8 Best Horror Movies About Dolls That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Horror Movies About Dolls

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If they want to frighten and thrill an audience that has seen it all, horror films need to get innovative. These days, gore and blood aren’t enough; we need something more eerie.

Involving a spectral object or figure is one option. Maybe it’s passed down to an unfortunate ancestor. By chance they may have come across it. Other possibilities include anything that only appears at odd hours, such as in the attic or a mirror.

Some of the best horror films based on dolls and other frightening figures may be found here.

8. Polaroid (2019)

Polaroid (2019)

Taking a selfie with an ancient camera isn’t the coolest idea, especially if that camera has the potential to kill you.

In the movie Polaroid, a young woman who works in an antique shop discovers a Polaroid camera. Whenever she uses this camera, a mysterious photobomber—someone she cannot see—appearances in all of her shots.

Anyone who is unlucky enough to be photographed by it is cursed. She and her pals set out to figure out what’s going on after being alarmed by some strange phantasms. Nevertheless, as they dig more into the case, they discover a web of sorrow and twisted family lore.

7. Lights Out (2016)

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The movie’s title, Lights Out, is a perfect fit, as it’s the kind of film that makes you rethink turning out the lights before you go to bed.

In this well-executed horror film, a spooky character comes to life in the dark. It looms large in the mind of a family whose terrible past was tainted by the presence of a mentally ill mother.

If you’re into jump scares, the scenes in which the lights are shut off will give you shivers.

6. Slender Man (2018)

Slender Man (2018)

It’s hard not to be scared of someone who is tall, slim, and has no face. One of Slender Man’s main antagonists is an Internet creepypasta character. According to legend, he lurks in the shadows, and there are even films to back it up!

There have been several adaptations of the Slender Man narrative, but the 2018 film is the finest of them all because to its chilling depictions of the exceptionally tall figure that kidnaps and traumatizes its victims.

5. Annabelle (2014)

Are there any horror aficionados who haven’t heard of the infamous Annabelle doll, which has terrorized viewers for decades? As far as I know, this film hasn’t been released yet.

The terrifying doll from the Conjuring movies makes a cameo appearance in Annabelle, a horror film. That’s what the movie’s exorcist claims—a it’s doll used by the devil to get in touch with people so he can take them over.

That Annabelle is based on real-life demonic possessions and paranormal cases makes it much scarier. Locked away in a safe spot is the real Annabelle doll.

4. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

In the Dark is based on a collection of short stories for children and young adults by the same name. Stephen Gammell’s harrowing pictures were the main source of the original book’s controversy.

Although the basic material is based on a novel, the film attempts its best to bring to life a cast of grotesque characters through the use of a strange book.

They try to discover a method to stop the ghostly author from creating additional stories that come to life beyond the book’s pages when their friends go missing.

3. Sinister (2012)

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It’s the narrative of a crime reporter who becomes intrigued by the murders of a single-family home’s residents. His family even moves in with him so he can collect ideas for his next book.

An old film projector in the attic of the house reveals the murders of the previous family, as well as several other families. He and his family find themselves entangled in a strange murder case involving the mysterious Mr. Boogie as the investigation progresses.

2. IT (2017)

IT (2017)

Clowns, particularly those who reside in sewers, aren’t particularly popular with children. And if you don’t already despise clowns, IT will ensure that you do so. In this film, a killer clown preys on unsuspecting victims, killing them before they’re even aware that he’s there.

The 1990 television miniseries IT, which was based on the Stephen King novel, was remade in 2013. Even though many of us first encountered Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the 1990 film, the 2017 remake featuring Bill Skarsgrd is far more horrifying.

1. Dead Silence (2007)

Ventriloquists utilize dummies like Benson from Toy Story 4, which has a spooky appearance to it. Suppose he was taken over by an evil spirit and began murdering people? That’s a scary thought.

A horror film starring a demonic dummy named Billy and a deceased ventriloquist who was humiliated is Dead Silence, directed by James Wan.

After receiving Billy the dummy in the mail as an anonymous “present,” Ryan Kwanten plays James Ashen, an investigator looking into the death of his wife. There are dark and bloody pathways that lead to his research.