10 Best Movies About Winston Churchill That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill has been shown on film numerous times, but which actor best portrayed him?

He is a national treasure in the United Kingdom and one of the most renowned politicians of all time, Winston Churchill. This, along with his stint as Prime Minister, makes it no wonder that his likeness has appeared in numerous films and television shows. The ability to display Winston in the best possible light is critical, given his unusual appearance, sound, and personality traits.

Because he is such a well-known figure, when anything isn’t quite right with a portrayal, everyone is aware of it. It’s hard to argue that these 10 examples of Winston Churchill’s portrayal in films and television aren’t some of the best.

1. Simon Ward (Young Winston)

Simon Ward (Young Winston)

Winston Churchill’s 1930 autobiography serves as the basis for this film, which depicts Churchill as a young man. So it doesn’t show the Winston that most people know, the cigar-smoking leader who led his country during World War II.

In place of it, the film focuses on a much younger Winston, who is desperate to establish a name for himself. Simon Ward does a fantastic job here, and while it may not be portraying Winston Churchill in the most familiar light, it is nonetheless amusing and provides a fascinating view into what he was like at the time.

2. Robert Hardy (The Wilderness Years)

Throughout his career, Robert Hardy took on the character of Winston Churchill on stage and screen a few occasions. Being able to go into his personality and traits in great detail is something he has been well appreciated for.

The way Robert Hardy portrays Winston Churchill is a clear indication that he knows him better than others. There are so many little things that Hardy manages to include in his performance that make it truly complete.

3. Albert Finney (The Gathering Storm)

Albert Finney (The Gathering Storm)

Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Winston Churchill’s son is a standout in this film, which shows Churchill and his family in tense situations. It shows the Prime Minister from a variety of perspectives, and Albert Finney performed an outstanding job in the role.

For his role in the film, he won a BAFTA Award and an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor, which demonstrates the quality of his work. For someone who wasn’t as enormous in stature, he nevertheless had a lot to say.

4. Rod Taylor (Inglorious Bastards)

Even though it was his final film appearance, Rod Taylor’s portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Great Dictator is an excellent one. There is a lot of action and bloodshed in this film, just like in any Quentin Tarantino movie, so it’s no surprise.

Winston Churchill’s loud and boisterous style was brought to life brilliantly by Rod Taylor in the part. Even though it wasn’t one of the film’s most important roles, Rod was a fantastic fit for the position.

5. Ian McNeice (Doctor Who)

Ian McNeice (Doctor Who)

In the Doctor Who universe, aliens and creatures from another planet are the norm, which is exactly what the science fiction show does so brilliantly. In addition to fictional characters from the past, the show has also brought in genuine people from the past on numerous occasions.

When Ian McNeice portrayed Winston Churchill in a few episodes of the show, he was one of the greatest. Given the show Winston was in, he was a little goofier than the others, but it was still hilarious and well-received by viewers.

6. Brendan Gleeson (Into The Storm)

When it came to portraying Winston Churchill, Brendan Gleeson was perfectly suited for the part. Even though he added his own flavor to the role in terms of singing, he nailed the character’s demeanor.

Gleeson gives his all to the role, and it shows. For his work in The Gathering Storm, he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie. This movie shows how Churchill dealt with the Second World War.

7. Timothy Spall (The King’s Speech)

Timothy Spall (The King's Speech)

The King’s Speech clearly focuses more on King George VI than on Winston Churchill. But the politician was involved in the King’s efforts to overcome his stammer in order to give the finest possible speech as the head of state.

To be sure, Timothy Spall did an outstanding job in the character, what with his cigar chomping and self-assured demeanor. Timothy Spall’s portrayal of the politician is accurate and entertaining, even though he isn’t in the primary part.

8. Brian Cox (Churchill)

As Winston Churchill, Brian Cox performed an excellent job portraying the Prime Minister in this film. Winston is under a lot of pressure and stress building up to D-Day in this film.

Consequently, Brian Cox had to focus on a crucial aspect of Churchill’s term in office. He was widely praised for his portrayal in the film, and he was particularly well-received by critics.

9. John Lithgow (The Crown)

John Lithgow (The Crown)

Even though John Lithgow may be American, he was able to put on one of the greatest portrayals of Winston Churchill ever seen. On Netflix’s popular The Crown, his portrayal of the Queen’s trusted confidant and advisor was flawless.

As a result, John was able to convey Winston’s physical agony in his later years by being able to scrunch himself up. John Lithgow handled all of his talents and weaknesses with ease in the show.

10. Gary Oldman (The Darkest Hour)

That Gary Oldman portrays Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour is a no-brainer given that it’s a movie about Churchill. While he undoubtedly looked the part, Oldman performed it well, and he had a brilliant makeover to match.

Oldman played Winston Churchill to a tee, down to the nuances of his voice and demeanor, and it was this performance that carried the film. It’s the best portrayal of Winston so far, and a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about the man.