10 Best Shows Like Healer That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Healer

Healer is a well-known K-Drama, so it’s possible you’ll find something to watch here.

Healing is a South Korean drama that focuses on an old case that connects seemingly unrelated people. In the middle of the night, Healer is a special kind of courier who can get anything for any of his customers. He ends up working as a bodyguard for internet reporter Chae Young Shin, who isn’t very good. Kim Moon Ho, a well-known star journalist, hires him because he has many regrets about a case he didn’t fully investigate years ago that now connects the three of them.

When the people from Young Shin’s past come after her, the healer Seo Jung-ho steps in as a bodyguard to protect her. As the mystery surrounding the past begins to unravel, a romance develops between these two characters.

1. Pinocchio


Fans of Healer will enjoy Pinocchio, a K-Drama based on the classic tale. Although this story is a lot lighter and sweeter, it still heavily emphasizes the efforts of journalists who are looking for answers about a past case. Because a famous reporter fabricated the death of the male lead’s father, the two main characters in this story have grown up together. Unfortunately, the woman in question turns out to be the female lead’s mother, which leads to a great deal of conflict between the two characters who are also madly in love with one another.


2. Fight For My Way

When it comes to crime and suspense, Fight for My Way is a K-Drama about living an average life and fulfilling your dreams. However, this drama is all about fighting. The central male character aspires to be a well-known mixed martial artist, and he frequently displays his impressive abilities in the course of the story. He resembles the main character of Healer due to the fact that both shows feature thrilling action sequences.

3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Woman of Courage When it comes to Do Bong Soon, things are a little backward. Do Bong Soon, the male lead, is hired as the bodyguard for An Min Hyuk, the CEO of a popular gaming company, instead of protecting the female lead.

Because of Bong Soon’s superhuman strength and Min Hyuk’s undying adoration for her, this drama leans more toward the romantic comedy end of the spectrum than the thriller end. However, a masked serial killer who abducts and murders women in Bong Soon’s neighborhood is a major subplot in this K-Drama. In terms of tension and suspense, this show’s thriller elements are strikingly similar to those of Healer.

4. K2


The male lead in K2 is the same as in Healer, and the actor reprises his role in a very similar way. In K2, he is accused of murder, but he becomes the bodyguard of someone who notices his abilities and hires him to protect them. Once again, K2 is named after the codename he takes on to protect the young woman he falls in love with, just like in Healer.

5. Signal


A mysterious walkie-talkie connects a detective from the present day with a cold case profiler from the past. As a result of their efforts, the two not only solve crimes but also help to prevent others from happening in the future. This show’s themes and portrayal of police work are strikingly similar to those in Healer, as is the aesthetic and investigative style. While this is not a romantic drama, it would appeal to fans of Healer’s suspenseful side.

6. Are You Human Too?

You’re not the only one, after all. The developer’s biological son’s spitting image is created in the form of an arrogant robot who would do anything to avoid having anything to do with her. Although the robot resembles him in appearance, they are poles apart in terms of character. As the robot’s bodyguard, the female protagonist’s job is to ensure that he acts as humanly as possible while still getting away with swapping bodies with his human counterpart. Thematically and romantically, this show is remarkably similar to Healer.

7. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You

There is a striking similarity between the romance in Healer and Crash Landing On You in Netflix’s original series Crash Landing On You which focuses more on the relationship between South Korean heiress and North Korean military officer.

The romance develops gradually as the military officer hides the heiress to prevent her from being discovered while the two fall in love. Despite the fact that there isn’t a lot of suspense in the traditional sense, this drama is intense enough to keep viewers guessing as to what will happen next.

8. City Hunter

City Hunter

There is a striking resemblance between City Hunter and Healer in that both are based on Japanese manga series of the same name. In every iteration, the bodyguard who has been assigned to watch over the woman falls head over heels in love with her despite the fact that there is a lot of other drama going on around them that puts their lives in jeopardy. A man named City Hunter, who seeks vengeance on the killer of his father while also protecting the woman he’s grown to love, is the protagonist of this series.

9. Cheese In The Trap

Cheese in the Trap isn’t nearly as dramatic as Healer, and instead focuses on the highs and lows of college life. Hong Seol is a young college student trying to balance her studies and a part-time job in order to support herself in this drama, which is based on a webtoon of the same name. When she sees a student hiding behind a smile and a false identity, her life spirals out of control. On the one hand, he’s the charming senior with a big heart; on the other hand, his dark side involves manipulation and abuse of power.

10. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

The story of this drama revolves around the slow development of a romance between two people whose lives become intertwined. As the main characters develop the ability to have premonitions while they dream, this drama has a significant supernatural component. Like Healer, the lives of the three main characters in this drama become intertwined as they try to unravel the mysteries of the visions they are experiencing.