime series, making it one of the most popular mangas of all time.

Bleach tells the story of Ichigo as he matures from a normal human being to a formidable Soul Reaper. As a protector of the innocent, he must also study the ins and outs of the spiritual world, which he is tasked with doing.

2. Death Note

Light Yagami, a brilliant young man, discovers the notorious “Death Note” book in Death Note. If the author knows the victim’s face and identity, this book empowers its owner to kill him or her.

It is difficult for Light to carry out his battle against Japan’s criminals because the local authorities, particularly the detective L, are interested in him. Even though it only lasted a season and a half, Death Note managed to weave a gripping story and is one of the best anime series ever produced in a single season.

3. Black Clover

Black Clover (2017)

Life is difficult for Asta, a young man who is seemingly powerless in a world filled with magical beings. Because of his best buddy Yuno’s apparent magic prowess, he is especially concerned about his own abilities in this area.

Despite pandemic-related delays, Black Clover has already produced 140 episodes since its introduction in 2017. Asta and Yuno’s battle to become Wizard King was named the most-watched anime of 2020 by Crunchyroll.

4. My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, a lot of popular shonen anime themes are explored in a unique way. Even though Izuku Midoriya doesn’t have any superhuman skills of his own, he’s still aiming to become a superhero in the future.

Online, the show has a devoted following, thanks to the fan-made “favorite” kids. Students like Katsuki, who have a rivalry with Izuku, desire to follow in All Might’s footsteps and become heroes like him.

5. Naruto

Naruto Shippuuden

Naruto, the sixth most popular shounen series of all time, should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anime. From orphan to optimistic Hokage, Naruto’s journey may be related to by everyone who watches the show. Because of the show’s high replay value, it’s no surprise that he suffers a considerable deal of setbacks along the way to success.

Because of the curse that has been placed on him, Naruto has lost both of his parents and has been socially exiled before he has even had the chance to meet them. After nearly 20 years since its debut episode aired, the characters, clothing and ninjutsu of Naruto are still relevant in mainstream culture today.

6. Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto: Shippuden adds an extra 500 episodes of manga material to the original 220 episodes of manga in the original Naruto series. After Naruto left to train with Jiraiya for three years, the strength levels of most of the characters featured in Shippuden have risen significantly.

The Akatsuki are the series’ principal danger, and this allows the series to showcase more grandiose confrontations with tremendous powers, particularly against them. For this reason, Shippuden is a favorite among fans since it allows many of the series’ leading characters to grow and develop to their full potential.

7. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

To be clear, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (released in 2009) is not a sequel to the original 2003 film, but rather a complete reimagining of the manga series. With its lengthy 64-episode run (as opposed to just 51 episodes for its predecessor), it had a far more diverse style.

The story of Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric’s quest to repair their bodies after an alchemical attempt to resuscitate their mother goes horribly wrong is told through the lens of Brotherhood. As a result, Brotherhood is a far more accurate representation of its inspiration, even if its principal adversaries are distinct from those of the other series.

8. Attack On Titan

The titan monsters from Attack on Titan are some of the most horrifying shounen anime ever made. The devastation these monstrosities are capable of wreaking on the Shiganshina District’s residents is shown in the very first episode, which accounts for a large portion of the series’ conflict.

With 75 episodes in the canon, there is a lot more going on with these titans than is initially apparent.

This series blurs the lines between good and evil, making fans eagerly await the show’s conclusion.

By January 2022, Attack on Titan’s second half and its last 16 episodes will have aired, and the remaining heroes, such as Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, will try to put their conflict to rest once and for all.

9. One Piece

One Piece

One Piece recently made headlines for showing its 1000th episode, an accomplishment accomplished by only a handful of other anime programs in the history of the medium. In fact, the show presently has the seventh-longest total runtime in the history of all anime genres.

One Piece never fails to entertain as we journey with Luffy and his crew towards his ultimate goal of becoming the pirate king. Because of its massive ensemble of characters, including Roronoa Zoro, Nami and Donquixote Doflamingo, the story has captivated viewers for so many years. ‘

10. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is deserving of the top slot in the Ranker poll because it is the clear favorite. Originally broadcast in Japan in 1999, this series underwent a major revamp in 2011 that only aired in the United States in 2016. Thus, it has a significant position in the thoughts of many anime fans as one of the most prominent shounen series currently on the air.

Killua and Gon Freeccs are great friends and go on a quest together to become Hunters, just like Gon’s father. Fans are still hoping for a seventh season, despite how close the anime has come to matching the manga’s current output.