10 Best Movies About Area 51 That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Area 51

With the approaching month of September, the not-so-secret Nevada airfield of Area 51 has become a hot issue. Take a look at these movies starring base characters.

September is almost around the corner, and it’s already August. Any other year and any other month would have meant nothing to me, but this year is different. There’s a good chance that on September 20th, 2019, a swarm of pointless Naruto fans will charge ninja-style into Nevada’s semi-secret Area 51 airfield. I can’t wait to see the memes.

If you’re going to join the suicide charge or just attend the tent party, you’ll need to be prepared. Many films have included the once-secret US military base, which has become something of a Hollywood legend. The comedic, dramatic, or even “historically accurate” quality of these flicks is all over the map. So, if you’re planning a trip to Nevada, have a look at these ten popular Area 51-themed flicks.



For those of you who like to obsess over Area 51, Bob Lazar is your patron saint. Two documentaries about his research into the mysteries of Area 51 were made by him, an eccentric businessman and pyrotechnician (two of the most American jobs ever).

This is the first of two films based on the book by Bob Lazar, titled Area 51 & Flying Saucers.

Conspiracy theorists will adore both of these movies. They include Lazar’s supposed “alien spacecraft” video, which he allegedly claimed to have captured on film in the Area 51 neighborhood. And don’t forget the space cakes you’ll need for these documentaries.

9. AREA 51

What if you’re a fan of the ‘found footage’ style of fiction? You need look no farther thanArea 51 for this information. To put it simply, this is a first-person horror thriller from the director ofParanormal Activity. Thus, you get to experience all of the thrills and secrets of Area 51 via the heroes’ eyes (more like victims, really).

While visiting Area 51, a group of neo-Nazi conspiracists trespasses on private property. They had hoped to discover some extraterrestrial secrets, but what they discovered was far more than they had anticipated. Because it was a military base with no cameras and personnel who are either deaf or blind, we should expect nothing less. After seeing the film, you’ll get the gist of it.

8. 51 NEVADA


To get a sense of what would happen if someone tried to get into or steal from Area 51, here are some examples. Maybe the 51 Nevada from 2018 can help you. It paints a gloomy and spooky picture of Surroundings 51 and the surrounding area. Area 51 suddenly becomes the site of a slew of inexplicable disappearances and crimes.

That didn’t stop a group of friends from going to the base’s perimeter and setting up camp. As a result, they begin experiencing strange phenomena and seeing strange flying things, which eventually leads to their arrest by the authorities in question.

7. 51

Do these titles get any less inventive as time goes on? It’s similar to the concepts that filmmakers have for a horror film set at Area 51. However, the next film on this list is a horror mockumentary that takes itself a little too seriously as well. In many ways, 51from 2011 is comparable to Area 51, but with a less serious cast and a different approach to the thriller story.

In search of Area 51’s long-hidden mysteries, a group of college students embarks on an adventure (again). In addition, real-life footage and commentary about the consequences to mankind of Area 51’s secrets if what some people suspect about the area is true are interwoven throughout the film.



Project 12 eliminates civilians from the equation and pits military personnel against the espionage agency, Area 51. The 12-part series covers the lives of several unnamed service members. Back in 1962, they were sent to “Nevada Test Site,” a location that would later become known as Area 51.

Is the latest take on the Area 51 thriller genre, which takes place in the distant past and focuses on what lies beneath this fictionalized military facility that is so legendary and intriguing. Of course, Project 12 features aliens and other wacky characters straight out of the X-Files.


Alien Domicile’s protagonist accidentally accomplished what many of us wished for. All of them woke up within the military base, and they don’t know how they made it into the restricted area. That’s not it. There’s more to the story. There appears to be a vicious and homicidal extraterrestrial trapped inside the facility now sharing the space with the occupants.

In terms of the premise, it’s very similar to Ridley Scott’sAlien. In comparison to other low-budget B-movies like Sharknado, this one has the technical know-how and production values to look respectable. To be fair, this may be amusing if you’ve seen one of those “so horrible it’s good” movies.



When it comes to depicting Area 51, it’s clear that most horror films take a wide range of liberties. Area 51, as it is, is only one of the world’s largest aviation bases. All the experimental aircraft of the United States Air Force are tested here.

That’s what Discovery Channel’s full-length documentary “Return to Area 51” claims, at least. It’s a straight-to-the-point account of the lives of those who work at Area 51. If you’re a fan of Discovery, this might be a disappointment because they never went above the surface. This is a documentary about US air force technology, so don’t expect to see any extraterrestrials.


A light-hearted gathering at one of the most fictionalized places in the world is the goal of Storming Area 51. Naturally, it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Angry Video Game Nerd, a YouTuber, has created an indie film to wash away the taste of alien abduction and horror from the previous flicks.

Angry Video Game Nerd is the title of his film. The plot of the movie revolves around the antics of a group of web superstars who uncover a map to Area 51’s subterranean facilities in an E.T.game. September 20 in Nevada’s Area 51 is best represented by this image.



Cheeky Who’s going to be the star of this thing? Check. Eccentric What about Jeff Goldblum? Check. Is there a conflagration in the White House? Check. There’s no way around it: Area 51 was crucial in the battle against the aliens. After the aliens bombed everything, the U.S. president and his headquarters of operations relocated to this location.

A jumbled mash-up of alien cinema cliches, Independence Day is at least entertaining. While the film’s virus logic may be flawed, Jeff Goldblum’s defeat of the aliens from Area 51 is still the best sci-fi moment ever, independent of the film’s virus. Let’s be honest, that was a very cutting-edge concept back then.


Aside from alien conspiracy theories and pop culture, Area 51’s historical significance extends far beyond the realm of pop culture. Also, it was used as a base of operations for one of the most sensitive military operations ever carried out by the United States: the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Using the military facilities in this way was demonstrated in Zer0 Dark Thirty. Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals in a real-life operation depicted in the film.

This is where the operation’s stealth helicopters were kept because of the experimental nature of Area 51. The briefing was likewise held at the Area 51 hangar for the benefit of film freedom and pacing. Since Area 51 is only an airbase, there aren’t any jetpacks or extraterrestrials in the movie.