20 Best TV Shows Like Numb3rs That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

TV Shows Like Numb3rs

1. Deception (2018)

The greatest illusionist in the world, Cameron Black. To be fair, that’s what people called him before his most important secret was made public and his career was wrecked. Unfortunately, Cameron has grounds to believe it was not by chance.

2. The Blacklist (2013)

The Blacklist (2013)

The FBI’s most wanted fugitive, Raymond “Red” Reddington, surrendered in person at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. today. He asserts that he and the FBI share a common goal: the capture of criminals and terrorists who pose a threat to the country. His research over the previous two decades has resulted in an extensive dossier on dangerous criminals and terrorists that the FBI is unable to track down since it is unaware of their existence. This is what Reddington refers to as “The Blacklist” in his writings. Reddington is willing to cooperate, but only with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen.

3. CSI: Cyber (2015)

Special Agent Avery Ryan leads the FBI’s squad of Cyber Crime Investigators, which is tasked with cracking cases involving the dark web. As a Special Agent in Charge, Avery heads up a team of investigators, including Elijah Mundo, who are entrusted with solving homicides and cyber-crime.

4. Lie to Me (2009)

Lie to Me (2009)

Dr. Cal Lightman, one of the world’s foremost authorities on deceit, analyses facial expressions, body language, and voice tonality in order to figure out when and why someone is telling the truth. However, his abilities enable him to deceive others with ease.

5. FBI (2018)

It takes an elite group of FBI agents in New York to solve complex crimes, and they use all of their abilities, knowledge, and technical know-how to do it.

6. The Killing (2011)

Forbrydelsen, a Danish television series that inspired The Killing, is an American crime drama television series. The series is set in Seattle, Washington, and follows homicide investigators Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder as they investigate a variety of homicides.

7. Perception (2012)

Perception (2012)

As a neuroscientist and professor, Dr. Daniel Pierce joins the federal government’s team of experts to help solve complex cases. Despite his extraordinary ability to read people, his eccentric worldview and less-than-stellar social skills frequently get in the way of his work. He has a deep understanding of human behavior and a mastery of the mind.

8. Ringer (2011)

Bridget sees a murder six months after she decided to get her life back on track and stay sober. After realizing her life is in jeopardy and losing faith in the FBI, she flees to New York to seek the protection of her affluent twin sister, Siobhan. As the two attempt to mend their strained relationship, Siobhan vanishes without a trace. Assuming Siobhan’s guise, Bridget soon discovers that Siobhan’s life is anything from idyllic, and that she is no safer than she was before she assumed Siobhan’s guise.

9. The Mentalist (2008)

The Mentalist (2008)

When it comes to solving serious murders, former celebrity psychic medium Patrick Jane employs his razor-sharp talents of observation and ability at’reading’ people to his advantage.

10. In the Heat of the Night (1988)

Carroll O’Connor portrays white police commander William Gillespie and Howard Rollins portrays African-American police detective Virgil Tibbs in the American television series In the Heat of Night. When it premiered in 1988, it was shown on NBC, then on CBS, until 1995. Juanita Bartlett and Carroll O’Connor served as executive producers. The first season of the show was published on DVD by TGG Direct on August 28, 2012.

11. True Detective (2014)

As the inquiry progresses, it seems to reveal both personal and professional secrets of people involved, whether they are law enforcement officers or those who are not.

12. Millennium (1996)

Millennium (1996)

He joins the enigmatic Millennium Group, a group of ex-law enforcement experts working underground to combat the world’s expanding forces of evil and darkness, as a retired FBI serial profiler.

13. City on a Hill (2019)

When an African-American District Attorney from Brooklyn arrives in Boston in the early 1990s, he establishes an odd alliance with an FBI veteran who is both crooked and revered, and both are committed to keeping things the way they are. Together, they take on a Charlestown family of armored vehicle thieves in a case that expands to include the entire city of Boston’s criminal justice system and ultimately upends it.

14. Detroit 1-8-7 (2010)

Being a detective in one of the nation’s most dangerous cities has certain challenges. Watch how one of Detroit’s most elite homicide units investigates the grief and heroics of these inner city cops.

15. Prison Break (2005)

Prison Break (2005)

A political scheme has condemned an innocent man to death row, and his only hope is his brother, who has made it his mission to purposely get himself transported to the same prison in order to break the two of them out, from the inside out, from the inside.

16. The Following (2013)

After being convicted guilty of the murders of 14 female students at the Virginia college where he taught literature, notorious serial killer Joe Carroll escapes from death row. As the person responsible for Carroll’s arrest in 2003, the FBI consults with former agent Ryan Hardy. Investigators like Mike Weston and Debra Parker from the FBI help Ryan piece together the ever-expanding network of crimes committed by the cunning Carroll.

17. Perpetual Grace LTD (2019)

Rejected firefighter turned grifter James takes advantage of a chance, illegal opportunity to reverse his life’s spiraling downward trajectory as he targets the Pastor Byron Brown.

18. The Tunnel (2013)

The Tunnel

To identify a serial killer who left the upper-half of a French politician and lower-half of a British prostitute in the Channel Tunnel, detectives Karl Roebuck, and Elise Wasserman work together. On a moral crusade to raise awareness of societal issues, the “Truth Terrorist” kills and terrorizes citizens of both countries.

19. Harrow (2018)

Doctor Daniel Harrow, an unconventional and excellent medical examiner, must use all of his forensic skills as a dark secret from this past threatens to come to light.

20. The Night Manager (2016)

The Night Manager (2016)

Whitehall and Washington’s deep depths are home to an uneasy relationship between the intelligence services and the secret armaments trade, which former British soldier Jonathan Pine navigates. Pine must become a criminal in order to gain access to Richard Onslow Roper’s inner circle and obtain lethal weapons.