15 Best Movies About Mermaids That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Mermaids

We decided to compile a list of the best mermaid movies ever made. You’ll be surprised by some of the names on this list!

In terms of fantasy creatures, mermaids are up there with the best of them. In many ways, they’ve attracted admirers for a long time, from their glittering tails to their lives beneath the waves. Some people claim to have seen these majestic creatures in person, but for the most part, people are content to learn about them through books and television shows.

Here are the best mermaid-themed movies we could come up with. There are well-known works, like Disney’s Ariel’s story, as well as lesser-known works that may be on some readers’ must-watch lists.

A new revision has been made by Amanda Bruce On the 23rd of June in the year 2020: Movies about mermaids will continue for as long as spectators find them compelling. The mermaids we’re dealing with can be sweet and romantic at times, cruel at others, or perhaps both. In all of the films that have been released after the first publication of this list, there is a mermaid that moviegoers will adore, regardless of the genre.

1. Miranda


This movie, which debuted in theaters in 1948, is credited with igniting the public’s fascination in mermaids. Mermaids had been featured in short films prior to this, but this was the first major production.

Based on a theater play, the film depicts a fisherman rescuing a mermaid after she was mistakenly caught by him. While everyone’s relationships in a small village revolve around her, she gets into all kinds of trouble. It even inspired a follow-up.

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End isn’t exactly an adaptation of the mermaid tale, but it does contain a new perspective on the creatures. Captain Blackbeard needs a tear from one of these sirens in order to complete a complex plot.

While the story’s depiction of mermaids is a unique new perspective on the mythical creature, it’s also an exciting addition to The Pirates of the Caribbean cinematic universe.

3. Peter Pan (2003)

Peter Pan (2003)

Despite the fact that it is not the first telling of Peter Pan’s story, the 2003 film version is the most faithful rendition to the source material. The mermaids are some of Wendy’s earliest interactions in Neverland, despite the story’s focus on her maturing when she meets a boy who never will.

Mermaids aren’t really nice, and this is the first Peter Pan retelling to make them genuinely dangerous instead of just jealous of Wendy’s presence as they try to drown her.

4. The Little Mermaid

Not to be confused with the animated Disney version, this story was released in 2018 and stars Poppy Drayton.

An investigative journalist wonders whether a woman he encounters in a touring circus is a true-blue mermaid in this story. By writing a tale about “mermaid healing water” sold by the show’s owner, he tries to find a solution for his niece’s condition, but ends up in the heart of a war for the woman’s freedom instead. It’s a love story and an adventure, like most mermaid tales.

5. The Mermaid

The Mermaid

The Mermaid was released in Chinese cinema in 2016 and became an instant hit. It dominated the box office and was a runaway success.

Shan is the mermaid in the film. Her mermaid family lives in a shipwrecked ship off the coast of China, and she sails to China to help them out. They have devised a plan to kill the man whose pollution-causing company is responsible for the contamination in their area of the water. After he lets his guard down, Shan falls in love with him, and the movie shifts to an action-adventure rather than a romantic comedy. In addition to the mermaids, the film includes an uncle with octopus arms, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

6. The Little Mermaid

Disney’s 1989 version of The Little Mermaid is a good place to start. As in the Hans Christian Andersen tale, the story follows a mermaid named Ariel, who longs to live among humans and falls in love with a human prince named Eric.

The principal females of each Disney princess film are celebrated because they are always so gorgeous and vibrant and bold. There’s nothing like a good story with a happy ending and some great music to go along with it.

7. Splash


Splash, a 1984 rom-com, was a big hit. Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah lead in Ron Howard’s film, which also has John Candy and Eugene Levy in supporting roles. It’s worth noting that Walt Disney Studios’ Touchstone Pictures released this film as the company’s inaugural release.

The film’s story revolves around a man who falls in love with a mermaid… a mermaid! Add this to the to-do list if someone hasn’t seen it yet.

8. Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire

Merpeople and other mythical creatures abound in Harry Potter’s fantastical realm. In the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, they appeared.

It was during the Triwizard Tournament that people were put to sleep by these submerged creatures. Although they appear just briefly in the film, the Black Lake at Hogwarts serves as a reminder that mermaids are an important part of the story.

9. Mermaids

Mermaids, of course, must to be discussed while we’re talking about this subject. Cher, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci all appeared in the film, which came out in 1990. Despite the fact that this was Ricci’s first picture, Ryder was also nominated and won accolades for her performance.

Despite the fact that none of these actresses played actual mermaids, there are references to swimming in the films, as well as Cher’s outstanding mermaid Halloween costume. That in and of itself is incentive enough to watch or revisit this!

10. The Thirteenth Year

The Thirteenth Year

The Thirteenth Year, a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) that premiered in 1999, follows on this list. The story revolved around a teenage kid who discovered that his mother was a mermaid. What method did he use to learn this? When he was 13, of course, he began to grow some scales and fins!

The Thirteenth Year isn’t a critically praised film, but it’s a fun choice for the whole family.

11. Aquamarine

Aquamarine, on the other hand, was released in 2006. In part, it’s an adaptation of a 2001 young adult novel. There are three primary characters in this film: Emma Roberts, Joanna “JoJo” Levesque and Sara Paxton. The mermaid is found by two girls swimming in the pool.

Yes, this is a great book for everyone who appreciates a nice aquatic fantasy novel. Those infants are really cute!

12. Peter Pan

Peter Pan is another Disney film that features these mythical creatures. In 1953, this animated film was launched, and it depicted the story of a group of children fleeing the realities of the world and escaping to Neverland.

A group of mermaids greeted Wendy, John, and Michael Darling when they first arrived on this island with Peter. Their tails were glistening in the sunlight. They adorned their hair with starfish. They also tried to drown Wendy! However, despite their lack of sweetness, these supporting characters deserve more attention because they are well-known and beloved characters from a well-known company.

13. Lady In The Water

Lady In The Water

Lady in the Water, which has been around since 2006, is a thriller that falls within this genre. This thriller starred Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard and was written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan (renowned for his plot twists) (who is pictured here).

One of the central themes of the film revolves around a woman who is found in the water and is shown to be nothing less than a water nymph. An under-appreciated story on this list is about water nymphs, as there are not many of them.

14. Sabrina Down Under

Melissa Joan Hart played Sabrina Spellman on Sabrina the Teenage Witch for a decade, from 1996 to 2003. In Sabrina Down Under, a 1999 television movie, a teenage witch and her talking cat, Salem, go to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to help safeguard mermaids from pollution in the ocean. If you’re looking for something to keep you awake at night, go no further than this. So, what’s the catch?

15. Beach Blanket Bingo

Beach Blanket Bingo

Beach Blanket Bingo is the final mermaid film on my list, and it’s an unusual one at that. The fifth and most well-known film in the Beach Party film series was released in 1965.

It also squeezed a lot of information into one article. Sugar Kane, a singer, is a pawn in the hands of her agent. Skydiving is an option. It’s all part of a plot to make a guy feel threatened. Some bikers are out there. Sugar gets kidnapped by a villain. Also, a character named Bonehead falls in love with Lorelei, a mermaid, in the story.