10 Horror Movies Like You’re Next You Need Watching Update 05/2024

movies like youre next

Although horror films aren’t for everyone, for those who liked You’re Next, here are ten more films guaranteed to make you jump out of your skin.

If you’re here, you’ve probably already seen this cult classic. In the event that you haven’t already, what are you doing? It’s easy to see why this horror film has become a modern classic, with a healthy dose of dark comedy thrown in. The plot of You’re Next centers on Erin, a woman who goes to a family reunion with her boyfriend and ends up having the worst time ever. A gang of masked assassins ambushes the family as they hide in their country mansion after dark.

These assassins, on the other hand, have no idea they’ve taken on a bigger challenge than they can chew because Erin was raised by survivalists who prepared her for every worst-case scenario imaginable. Erin quickly turns the tables on them and dispatches them before they have a chance to react. In the event that you enjoyed—or at least believe you would enjoy—You’re Next, then here are ten additional horror films you must not miss!

These are the best British horror movies to watch right now.

1. The Descent

The Descent

What’s the harm in making You’re Next even better by adding a whole squad of capable butt-kicking chicks to the mix when they’re under attack from an unknown threat? As an ode to female power, The Descent serves up heaping helpings of genuine scares and a thrilling story. Although the ending isn’t as happy and inspiring as the one for You’re Next’s heroine, this must-see horror film delivers on both counts.

2. The Strangers

The Strangers

Most people like to imagine themselves as Erins in a real-life horror movie. However, the truth is that most people would react more like the characters in The Strangers if confronted with a terrifying home invasion planned by masked strangers. Incredibly suspenseful and satisfying, The Strangers is a film worthy of its own franchise, and even though the protagonists of this piece are the type of horror movie characters that will have you screaming at the TV because of their poor judgment, it’s a film that fans of You’re Next will enjoy no end.

3. Last House On The Left (1972)

The loss of one’s own child is widely acknowledged to be the most devastating emotional experience one can go through, so it should come as no surprise that this basic premise has served as the inspiration for numerous excellent horror films. If you’re afraid of being attacked or losing a loved one because of a gang of psychopaths you’ve never met, then you’ll love Wes Craven’s film The Last House On The Left because it allows you to experience the kinds of fantasies you’d have if you were given the chance to avenge someone you care about.

4. It Comes At Night

It Comes At Night

With a slow burn tension building, It Comes At Night is an atmospheric and mysterious horror film. It’s an interesting twist on the home invasion horror movie genre because the ultimate invader that these characters and their families are trying to keep out is an unknown disease that drives people insane. Two families, at first strangers, decide to help one another and work together, but they soon become consumed by suspicion of one another, and the gut-punching grand finale makes all of the slow burning worth it.

5. Cube

Despite the fact that survivalist hero Erin is more than capable of protecting herself from a group of masked killers in You’re Next’s horror movie vibe, if you’re looking for a more cerebral take on the same concept then check out Cube. This is a straightforward concept for a horror film mystery, and it centers on a group of strangers who find themselves trapped inside the titular cube and must use their problem-solving skills to get out before they die. As the story unfolds, the characters learn that they each have special abilities that give them a fighting chance in the deadly labyrinth, but there are plenty of twists and turns to be found along the way.

6. Hostel

The metaphor that drives Eli Roth’s Hostel isn’t subtle: ugly Americans who are eager to take advantage of foreign lands without thinking about the consequences. However, like You’re Next, Hostel finds its protagonists under attack from some seriously scary individuals, and they must defeat them or die trying. Hostel’s inventive gore will stick with horror fans for a long time, but the film is worth watching for any horror fan because it puts a fresh spin on an old idea and executes it perfectly. Travelers should exercise caution, however.

7. Get Out

Get Out

In horror films, characters often have to flee from danger, but in Jordan Peele’s ground-breaking debut, Get Out, that element is approached from the very interesting perspective of the characters essentially having to flee their own bodies. With that in mind and despite the fact that Erin faces only external dangers in Get Out, we can speculate about the differences in the experiences of white girls and black men fleeing from a gang of wealthy, homicidal white people in trying to get away from a situation like that in You’re Next.

8. The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones, an underrated Australian slasher film, offers a fresh take on the genre’s classic teen slasher formula. If you imagine that a lot of teenage girls would take the opportunity to torture and murder a young boy, it’s not surprising that the male protagonist in this film is a decent dude who turns down an invitation to the school dance from the wrong girl. What follows is the prom from hell, an event organized and executed by the gleeful villainy who seems all too comfortable with all manner of violence, from which our protagonist desperately tries to flee.

9. Eden Lake

Eden Lake

Eden Lake, a UK horror film, is the type of film that scares us because it feels like something which could really happen to you if you were unlucky enough to meet with the wrong people. Even the most seasoned horror fans will be shocked when a couple on a relaxing weekend by the lake encounters some violent teenage hoodlums who are capable of far more violence than most adults could—or at least would want—to imagine.

10. Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is a terrifying horror film because the antagonist is a cartoonish killer you can’t believe is real, but who was actually based on a real-life serial killer, Australian killer Ivan Milat, for those of you who are curious. In a way, Wolf Creek complements You’re Next well because the story feels like what You’re Next would have been if the survivalist protagonist had been the antagonist rather than a sympathetic character. Unfortunately, it is a realistic one. Of course, the most horrifying events in fiction are real-life occurrences.