5 Best Movies About Greek Life That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Greek Life

1. Alpha Class

Alpha Class

The narrative of a small group of college students at the country’s most notorious party institution is told in this candid glimpse behind the closed doors of the fraternity world. When the young men are initiated into the fraternity after pledging and undergoing “Hell Week,” they celebrate for a short time before the fraternity they just joined is expelled from school. In the wake of their fraternity’s expulsion from college, they set out to form a new fraternity on campus that embodied their ideals of brotherhood. Some people wish to enjoy the present moment while others want to wait for a better future. D-Mak Productions and Danny McManus tell the story of the growth and fall of a fraternity ripped apart by politics, parties, and betrayal. Because this is a genuine account of a chapter’s rise and fall, it’s at the top of the list. This isn’t your standard fraternity comedy; instead, it’s a look at the day-to-day drama of the Greek system, with a focus on fraternities in particular. It’s as though you’re right there in the room with the band members. It’s something that both Greek and non-Greek members can identify with and understand.

2. Animal House

Animal House

This is a wacky look at fraternity life, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. It is set in 1962, when fraternity life was at its wildest and most uncontrollable. Omega Theta Pi, a prestigious fraternity, and Delta Tau Chi, a fraternity known for its wild parties, are the focus of the film. As a result of the Deltas’ excessive drinking and partying, the university’s dean is seeking to expel them from the campus. A lot of the Deltas’ antics are amusing, and this is evident throughout the film. They are eventually expelled from campus, and for the duration of the film, they are desperately attempting to reclaim their place at the school.

3. Brotherhood


Every fraternity and their pledge ceremonies may learn something from this film, which is why we included it. During his final night as a pledge for a collegiate fraternity, the main character Adam Buckley finds himself in the center of a convenience store heist. As an initiation ritual, the Pledge master instructs him to rob a convenience store, but only for exact change from the day the Fraternity was created. Adam is forced to confront a new challenge as the initiation ceremony goes tragically wrong and every move proves disastrous. Despite their best efforts, the end effect is still death. Those who are Greek-affiliated will find this film frightening and eye-opening because of how easily things can go awry. Ritualized initiations are common in all Greek-affiliated organizations, whether they be fraternities or sororities. It’s a shame that the spirit of brotherhood doesn’t work out in this movie.

4. Old School

Old School

Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Farrell feature in this classic Hollywood comedy. He (Luke Wilson) breaks up with his girlfriend when he unexpectedly discovers she participates in (Luke Wilson). In New York City, he comes across a house near the fake Harrison University campus. After a short while, he learns that the house he recently bought is actually on University property, and that the University is now going to evict him. He invested a lot of money on the house and is now fighting for its continued ownership. Vince Vaughn plays the role of one of his buddies who honors him with a lavish party. They immediately embark on a frantic effort to find any method he may keep his residence. As a result, they ponder the question of how to establish a fraternity in order to maintain their residence on university land. As a result, they go through with the full “Go Greek” thing, including recruiting new members. Despite the fact that it is a comedy, this film serves as a bit of a primer on the process of starting a fraternity and being involved in Greek life.

5. PCU


At Port Chester University, where fraternities have been abolished and political correctness is widespread, preppy pre-freshman Tom Lawrence visits. Tom, the hapless visitor, manages to enrage practically every set of pupils during his stay. A group of students calling themselves “Balls and Shaft” wants the outlawed Greek System brought back to college, and he eventually tracks out this gang. The members of this fraternity presently reside in one of the Greek homes. In the end, the group has to fight with a lot of other social clubs in order to unite. Colleges and universities without Greek life are depicted in this film, which shows how difficult it is to re-establish Greek life on campus.