10 Best Anime Sailor Moon Characters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Sailor Moon Characters

There is a plethora of memorable characters in Sailor Moon. Here are MAL’s picks for the best characters in the show.

Anime series Sailor Moon is one of the most popular in the world. Multiple anime adaptations, plays, movies and a ton of merchandise have been produced for the franchise. Even non-anime fans can identify the cast, which includes some of anime’s most well-known faces. The majority of the show’s characters have a following, but the Senshi are the most popular. The most popular Scouts may be found on sites like MyAnimeList, which assist anime fans decide which characters are the most popular. Based on popular demand, here are the series’ top 10 most beloved characters.

 1. Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto

A door was the only thing that kept Sailor Pluto occupied for the majority of her existence. When she encountered Chibiusa, she began to stray from her mission. Second arc: She made her debut and was slain at the end of the story.

Like previous Sailor Scouts, she was reincarnated and began working with the other outer Senshi. Chibiusa and the royal family she serves hold a special place in Pluto’s heart.

2. Sailor Chibi Moon

Mamoru and Usagi’s future daughter is Sailor Chibi Moon. As a future Sailor Guardian, she is frustrated with her current circumstances. After her country is overthrown, she steals the crystal and travels back in time to save herself.

It’s only fitting that, after preserving Tokyo’s Crystal in the second arc, she now begins training with the current generation of Senshi. In the future, she will be able to build her own team, which will feature Sailor Saturn.

3. Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune

A cool-headed outer Senshi, Sailor Neptune has a relationship with Sailor Uranus. When it comes to her job as a solar system watchdog, she takes it very seriously. The rest of the cast thinks Neptune is a hoot to hang out with and a great listener.

At initially, she is an enemy of the inner Senshi, but by the end of the series, she begins to work with them and even adopts baby Saturn.

4. Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury, who awoke after the first Sailor Scout, is a brilliant young woman. She’s a great source of information for the team because of her cool demeanor and ability to acquire information in large quantities. When it comes to schoolwork, she takes herself the most seriously and finds it difficult to simply have fun.

Her stern demeanor and keen intellect serve as a counterpoint to the team’s more frivolous personalities. In order to aid Usagi with her academics, Mercury even spent a significant amount of time educating her.

5. Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus

When it comes to completing her mission, Sailor Uranus is the ultimate tomboy. She adores Neptune and is willing to put her own life on the line to protect those who matter most to her. Even while she displays a playful side when around Usagi, she normally has a serious demeanor.

Uranus can even be perceived by the Scouts as unusually cold at times. We even thought that Uranus was a boy when he appeared in human form.

6. Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter is the scouts’ tallest member, as well as its best cook. She was a social pariah before she met Usagi and her pals. When it comes to her princess, she’s a true scout who isn’t hesitant to get her hands dirty in a fight.

Even when she isn’t transformed, Jupiter’s martial arts prowess allows her to take on foes with ease. As far as fan charts go, Jupiter is constantly at the top, demonstrating that followers are absolutely in love with the god of light.

7. Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus

As the scout leader, Sailor Venus is the first ever character to be created. For her ability to battle crime, she is widely regarded as one of the Scouts’ most powerful inner warriors. Sailor Venus-themed products and video games abound in the Sailor Moon franchise universe.

Early in the story, Venus was mistaken for the Moon Princess. Even though she’s the commander of the scouts, Venus is more than happy to take on her foes on her own accord.

8. Sailor Saturn

Since she is the final main Scout to appear in the series, Sailor Saturn’s plot is somewhat condensed. Scythe-wielding scythe-wielding scythe-wielding guardian of devastation. She is in charge of bringing Uranus and Neptune back to life in human form.

Uranus and Neptune adopt her after the third episode of the series, when she goes back to being a newborn for a little period of time. Saturn is a fearsome enemy, yet he can still employ a few simple attacks to help defeat his foes.

9. Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars

It’s no secret that Sailor Mars is a fiery scout who isn’t afraid to face Usagi head on. Despite her outspoken nature, she has a heart of gold. She has the ability to see into the future and warn the team of impending danger, and she makes her home in a traditional shrine.

Even professing to be in love with Usagi is a claim made by her, she is Usagi’s third and most faithful Scout. Fans regard her as one of the best senshi because of her feisty demeanor.

10. Sailor Moon

It’s no secret that Sailor Moon is both the show’s protagonist and the most powerful Scout in existence. She is a good woman who will one day control the Earth. She used to live on the moon, but after witnessing the death of the man she loved during a conflict with Earth, she decided to take her own life.

After reuniting with Mamoru, Sailor Moon needs to utilize her magic to protect the Earth from forces bent on annihilating it.