10 Best Movies About Alaska That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Alaska

There’s a lot of icy terrain to explore in Alaska. If you’d like to visit but can’t afford the trip, these movies may be able to help!

A wildlife haven and unspoiled landscapes abound in Alaska, a U.S. state located in the country’s far northwestern corner. Because it has not been possible for the human population to industrialize the entirety of the state, unlike other states in the country, this one is wild. Anyone planning a trip to this beautiful state should familiarize themselves with the locales featured in a handful of the many films that have been shot there.

As these films examine the various regions of this state, they will raise the interest in this type of vacation. This collection of documentaries sheds light on what makes it such a special place. Learn about a few movies that take place in Alaska by reading on!

1. The Grey (2011)

The Grey (2011)

A group of oil workers find their plane stranded in Alaska as a storm thwarts their journey back to the United States.

A band of Timber Wolves is stalking the employees and a man named John Ottoway in the wilderness. The party must find a way to resist the elements and get to safety while avoiding these frightening animals.

2. The Big White (2005)

As the name suggests, the film takes place in a cold and snowy state and stars Robin Williams, Giovanni Ribisi, and Holly Hunter, among others. Paul Bernell, an Alaskan vacation agency, is on the verge of bankruptcy.

In an attempt to collect on his million-dollar life insurance policy, he finds a dead body and pretends it’s his brother’s. Because of the failure of the insurance investigator and his missing sibling, things go awry for him.

3. Into The Wild (2007)

Into The Wild (2007)

After graduating from Emory University as a top student and athlete, a young man decides to leave it all behind and embark on a new path in this film. He gives away everything he owns to a good cause before embarking on a cross-country hitchhiking journey to Alaska.

In the Alaskan tundra, he meets a lot of interesting people who help shape him into the man he wants to become.

4. Big Miracle (2012)

The story of an Alaskan news woman who works tirelessly to save three stranded California Gray Whales is one that families can’t get enough of. Numerous charities jump at the chance to assist these stranded animals after reading the story, which becomes viral across the country.

As business, politics, and environmentalists converge, each is working to achieve their own goals while attempting to protect the whales at issue. There is a lot of heart in this film, and it has a great focus on animals that the whole family can appreciate.

5. Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Mystery, Alaska (1999)

This film takes place in the small Alaskan town of Mystery, and it is a satire on the area’s hockey fanatics.

In a nationally broadcast game that is guaranteed to be seen by millions, a professional New York hockey team will face off against the residents of this village. You won’t soon forget this game, and families will enjoy the Alaskan scenery and this fantastic sport.

6. On The Ice (2011)

In their village of Barrow, Alaska, three Iupiaq teenagers go out seal hunting when something goes wrong. In the aftermath of the seal’s killing of one of their friends, the two remaining youngsters attempt to cover their tracks by blaming themselves for his death.

Their grief over his death and dodging the boy’s suspicious father are their main concerns at this time.

7. The Proposal (2009)

The Proposal (2009)

Sandra Bullock co-stars with Ryan Reynolds as a teenage assistant who is forced to marry his boss in order for her to keep her visa. When she visits him and his family in Sitka, Alaska to keep up the ruse, she and he are obliged to appear to be in love.

As they get closer to their wedding day, she learns more about his past and his family. When a member of immigration shows there, ready to claim their marriage is bogus and deport her to Canada, things only get worse from there.

8. The Fourth Kind (2009)

This film, which takes place in Nome, Alaska, is recommended for Alaskan adventurers who enjoy horror. As an increasing number of people disappear each year, this investigation focuses on the possibility that they were abducted by extraterrestrials.

Dr. Abigail Tyler, a psychologist, is on a mission to uncover the truth as she videotapes meetings with frightened patients who share horrifying details of their personal extraterrestrial encounters.

9. The Edge (1997)

The Edge (1997)

It’s been a while since this picture was released, but it’s a must-see for anyone visiting Alaska. While Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins star in a film about a billionaire’s model wife and her photographer who crash-lands their plane in a lake.

They have to fend for themselves in the Alaskan tundra while avoiding a bear with a desire for human flesh, but they also learn more about themselves.

10. Snow Dogs (2002)

After his mother’s death, a wealthy Miami dentist travels to Alaska to claim his inheritance, only to find out his mother left him a team of sled dogs instead.

After a confrontation with a local man who wants the dogs for himself, he decides to participate a local race. As a dentist from sunny Florida prepares his pack to win the local race, there is a lot of laughter to be had.