4 Best Movies About Pie That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Pie

Pie is a favorite food of ours. Movies are a big part of our lives. What if you combine them? That, in our judgment, merits an Oscar nomination. In this ode to the silver screen, we present four of our all-time favorite pie sequences.

1. Waitress (2007)

Baking pies helps a woman remember and honor her mother

Waitress (2007)

There are numerous pie-related sequences in this film, and the plot revolves on them. Joe’s Pie Diner employs Jenna as a waitress. However, an unplanned pregnancy puts a stop to her ambitions to flee her violent husband Earl and create her own pie business. Her mother, who is now deceased, began teaching her how to cook pies when she was just a tiny kid, it is discovered. When Jenna was a child, her mother would create pies for momentous occasions, such as “Jenna’s First Kiss Pie.” Upon the birth of Jenna’s baby girl, Jenna decides to break up with Earl. She wins $25,000 in a pie contest in a neighboring town, allowing her to realize her lifelong ambitions. It is fitting that at the end of the film, we see Jenna cradling her newborn daughter and singing the wonderful song that she learned from her mother:

What I want to do is to “create a strawberry pie from heaven above” and “keep you eternally in the midst of my heart,” which is what I want to accomplish.

2. The Help (2011)

Sweet, sweet revenge

The Help (2011)

Minny, a maid and cook in a small Mississippi town in the 1960s, is famous for her chocolate pies. Hilly employs her, thus she’s out of a job. Hilly is a despicable human being. Racism drives her to launch the “Home Help Sanitation Initiative,” which would require black housemaids to use separate toilets from their white owners, based on the horrifying assumption that these maids may carry diseases. Hilly accuses Minny of stealing at one point, and then fires her immediately. Minny is enraged, since she is already trying to make ends meet because of the cutbacks she has had to make. Minny intends to exact her vengeance on Hilly in the most unpleasant way possible. When she makes her famous chocolate pie, she adds a secret ingredient. Afterwards, Minny tells Hilly that she baked some of her own feces into the pie, which Hilly eats in one go. Hilly must have been in a fit of rage. Minny got what she came for, even if we don’t like seeing a good chocolate pie defiled in such a terrible way.

3. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

A tense moment with apple strudel

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Here, Shosanna, a young French Jew, is forced to meet with vicious Nazi Hans Landas so that he can question her about allowing a Nazi propaganda picture to be screened at her theatre during Paris’ premiere. Shoshanna, on the other hand, knows Hans Landa as the man who killed her family while they were sheltering in a dairy farmer’s basement. As soon as she spots the Nazi again, Shoshanna goes into a state of awe-inducing terror. Her escape will be impossible if he discovers her true identity this time. Landa puts in an order for an apple strudel for everyone. Suddenly, Landa interrupts Shoshanna as she’s about to eat a piece of cake. Despite her protests, he insists that she eat it with milk and cream on top. The dairy farm where her family was slaughtered? Or does he merely want her to savor the strudel in a more authentic German manner? ‘ An unassuming (but delectable) slice of pie becomes the focal point of a terrifying incident.

4. Labor Day (2013)

Two characters find love over baking a pie

Labor Day (2013)

Labor Day weekend of 1987 is the setting for this film. Henry lives with his mother, Adele, in the suburbs of New Hampshire. Her husband has broken up with them, and she’s having a hard time coping as a single mother. Frank Chambers, a shady figure who appears out of nowhere, begins to terrorize the residents of the neighborhood. To her surprise, she lets him stay in her house as an escaped convict after convincing him to do so. Frank proves to be a good man despite his criminal past. Henry and he become closer as they work on cars together and engage in other father-son activities. Frank and Adele develop a romantic relationship over time, culminating in him teaching her and Henry how to prepare peach pie. While kneading dough and chopping peaches for the pie, Adele and Frank realize their connection. Good food (particularly pie) has the capacity to bring people together in a lovely scenario.